If you wish to cross Greece off your travel bucket list and you’re wondering which places to visit during your stay – we are here to introduce you to some of the best holiday destinations in Greece. This beautiful Mediterranean country has numerous places ideal for a perfect holiday, and it’s pretty hard to choose just a few. However, if you wish to hear more about some wondrous spots on the mesmerizing Greek coast – keep reading this article.

#1 Athens Comes With an Extensive List of Amazing Places to See

Athens is one of the oldest European cities and a vibrant and exciting metropolis you could travel to. It is often referred to as the cradle of European civilization, filled with interesting archeological sites. Besides its fascinating history, Athens is now a thrilling contemporary city with many fabulous spots for socializing.

A holiday in the capital will allow you to explore many historical sites, such as the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, and medieval churches. But you can also visit some modern rooftop restaurants where you can indulge in traditional Greek food, fabulous nightclubs, and bars with fun evening events. Athens also has some gorgeous beaches, which makes this city one of the best holiday destinations in Greece for couples who prefer to combine the best of both worlds – city exploring and a beach vacation.

Catch a Flight From Athens and Continue Exploring Greece

If you plan to spend your holiday in Athens, we suggest you consider visiting some nearby islands and cities. Athens airport operates lots of domestic flights, which are affordable, and you can easily book a flight from Athens to Mykonos and be on Elia Beach in no time. While you are in Greece, the best thing to do is to visit more than just one place since this country has so many exciting places worth exploring.

Acropolis in Athens

You must put Athens on your Greek itinerary and stay in the capital for at least one night

#2 Cycladic Islands Are One of the Best Holiday Destinations in Greece

Located in the mesmerizing Aegean Sea, the Cyclades have become very popular among international tourists in the past few decades. This charming archipelago consists of numerous small but quite interesting islands, which have tons of wonderful places to visit. A yacht tour around the Cyclades could turn into the most memorable holiday of your life, filled with fabulous sunset views and gorgeous sceneries.

Mykonos Is the Most Exciting Island You Have to Visit at Least Once in a Lifetime

In the past few years, Mykonos has rightfully gained the title of being the most fun party island in Europe. This gorgeous destination is perfect for people who like to make their holiday as entertaining as possible. The island is most famous for its world-renowned beach clubs, some of the best international restaurants, the most rousing nightlife, and fabulous Mykonos villas for rental.

It also has a tranquil side and gorgeous secluded beaches where you can have a more relaxing stay if you opt for a Mykonos villa away from all the buzzing party hotspots. On the other hand, you can throw your own private parties in one of these Mykonos luxury villas and enjoy all the perks of such a unique venue.

The Romantic Atmosphere of Santorini Makes It the Best Holiday Destination in Greece for Couples

If you’re looking for an ideal island to spend your honeymoon vacation – Santorini could be the perfect spot. Santorini is one of the best holiday destinations in Greece for young couples but also elderly people who like beautiful architecture, gorgeous walking trails, luxurious hotels, and traditional restaurants. The romantic atmosphere makes Santorini the perfect island for making some of the best memories with your loved one.

Aerial view of the Mykonos island

Cyclades are some of the most beautiful Greek islands you could travel to

#3 You Must Visit Crete – The Biggest Greek Island on the Map

Besides being the biggest island in the country, Crete is also one of the most interesting islands you must add to your bucket list. This gorgeous destination guarantees a magnificent stay. Your holiday in Crete will be filled with relaxing on numerous gorgeous beaches such as Elafonissi, Voulisma, and Balos, tasting delicious Greek cuisine, meeting friendly locals, and exploring enchanting little old towns. There is no shortage of interesting things to do here since the island is so fun and dynamic.

Out of All Greek Islands – Crete Has the Most Interesting Culture

If you have a thing for fascinating historical cities – Crete will surely fulfill all of your expectations. Crete has numerous ancient ruins and important historical sites, some of which are the oldest in Europe. If you’re planning on visiting Crete, here are some historical sites/towns you should consider:

  • Knossos,
  • Heraklion,
  • Chania,
  • Armenoi,
  • Anogia,
  • Aptera.

#4 Ithaca Is One of the Most Mesmerizing Islands in the Ionian Sea

Although it is not considered to be one of the most popular destinations in Greece, Ithaca is a very thrilling destination with numerous attractions. From gorgeous outdoor recreation and vibrant nature to beautiful traditional Greek restaurants and local wineries – it is an ideal island for people who like exploring various cultures on a tranquil holiday.

It is also a perfect spot for family vacations since there are numerous recreational activities and arts and culture programs for kids. The island is filled with stunning beaches such as Gedaki, Filiatro, Dexia, and Sarakiniko –  which are all surrounded by wondrous nature. You should definitely consider enjoying dinner in Kioni Harbour and sailing around Ithaca and Kefalonia.

Girl on a beach in Greece

Ithaca has some of the most gorgeous beaches in Greece

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