Once you come to Greece for your fabulous Mykonos vacation, you’ll undoubtedly want to relax and enjoy everything this heavenly island has to offer. This will be hard if you haven’t planned your trip properly – to do that, we suggest using a few of the best travel planning apps. From booking flights to finding restaurant recommendations, there’s an app for everything you’ll need. We’ve selected a few great ones to help you organize this dreamy holiday in no time!

Here’s Why You Need an App or Two for Planning Your Mykonos Trip

Most people dream of the day they’ll finally get to experience Mykonos island. If you hope to visit this part of Greek land soon, you must be wondering how to organize it all. Planning a trip to Mykonos can be a complex endeavor. There’s the usual part of vacation planning that includes flights and accommodation, but let’s not forget curating the perfect Mykonos itinerary.

There’s a lot to see and do here – no matter how long your stay is, you’ll always leave wanting more. To ensure you don’t forget to visit any spots you want to see or miss out on trying dishes in various seafood restaurants, we suggest relying on planning apps.

View of the old port in Mykonos town
 How to plan your vacation effortlessly? It’s simple – rely on a few helpful apps for that!

The Best Apps for Organizing Your Itinerary: TripIt, Wanderlog, Sygic Travel

Best apps for travel planning are those that allow you to have all the information you need neatly organized in one place. Everything regarding your itinerary for your Mykonos vacation should be easily accessible. Let’s go over the three top planner applications you should consider using during your time on this Greek island.

TripIt Is Easily the Best Trip Planner

A very popular app these days, TripIt is becoming an integral part of a vacation for many. This app allows you to store all the information regarding your holiday – from flights and car rentals to hotel or Mykonos villa information. When you enter it in the app, it will create a document displaying everything for easy use. You can access the document without an internet connection, and there’s a premium version that offers additional features like creating alternative routes if your flight gets canceled or delayed.

Wanderlog Is Another Great App for Keeping All the Vacation-Related Data in One Place – But With an Additional Social Component

Wanderlog has similar planning features to TripIt, but it also offers a few unique things that can make the tedious task of organizing your itinerary a little bit more interesting. Here, you can work together with your friends to curate the perfect outlay for your upcoming vacation. You also get to write your own travel guides and blogs about trips you’ve been on.

Sygic Travel Is a Great Alternative as Well

Sygic Travel helps you plan a schedule for every day of your vacation. It allows you to search various attractions in a certain place, like restaurants, museums, or bars. If you don’t have a plan for your day in Mykonos, Sygic is useful for finding hidden gems and interesting Mykonos attractions on the go. In addition to travel guides for various destinations, here you’ll find detailed videos that showcase spots you’re considering visiting so you’ll know if they’re worth your time.

Photo of Mykonos windmills
Your vacation in lovely Mykonos will be exactly what you want if you plan it well

Whenever You Need Good Recommendations, TripAdvisor and Yelp Are Here for You

Finding reliable recommendations online can be a bit tricky, which is why travelers commonly turn to TripAdvisor or Yelp. Both applications have similar functions. You can read countless recommendations and reviews of restaurants, bars, and clubs in Mykonos – everything you’d want to visit while on this party island.

Of course, you can’t always rely on the accuracy of online reviews, but at least you get to see the photos of food, drinks, or menus. This will provide you with a general idea of what to expect – TripAdvisor and Yelp are usually of use whenever you find yourself at a destination you haven’t visited before!

Greek food on the table
Why risk visiting badly reviewed restaurants when you can use TripAdvisor or Yelp?

Pack Easily With a Digital Packing Planner – There Are So Many Options to Choose From

Packing is never a fun part of the holiday preparations, and rare are those who truly enjoy the process. You can’t make it easier, but at least you can download applications that offer helpful packing list templates. Here are a few we suggest:

  • PackTeo – Simple and easy to use, this app can work for everybody. You can write your own packing lists from scratch or use built-in templates for various types of travel. All you need to do is find a template that fits your stay in Mykonos.
  • Packr – This is the perfect app for those who plan long trips that include more than one destination. So, if you’re thinking of visiting Athens or Santorini after a few days in Mykonos, Packr is great for curating multi-destination packing lists.
  • OneBag – If you don’t want to overpack because you plan on indulging in shopping in Mykonos, this is the right packing app for you. OneBag emphasizes minimalist packing, and it pays a lot of attention to the weight of the luggage – great for avoiding unpleasant surprises at the airport!

In Addition to the Best Travel Planning Apps, You’ll Also Need a Great Rental Agency – The Ace VIP Is Here for You

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