If you’re about to write your travel itinerary, Mykonos has so many things to offer that it won’t be easy to decide what to begin with and how to organize your stay. If you only have a few days to spend on this wonderful island, you should follow our guide, we covered all the essentials so that you won’t miss out on anything important.

Day 1. Your Mykonos Itinerary Should Start With the Tour of the Main Town

Mykonos town (Chora) is recognizable after its picturesque streets, and the ones that you probably saw all over the internet are mostly located in the old town – Chora. If you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll definitely be astonished by the amazing beauty of this lovely town.

One of the central attractions is Little Venice – a picturesque and colorful neighborhood with houses and tavernas spread along the shore close to popular windmills and the old-town port. Here you can take amazing pictures, and if you are up for shopping in Mykonos, maybe find some fashionable jewelry around the local stores. These streets have many amazing boutiques and souvenir shops, so it will be easy for you to find presents for your loved ones.

Little Venice

You shouldn’t skip visiting Little Venice and popular Windmills if you travel here

Day 2. Relax at Some of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

After having an exciting first day and strolling around the town, it’s time to relax at some of the most amazing Mykonos beaches – and believe us, it will be hard to pick which one to visit first. Super Paradise and Paradise Beach are probably some of the beaches you have already heard of, but there are many other hidden gems that tourists who come here for the first time usually don’t know about, such as:

  • Ornos Beach,
  • Kalo Livadi,
  • Elia Beach,
  • Agios Sostis,
  • Psarou,
  • Kapari

You Can Party Every Day on Mykonos if You Have Enough Energy

After a long and hopefully relaxing day at one of the recommended beaches, your batteries should be recharged, and you’re ready to experience the very best of this island – the famous Mykonos nightlife. You can warm up by admiring the sunset from some of the best beach clubs, such as Scorpios Mykonos or Alemagou Beach Bar, or at a party in some of the private villas in Mykonos. After that, you can start with your party tour and check out some other amazing options such as:

  • Sea Satin,
  • Nammos,
  • Noema,
  • Koursaros,
  • Liasti.
Beach bar

You can spend days here exploring some of the most beautiful beaches and best clubs

Day 3. Going on a Short Trip to Delos Is Something You Shouldn’t Skip

Hopefully, you didn’t stay up late, or at least you’re still in a good mood and feeling energized enough to go on a little island hopping tour. This is one of the things you shouldn’t miss, because Mykonos, no matter how amazing itself is, also has some fabulous neighboring Greek islands such as Delos and Santorini.

With Delos being much closer than Santorini, it might be easier for you to plan a day trip without wasting a lot of time and learn a lot about ancient Greek history, myths, and legends. A two-day trip might be a better option if you want to see Santorini properly.

Once You’re Back on Mykonos, Wrap up the Day With a Nice Dinner

After a long day on Delos, you would probably want to treat yourself to a nice dinner at some of the best Mykonos restaurants. After the trip, head right to Chora town and Little Venice and take the first table available with a nice sunset view. Food in Greece is delicious, and it’s recommended that you try some fresh seafood specialties with a glass of Greek wine.

Allow yourself to be guided by locals and discover Greece’s gastronomic expertise. Don’t forget that you may create your own Athens culinary adventure or join one of our Greece tours to maximize your gourmet experience in our nation in a simple and intelligent way that will ensure you get to live your Greek myth to the fullest!

Delos archeological site

You should plan a day trip to Delos archeological site

Day 4. Continue Exploring One of the Most Beautiful Islands in Greece

If, after all the previously mentioned spots, you still want to discover more about this island, there is more waiting for you. Ano Mera is a local village located in the heart of this island packed with traditional white-washed houses covered and beautiful bougainvillea trees. At the town square, you can visit 16th century Panagia Tourliani Greek monastery and admire gorgeous artwork and icons.

You should also visit Armenistis Lighthouse. It is located on the northwest coast and overlooks Tinos – one of the neighboring islands. This lighthouse was built back in 1891 after one of the British steamships sank nearby. It is strategically located in a position that offers visitors breathtaking views of the area.

Road on Mykonos

If you still want to travel around, you can easily find more hidden gems

That Was Our Suggestion for an Itinerary, Mykonos Has a Lot to Offer so Make Sure You Stay Close to Everything

If you want to make your stay even more comfortable and ensure you get some good rest after all the adventures you planned around here, you need to consider finding good accommodation. Luckily, you get to choose from many amazing options, including 5-star hotels and luxury Mykonos villas for rental. You can even rent a yacht and stay there with your whole crew or family. For getting around the island, it is also recommended to rent a vehicle if your Mykonos villa is not close to the town. That way, you’ll save your precious time, and for everything else you might need, The Ace Vip is waiting for your call.