When you come to Greece, trying everything from the traditional Greek cuisine is imperative. This amazing Mediterranean country has some fantastic dishes to offer, and all of them can be found in Mykonos. If you visit this island, make sure you eat at the best seafood restaurants in Mykonos. If you don’t know where to start the search for the ultimate seafood experience, worry not – we are here to help you out.

Choosing the 5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Mykonos – Where to Begin the Search?

When you finally get the pleasure of visiting Mykonos, you will realize that there are countless things to do on this island. Sure, your main focus will be beaches and parties, but a few great meals should be on your travel itinerary – it would be a shame to experience a Mykonos trip and not try some traditional food. So, where will you find the most delicious dishes?

Mykonos Has Plenty of Restaurant and Beach Bar Options – But the Best Seafood is Always Found in Traditional Taverns

There are so many fabulous places to eat in Mykonos that you might have a hard time choosing a new restaurant every day. Still, our advice would be to never go twice to the same spot – make sure you check out as many restaurants in Mykonos as possible.

Although you can undoubtedly find a lot of fancy, cosmopolitan places all around the coast of this island – including a beach bar or two – these aren’t the top spots for seafood. No, tavernas are the way to go. These traditional Greek restaurants are always the best choice when it comes to fresh fish and other seafood.

Frozen fishes and seafood on ice

Views of great, fresh food are so common in tavernas – add some wine, and you have the perfect meal

Kiki’s Taverna – The Address Might Be Hard to Find, But the Food Is Absolutely Legendary

Kiki’s taverna is a real legend of this island – it’s been around for many years, and everyone has heard of this place. If you don’t know where to eat in Mykonos on the first day when you arrive on the island, we suggest you choose Kiki’s to kick off your Mykonos food experience.

This lovely place is located near Agios Sostis beach on the north coast, and it’s a family-run business, which adds to the authenticity. It’s a bit hidden from sight, in the shade of grapevines, but even though it can be complicated to find, everyone who’s been here will tell you that it’s worth it.

What Food Will Provide You the Ultimate Greek Experience in This Tavern?

The restaurant is pretty old-school – it has no electricity, and everything is prepared on a charcoal grill. You also can’t make a reservation since they don’t even have a phone. You have to come before the opening and wait for the table. Kiki’s opens at 1 PM, but we suggest you come at least an hour before that.

While you wait, you can enjoy the complimentary wine spritzer and stunning sea views. Once you finally get to see the menu, be sure to try grilled fish (swordfish is especially good), and when it comes to the rest of the seafood, octopus and mussels are amazing as well.

Aerial view of Agios Sostis beach in Mykonos

Kiki’s taverna is hidden in the shades that overlook the tiny bay, perfect for swimming

Nikos Gallop – Lovely Restaurant Located Between Platis Gialos and Psarou Beaches

When you head uphill from the beautiful Platis Gialos Beach, you will run into Nikos Gallop – one of the best tavernas in Mykonos. The place is a mecca for seafood lovers and foodies in general. The workers here are particularly known for their kind and pleasant service – Nikos Gallop is a true testament to Greek hospitality.

Classic Greek Cuisine With a Mykonian and Cretan Twist

Fresh and delicious dishes are guaranteed here. The classic approach to Greek cuisine is updated with some Mykonian and Cretan influences. Although everything on the menu is worth a try, we would especially recommend salt-baked fish and mussels (prepared with wine). Lastly, you can expect a complimentary dessert, like in many tavernas all over Greece.

Avli Tou Thodori – The Mediterranean Cuisine At Its Finest With Stunning Sea Views

If you enjoy Mediterranean specialties with a view of the sea and sand, look no further. Avli Tou Thodori is a family-owned business that overlooks Platis Gialos (undeniably one of the most popular beaches in Mykonos).

The list of delicious dishes here includes more than just seafood (their pasta and baklavas are definitely worth a try), but what you should really be looking for here is grilled fish. In case you want to skip fish for one day, lobster orzo is the perfect substitute. Meze and salads will add to the appeal and make your meal fantastic.


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Fokos Taverna – Remote and Relaxing Spot With a Delicious Traditional Dishes on the Menu

As the name suggests, this beautiful taverna is located right on Fokos Beach, one of the less crowded ones – and a one that’s not accessible by bus, so you’ll have to get a car rental if you want to visit this place. You won’t find extravagant parties here, but you will find superb dishes that perfectly represent Greece and its culture.

Fokos Taverna is often crowded (and it’s a pet-friendly restaurant), so we would advise calling in to reserve the table ahead. This taverna offers great traditional Myconian specialties in addition to the regular seafood dishes. They are known for having one of the best grilled fish recipes in Mykonos.

Joanna’s Nikos Place – The Top-Rated Taverna on Megali Ammos

Joanna’s Nikos Place is one of the most popular taverns near Chora, Mykonos town. It lies directly on Megali Ammos, a beautiful beach that’s a short walk from Chora. This is one of the underrated must-visit places on Mykonos travel itinerary. The taverna is owned and run by, you guessed it, a lady named Joanna.

She made it into a serene and romantic spot where you can come to watch the sunset with your significant other – and have a fabulous meal at the same time. While this place is mostly known for its meat options, we must emphasize that their selection of grilled fish is outstanding – this is one of the better seafood spots near Chora.

Two grilled fish and lemon slices on the plate, and a bottle of olive oil next to the plate

If you’re looking for a place to try some great grilled fish, Joanna’s Nikos Place is an excellent choice

Finding a Fabulous Meal in Mykonos Isn’t Difficult – But What About the Accommodation?

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