Visiting at least one of many famous Mykonos clubs is on the bucket list of every clubber and party lover. There are actually more than 30 nightclubs here, and considering the fact that Mykonos has only 33 square miles, that’s a lot. This party island became globally known for its nightlife and never-ending parties, so if you’re ready to tick that off your list this summer and dance the night away, let’s see where everyone goes when the night falls.

The Best Nightlife in Greece Is on This Island and These Are Some of Its Hottest Spots

No matter if you’re a true party animal or just looking to have a few nights out while on holiday, this clubbing destination will exceed your expectations. For decades it has attracted the world’s jet-set and people looking for good music, parties, dancing, entertainment, and a positive atmosphere.

Combine all that with beautiful scenery, amazing food, and gorgeous beaches, and you’ll understand why it is so popular. If you find yourself lucky enough to spend some hot summer days in this Mediterranean paradise, don’t miss out on the chance to visit some of the most popular nightclubs and experience the nightlife here, we’re sure you’ll remember this summer forever.

People dancing in a club

Follow our guide, and you won’t skip any popular club or bar in town

Cavo Paradiso Is One of the Most Iconic Mykonos Clubs

Cavo Paradiso is one of the legendary party places on this island – and for a good reason. This place offers everything you can imagine and more, wrapped up in an amazing ambiance with breathtaking views since it is located on a hill above Paradise Beach.

It hosts the most famous DJs and entertainers from all over the world, and that is why it is nicknamed a clubber’s paradise. Party till the early morning and enjoy the magnificent sunrise from one of the coolest spots on the island.

Confetti flying around at a party

Starry night and dance music? What more can you ask for

Paradise Club Is Another Trending Spot for Wild Parties in Greece

Conveniently located on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island – Paradise Beach, this place is iconic for many reasons. It offers an open-air experience, so no matter how crowded it gets during the busy summer seasons, you’ll feel comfortable dancing the night away under the crystal sky and shining stars. With international DJs, fun guests, and delicious summer cocktails, you’ll definitely have a memorable time here and get the proper Mykonos nightlife experience.

Girls in a club

This place offers an incredible open-air experience

Tropicana Beach Club Is One More Place You Shouldn’t Miss If You Want to Party Day and Night

Talking about the famous Paradise Beach brings us to another supreme spot – Tropicana Beach Club, which is also located here. This is a hotspot for clubbers where good entertainment and fun never end. It offers an unforgettable beach party experience that will definitely leave an unforgettable impression on you and your party crew if you get a chance to travel here.

You Can Also Enjoy Daytime Parties at the Tropicana Beach Bar

If you’re looking for a place where the party never stops, this is it, so you can go wrong if you visit this place during the daytime as well. Order some cocktails at the bar, chill by the water, listen to some good music, and enjoy the atmosphere. Clubs here are super famous for hosting parties from the early afternoon hours, so if you come here to party, sleep, eat, repeat, you can totally do that.

Daytime beach party

You can also have fun during the day around here

Moni Is a Cosmopolitan Club With a Great Story Behind It

This vivid international club was founded by a diverse group of people, which makes it so unique and different from all the other places around here. The international hosting squad has traveled here every summer for the past 25 years, so they are pretty much experts when it comes to partying.

You can expect VIP catering, and international DJ sets, all in a very Mykonian setting, modern yet traditional. The club got its name after a church nearby, Agia Moni, that stands alone (all other churches here are built-in pairs). It is located on Agia Moni square, so you’ll find it easily and have the time of your life.

Group of friends dancing and drinking

If you travel here, you must check out the well-known Moni

Toy Room Is One of the Hottest Clubs on the Island

Once you first walk in, you’ll get an impression of a glamorously styled living room, which is kind of the point of this whole place – a cozy and high-life interior. It gives the elite vibes and an incredible atmosphere, so you’ll probably love it here. The unique design of furnishing and artwork specially made for this location make it so unique and chic.

Located in the Mykonos Town, It Can Be Easily Reached by Foot

If you have trouble finding a taxi in Mykonos, getting here won’t give you any headache if you’re staying in Mykonos town because the Toy Room is located in Little Venice. Deciding where to stay around here isn’t easy because there are many great hotels and luxury private villas in Mykonos, but wherever you are, you’ll easily reach the Toy Room.

 Girls at a party

Every day here is a new adventure, so make the most of it by visiting the iconic Toy Room

That Was Our List of the Best Clubs in Mykonos, Now Play Some Music and Start Packing

Those are just a few hotspots you have to visit, but if you have more time, you should also go to Scandinavian Bar and Scarpa. Now that you know all the details of the most popular clubs in Mykonos, Greece, the only thing left is to plan your vacay. If you travel here with your party crew, renting one of the best luxury Mykonos villas might be a good deal – a lot of space and an infinity pool are something that will make this holiday memorable. Renting a yacht is also something to consider – you can cruise around the island and even throw a party.