If you want to fit in and keep up with the drinking habits of locals on the Island of the Winds, a world-famous party island where memorable nights are guaranteed, you will need to develop a thicker skin for alcohol and learn how to drink Metaxa properly. It’s one of the most popular Greek drinks, and it’s a mandatory part of any vacation in this sunny country.

Greek Drink Metaxa Is Very Similar to Brandy and It’s a National Treasure

Drinking is a very big part of Greek culture, and the locals take great pride in one particular drink – the famous Metaxa. It’s a traditional Greek drink that dates back all the way to 1888. When an old silk merchant called Spyros Metaxa created the iconic family recipe, he probably had no idea it would come to be a national sensation and a staple in every bar in the country.

Metaxa is a very unique drink, and the taste of this smooth amber spirit can be described as a sweeter, more citrusy brandy. And even though it can’t technically be versed as a brandy, the two drinks are very similar. You can find 3, 5, 7, and 12-star Metaxa bottles, depending on how old and rich you like them. This spirit has a very unique production process.

It begins its journey as a wine brandy, before being distilled twice and mixed with Muscat wine and a special botanical mix. After that, the mixture is poured into oak barrels that age the drink – a year in the barrel for every star on the bottle.

The Famous Drink Is Made in Athens, Greece

After Spyros’s death, his sons carried on the legacy and continued the family business, going as far as bringing it to the United States in 1900. Even though the company eventually left the family and got sold to a British mega-corporation, the drink has remained loyal to its roots by not changing the original recipe and still being produced only on Greek soil. Even today, the factory is located in Athens, in the same spot since 1968.

Metaxa bottle and glass
Metaxa is one of the most popular drinks in Greece

There Is a Time and Place for Everything and It’s on Greek Nights – Here’s a Guide on How to Drink Metaxa the Traditional Way

Greece is a country with a very rich history and culture, and people all over the world travel every year just to get a glimpse of it. So, what do you do when you want to experience the peak of Greek culture and character in one night? The answer is quite simple – you go out to the local taverna for an authentic Greek night. It’s the best way to experience Greek tradition and blend in with the locals, and that includes drinking the famous spirit.

The Best and Most Authentic Way to Try Metaxa Is on Greek Nights

This drink is a staple of any Greek night, and that’s the only traditional way of drinking Metaxa. So, get ready and head out for a night on the town. You will be greeted with a glass of Metaxa as soon as you walk into the taverna. You can either have it neat or over ice, and it usually comes in a whiskey glass, but even if it comes in a shot glass – don’t drink it all in one go as a shot. That’s a classic telltale sign that you’re a tourist. This incredible amber spirit was meant to be enjoyed slowly, tasting the complexity of the flavors and citrusy aromas with every sip.

Throughout the night, you will get to enjoy watching amazing performances of traditional Greek dances, even participate in some of them, smash some plates and yell out a few celebratory OPAs, share a lot of laughs with your friends, drink Metaxa in the old traditional way like the locals do and eat delicious Greek food, and simply have the time of your life. It’s an experience you can’t miss during your stay on the Island of the Winds.

A broken plate on the floor
A Greek night of smashing plates is the perfect opportunity to try Metaxa

Explore Metaxa’s Recipes for Cocktails and Enjoy This Drink in a Non-Traditional Way

While Metaxa was originally only served on traditional Greek nights for over a century, traditions develop and change over time. Now, this amazing amber spirit can now be found as a star ingredient in some of the most popular cocktails in the world. The Metaxa website even has a dedicated page for cocktail recipes.

From Greek mojitos to Espresso martinis with a twist, you will find a unique recipe for all your favorite cocktails, and we can bet you will love the Metaxa version much more than the original cocktail recipes. You can try out all these drinks in all the popular beach bars and legendary nightclubs on the island, as Metaxa is an unavoidable part of the iconic nightlife scene Mykonos has to offer. Here are our top recommendations for delicious cocktails with a Greek twist you need to try:

  • Metaxa 12-stars sour,
  • Greek Spritz,
  • Ambertini,
  • Orange Negroni, and many more.

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