You have probably heard of Mykonos – it’s one of the most famous places in the world, and every summer, countless tourists come here for a dream vacation. But what makes it so special among numerous other Greek islands? Is Mykonos a party island, like so many people claim? Find all the answers regarding this topic in our text.

Is Mykonos a Party Island – Can You Party Here Like There’s No Tomorrow?

You have heard about Mykonos nightlife for a reason – the best parties in the world take place on this tiny Greek island. That’s the huge part of this place’s allure and what brings countless tourists here every summer. Although the tourist season lasts from April/May till late September, most parties take place during the high season – June, July, and August, but there are some in September as well.

Mykonos Party Can Last All Day Long

When we say “all-day party”, we mean literally that. You can go to the beach in the afternoon, and the music will already be playing from every beach club. People will enjoy delicious cocktails around the warm Aegean Sea, dancing till they drop.

Don’t be surprised to see a party that lasts till the morning – and then continues some more. Indeed, this is a special place where you should come for an adventure of your life. Mykonos should be on every young person’s bucket list.

Mykonos Is One of the Best Greek Destinations – If You Want to Travel to Greece This Summer, Be Sure to Come Here

Let us tell you a little secret – even if it weren’t for these amazing parties, this would still be one of the best islands in Greece for tourists to enjoy. It has beautiful nature, the beaches are pure perfection, and Mykonos town is a lovely little place that you’ll definitely like.

Now, add those wild parties we mentioned above – imagine dancing and drinking in the most beautiful environment on this planet. Doesn’t that sound like an experience you want to have? If so, hurry up and find your accommodation – there are always huge crowds during summer.

Fireworks on the coast of Mykonos at night

Parties in Mykonos last all day and night – come here for the unique experience

Here’s How Mykonos, Greece, Became a Top-Choice for Party Lovers All Around the World

How did Mykonos become a famous place for gathering people who enjoy hedonism, parties, and a relaxing lifestyle? Although this tiny part of Greek land was inhabited for centuries, it wasn’t until recently that the world discovered its potential. Mykonos became a tourist destination in the 1930s, thanks to the discovery of ancient ruins on the nearby Delos.

Naturally, visitors couldn’t help but check out Mykonos while they were in the area, and that’s when this part of Cycladic islands was recognized as a magnificent place with a lot of stunning beaches. Mykonos town, Chora, also gained a lot of popularity quickly – the amazing Greek architecture was a perfect basis for opening great restaurants, clubs, and bars.

The 60s Brought a Lot of Development to Mykonos – Parties and Celebrities Became a Regular Thing Here

During the 20th century, little by little, Mykonos gained popularity. By the 60s, it was already recognized as the perfect destination for celebrities, the elite, and the wealthy. If you were anybody, you had to come here and enjoy the music on the beach or dance in one of the spots in Chora.

The same reputation follows Mykonos to this day. It’s not uncommon to see Hollywood stars casually sitting on the sand or having lunch in Chora. When you come to Mykonos, everybody is the same – hedonists who love nightlife. Partying and having fun is all that matters.

Friends cheering with their glasses

Whether in Chora or on the beach, you will have a fantastic time

Countless Beach Bars on Great Mykonos Beaches Will Make Your Trip Memorable

When you come to Mykonos, the first thing you want to see is the coast – the water and the sand are stunning. Head to the beach closest to your villa and join the fun. There are always places that play upbeat music and crowds that are dancing – that stands for most beaches here, but it’s wise to mention that some are a bit quieter and family-oriented. We’re guessing you would want to avoid those, so here’s where to go for the partying:

  • Paraga – One of the most popular spots nowadays, with fabulous clubs and plenty of crowds. You must come here!
  • Paradise – A classic, it’s one of the original places where the nightlife on Mykonos was first developed.
  • Super Paradise – Near the previous spot, another beautiful place that has to be a part of your travel experience.
  • Psarou – Popular among celebrities and a great spot for their fabulous yachts, this is one of the trendiest parts of the island.

The Best Spots on Mykonos You Have to Visit

When you find yourself on the right part of Mykonos coast, all that’s left to do is pick the right club or bar to settle in and get the fun going. Which bars should definitely be visited? We’ve made you a shortlist of the most fabulous, luxurious ones that deserve your attention and will upgrade your overall travel experience.

Don’t Miss Out on the Fabulous Nightlife in Mykonos Town, Chora

The most popular of all Cycladic islands, Mykonos, is more than partying all around its coast. You can also have plenty of amazing experiences in Chora, which is full of exciting bars and clubs – Caprice, Lola, Scandinavian, Jackie O’, Queen of Mykonos, and 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge are just a few of many. Be sure to set aside enough time to explore Chora at night – trust us, it will be worth it.

Sunset in Mykonos town

Chora is a stunning place – it will make your Greece travel experience amazing

Be Sure to Throw an Epic Party in Your Luxury Villa – It’s a Must-Have Mykonos Travel Experience

Don’t forget another fabulous partying place in Greece – your luxury Mykonos villa on the coast. Throwing a fantastic gathering should be an unforgettable part of your travel experience. If you reach out to The Ace Vip, we will make sure that your stay on the most popular of all Cycladic islands goes without a glitch. Not only can we provide you with some of the fancy, beautiful Mykonos villas, but we also have professional concierge services – our pros will help run things smoothly, so you can enjoy partying without any worries.