If you’re starting a Greek island-hopping journey from the capital city of Greece, one question that will be on your mind is undoubtedly this one – how do you get from Athens to Mykonos? Should you hop on a ferry or fly? Let’s see how to get from Athens to Mykonos quickly and effortlessly – all the details are in the text below.

Wondering How to Get From Athens to Mykonos? We Have the Answers to Your Questions

Mykonos and Athens aren’t that far away from each other – just about 182 km. So, whichever means of transportation you choose, you will be at your destination in no time. Mykonos is a wonderful island full of amenities and opportunities for fun, relaxation, and adventure. It’s the perfect place for the beginning of a Greek island-hopping tour – but be sure you have enough time to get around the island and soak in all the beauty it offers to tourists.

To get to this heavenly, world-famous place, you can take a ferry or hop on one of the quick flights to the island. But which option is a better one? Let’s find out – we’ll talk in detail about both possibilities, so you can decide which one works best for you.

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Next stop on your travel plan – one of the best places in Greece

Taking a Ferry From the Port of Piraeus Is the Best and Most Adventurous Way to Get to Mykonos

Your first instinct might be to book flights for your travel crew – surely an airport is the way to go, right? Well, maybe in most cases, but when it comes to Mykonos, one of the top-rated Greek islands, getting on a ferry will provide you with the best travel experience. Views from the ferries are out of this world, and that’s something you shouldn’t miss out on when in Greece.

However, keep in mind that you should book the tickets in advance – during the high season (June, July, and August), there will be crowds, even though at least four ferries depart from the port of Piraeus every day. Piraeus is a port you should head to if you’re in the center of Athens – if you’re coming from the airport, the port of Rafina is a better way to go.

There Are Several Ferry Companies to Choose From

Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways, and SeaJet are the companies that usually operate on this route. The tickets can be purchased for the price in the range of 30-70 euros. Naturally, the price will be higher if you’re bringing a car with you. Expect the ferry ride to last between 2 to 5 hours, depending on the route and the type of ferry.

SeaJet ferries are the fastest but the least comfortable, as they are a bit cramped. Even though the ride isn’t long, we would still recommend Blue Star, for example – they have a ferry departing every day throughout the year at 7:30 a.m.

Ferry From Athens to Mykonos to Santorini Port – Why Not See as Much of Greece as Possible?

While you’re already in Mykonos, why stop there? You can head to other Greek islands that are pretty close. Naxos, Paros, or Tinos are the most obvious choice, but don’t overlook the possibility of visiting Santorini – it’s not as far away as it seems. Santorini would be a great addition to your travel itinerary.

If you have enough time to check out the two most famous Cyclades in one visit to Greece, that will be a vacation to remember. So, how to get from Athens to Mykonos to Santorini? We’ve already covered the getting-to-Mykonos part, but the travel experience from Mykonos to Santorini is similar – ferries from the port are the best way to get to this volcanic island. Travel time is usually between 2-3 hours.

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There is so much to see on this Greek island – your travel list will be pretty long

If You Want to Skip Ferries, Taking a Plane From the Athens Airport Is Another Way to Get to The Island of the Winds

If you wish to arrive at Mykonos airport from Athens, that is an option – flights from the capital to The Island of the Winds are very short, only 35 minutes, and you can find reasonably cheap tickets if you book in advance. There are daily flights all year long. During summer, especially the high season, there are at least a dozen flights from Athens International Airport to Mykonos every day.

Airlines that operate on this route are Ryan Air, Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines, and EasyJet. We suggest you book the flights on time because they tend to sell out. Also, keep in mind that, even though the duration of a flight is short, you still need to check-in at the airport and go through security, so the total duration of a trip will be a lot longer.

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Flying is another way for getting to this top-rated island in Greece

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