If you have ever heard of this exotic party island and its most popular clubs, you must have heard of the legendary Scorpios Mykonos. This location is often associated with the best parties, not only in Greece but the whole world. There is no celebrity or billionaire who stepped on this glorious island and didn’t pay a visit to iconic Scorpios at least once. Now you have the chance to experience this exclusive place as well.

Scorpios Mykonos Is the Best Beach Club on This Famous Island

What makes Mykonos, Greece, so popular, you may wonder? Is it the beautiful beaches with soft sand and crystal clear water? Is it unique and picturesque Cycladic architecture? Is it the people who visit Mykonos? The Island of the Winds is without a doubt famous for all of the above, but there is nothing quite like it when it comes to nightlife.

This is the main reason this Greek island gained major popularity around the globe. The thing that makes it one of the most attractive summer destinations is the amazing offer of exciting beach clubs and exclusive parties that can be found only here. Everyone wants to come here, and booking yourself a table at one of the most popular clubs is definitely a must if you want to experience its iconic party atmosphere.

Everything About This Spot Will Amaze You

The competition is very tough among popular party spots, but the name that somehow always stands out as one of the most famous locations is definitely Scorpios. It is, according to many, the best beach club on this island. Everything about it will amaze you. The extravagant bohemian ambiance, the tropical beach, the delightful food and drinks served, friendly staff, and upscale atmosphere – you can find it all in one place. Learn how to get here and what to expect when it comes to prices and reservations.

Party at Scorpios Mykonos

You can experience the real Mykonos clubbing scene if you come here

How to Get to Scorpios Mykonos?

There are a few different options that you can choose from for getting to this place. It is not very close to the main town (it is about 6 km away), so you could drive there or take a public bus. Getting there is actually pretty simple, returning might be more troublesome because buses don’t go frequently at night. If you’re staying in the main town or leaving from there, you can catch the local bus at Fabrika station.

The tickets are about 2 euros, and you can buy them at a little shop next to the station. You can check the timetable there as well and taking a picture of it might be a good idea – you’ll be able to check when the next departure is at any time. From Fabrika, you can take a bus to Paraga Beach, and once you get out at that stop, just walk to Scorpios – you’ll only need to walk for a few minutes, so there is no need to worry.

You Can Book a Private Ride or Catch a Taxi

If this seems too complicated for you, renting a private vehicle or booking a private driver even for a day is another great solution. You can also catch a taxiit will cost you about €30 to get there from the main town.

Scorpios Mykonos

Scorpios is located just 6 km away from Mykonos town

You Should Definitely Have a Reservation and Be Prepared for Higher Prices to Experience Scorpios in Its Full Glory

If you want to experience this place in the best way possible, you should visit Scorpios during the famous sunset music ritual. This is a very popular event, so you must make a reservation, and the sooner you do it, the better. It starts around 5:30 p.m. and usually has an amazing music program that you can check online in advance.

You Can Book a Table at the Restaurant or a Spot at the Sunset Beach – Music Is Always Phenomenal at Scorpios

Here you can enjoy live performances of some of the most popular DJs in the world. If you want to be close to the music, getting a seat at Sunset Beach is the best – you can enjoy breathtaking views from there. Booking a spot in this area requires that you buy a bottle of some drink. You can check their website and make the reservation online.

Depending on the planned dates and performances, you can expect different prices – sometimes, the spot will cost you more if a famous artist is playing or if it’s a weekend reservation during July or August. Famous clubs such as this one start taking reservations for tables and sunbeds even months before the season starts. After all, Mykonos is not a very big island, and everyone wants to be in Scorpios.

Sunbed prices go over €100, so you should be prepared for this. This might seem like a high price, but it is the same as in any other famous beach club around here. If you want to have lunch or dinner, prepare that prices will be higher than in some other less popular restaurants.

Waiter serving food at Scorpios Mykonos

Make sure you book a spot in advance because it is frequently overbooked

You Can Rent a Private Villa Close to Scorpios

If you’re not on a honeymoon on Mykonos and you are traveling to Mykonos to party, you can rent a private villa close and stay near this famous beach club and have a glamorous summer that you always dreamed of. The Ace Vip can offer you the most luxurious villas on the island and fantastic concierge services. If you want to party in style, renting a private yacht is also a good option. This will definitely make your summer memorable, and you’ll have plenty of fun while cruising around this island.