Greece is a country known for many things – amazing beaches, beautiful islands, and, most importantly – delicious alcoholic drinks. Greeks know how to enjoy the finer things in life, and the focal point of any of their nights is their favorite drink – Metaxa. But knowing when to drink Metaxa is of the utmost importance, so here is everything you need to know about this traditional beverage.

What Is Metaxa and How Do You Drink It?

If you’re someone who appreciates a good drink, you need to try Metaxa – a traditional drink made in Greece. It’s a brandy-like spirit that originated in Greece in 1888. and has been locally made ever since. Spyros Metaxa was a silk merchant who created this amazing drink, and his sons took over the business after his death, expanding it and even bringing it to The United States in 1900. Their goal was to create, as their slogan says, the smoothest amber spirit under the sun, and as the word Metaxi means silk, it’s safe to say they’ve done it.

If you’re wondering what it tastes like, the best way to describe it is by comparing it with a brandy but with a sweeter, citrusy note. Metaxa has a unique production process – it’s made as brandy from local grapes, then distilled twice before mixing with aged Muscat wine and a special botanical mix. Once the mixture is done, it’s poured and aged in oak barrels. Depending on how long they’ve been in those barrels, you can choose between three versions – the three, five, and seven-star Metaxa, with the stars being the number of years they’ve spent in the barrels.

Metaxa isn’t a short drink that comes in a shot glass – you shouldn’t drink it straight up in one sip because it is meant to be enjoyed so you can experience all the flavor notes. It’s usually served simply over ice in a whiskey glass, so you can really enjoy its full taste. If you don’t like to have it over rocks or neat, Metaxa is also a very popular ingredient in most Greek cocktails.

Bottle of Metaxa and a brandy glass
The best way to enjoy Metaxa is over rocks

What Cocktails Can the Bartender Make With Metaxa?

Most people prefer the taste of cocktails rather than neat, strong drinks, so the great thing about Metaxa is that it’s one of the main ingredients of many popular cocktails on the Island of the Winds.

One of the Best Cocktails to Make With Metaxa Is a Negroni With a Twist

If you’re generally a fan of Negroni, then you will definitely fall in love with MEgroni. It’s strong and sweet, with a dash of citrus, and all you need is Metaxa, Campari, and sweet vermouth.

If You’re Looking for a New Favorite Cocktail – Make the Metaxa Orange Espresso Martini

Espresso martinis have become all the rage on the party scene in the last couple of years, but did you know this popular cocktail also has a Greek version? Just take some Metaxa, add an espresso shot and some simple syrup, shake it up, and serve it with a few coffee beans, and you get perfection.

Try a Greek Spritz for Your Next Night Out

This is the perfect cocktail for Aperol Spritz lovers – it’s fresh, delicious, and citrusy. Here is the list of ingredients:

  • Metaxa (of course),
  • Prosecco,
  • Tonic,
  • Peach juice or bitters.

A Greek Mojito Is a Perfect Refreshment on Sunny Days

One of the go-to refreshments on hot, sunny days is a classic mojito – the perfect drink to order on the beach. However, once you try a Greek mojito, you will never go back. Simply replace the rum with Metaxa, add some lime juice, mint, club soda, and simple syrup, give it a nice stir, and you will get your new favorite cocktail for the summer season

Red cocktail in a glass with some lemon and ice
Include Metaxa in your favorite cocktails

When to Drink Metaxa in Mykonos? Is There a Way to Know When Is the Right Time?

One great thing about the Island of the Winds is there is only one policy – there is never a bad time for anything, let alone drinking. You can enjoy Metaxa or any other alcohol at any time, whether you want a nice cocktail while reading a book on the beach or you want a delicious drink with your dinner. It’s a staple on the island, and it can be found almost anywhere – most beach bars and restaurants have it.

Greek Nights Are the Perfect Opportunity to Try Out This Delicious Drink

While you can try it at any place at any time during your stay in Mykonos, if you want an authentic experience, there is no better way to try this delicacy than by going to a classic Greek night in one of the local tavernas. Spend the night dancing, shouting OPA, breaking plates, and drinking Metaxa, and we guarantee you will have the time of your life.

A broken plate on the ground
Drink Metaxa, break plates, and you’ll practically become a local

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