You can not possibly plan a summer vacation in Greece without a trip to some of the most interesting islands this country has to offer. If you are willing to find out more about what are the best Greek islands to visit during your summer vacation – we are here to help. Through this article, you will be introduced to some of the most beautiful places in the Aegean Sea you must experience on your vacation.

Travel to Santorini to Experience Its Mesmerizing Architecture

One of Greece’s most popular destinations is Santorini, located in the Cycladic archipelago. This gorgeous island can offer you a memorable vacation experience, filled with beautiful sunset views, gorgeous architecture, and incredible scenery. Since it is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Greece, it is packed with great hotels and numerous traditional Greek restaurants.

Visit This Place for Your Honeymoon and Have the Most Romantic Stay

If you are looking for a special place to spend your honeymoon vacationSantorini can be an ideal place for it. The beautiful architecture of Santorini and incredible views of the Aegean Sea, really make this place unique and special. You will be able to find numerous romantic hotels on the island and special places such as the black sand beach where you can enjoy some beautiful moments with your loved one.

View of the Santorini

Santorini is one of the most romantic places you can visit

You Must Visit Crete – The Largest Greek Island

Besides being the largest island in Greece, Crete is also one of the most exciting islands you can have a summer vacation on. You can easily get there if you catch a plane from Athens, or a ferry from Mykonos, or some other destination. Crete is filled with gorgeous beaches like Balos and Falasarna, incredible restaurants, and numerous hiking trails around the destination through which you can experience the island’s beautiful nature.

You Will Be Amazed by the Rich History and Culture of Crete

One of the most amazing facts about Crete is the island’s history and rich culture which dates back to 2,700 B.C. This island is considered to be the cradle of Europe’s culture and civilization. As a tourist, you can visit the archeological and historical sites where this culture began thousands of years ago.

To find out as much as you can about this rich culture we suggest you visit Knossos and the Heraklion Archeological Museum, which is one of the best museums you can find in Greece. If you are interested in more recent history – consider visiting Arkadi Monastery and Chania’s Venetian harbor.

Knosos palace on Crete

Knossos is one of the most amazing archeological sites you must visit while on Crete

Mykonos Is the Most Famous Party Island

If you are a party person, looking to have the most fabulous and exciting summer vacation of your lifetime – Mykonos is the perfect party island for you. This spectacular destination is filled with beach clubs, gorgeous sandy beaches, beach bars, and numerous Instagram spots where you can take the most spectacular vacation pictures.

If you’re considering booking a flight to Mykonos to have the most memorable summer vacation, we suggest you check out luxury Mykonos villas for rental. These gorgeous private villas in Mykonos are the best accommodation you can possibly stay in on this destination and will provide you with the most amazing amenities and full privacy during the entire trip.

One of the Best Things to Do Is to Book a Yacht Tour Around the Nearby Islands

Besides attending the greatest parties and trying out delicious Mykonos food, one of the most fun things to do on Mykonos is definitely booking a yacht tour. Mykonos is surrounded by beautiful Cycladic islands, and you can easily access them by booking a yacht rental in Mykonos. This way you can have a trip around Delos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, and many other islands. It will really be an experience of a lifetime.

People on a yacht, sailing from Mykonos to Naxos

A yacht tour around Cycladic islands such as Naxos, Paros, and Santorini will be a memorable experience

Corfu Island Has Gorgeous Beaches and Sceneries

Corfu is considered to be one of the most beautiful Ionian islands, and it has long been praised for having gorgeous beaches and vibrant towns. It is a perfect destination for people who like calm holidays, family vacations, and elderly people. It is a relatively quiet place, with traditional facilities and without any pretentious glitz and glam. However, besides being a calm destination, it still offers numerous activities and plenty of interesting spots to visit and see.

If You Like Learning About the History – Travel to This Island

If you are the type of tourist who enjoys seeing authenticity when visiting different destinations, you will surely adore Corfu. This place has a very rich history which resulted in this place being quite diverse in its culture.

Throughout centuries Corfu developed a cosmopolitan spirit, mainly because it was influenced by different countries. Such diversity is very evident in Corfu’s architecture, music, museums, dance, cuisine, and various festivals which take place here. All of this richness makes Corfu an ideal place for a summer vacation.

View of the Corfu island

Corfu island is one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece you can travel to

Rhodes Will Offer You an Unforgettable Vacation Experience

Rhodes is one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece and a very unique summer destination. It is filled with ancient towns, mesmerizing beaches, picturesque villages, and fun clubs. Rhodes offers numerous attractions which will definitely make your summer holiday trip super exciting and provide you with some unique memories. Some of the attractions you must see while on Rhodes island are:

  • The Rhodes Old Town is included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. It is one of the most well-preserved medieval towns in Europe and its beauty will definitely sweep you off your feet.
  • The Acropolis of Lindos is a beautiful archeological site located on an ancient citadel on a steep cliff looking over the crystal clear sea and is famous for being the second most visited archeological site in Greece.
  • The Valley of Butterflies is a large nature park perfect for hiking. It is known as a summer home for butterflies and is certainly one of the most beautiful and unique spots you will find on this destination. Visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing nature and even swim in the bay.

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