There are places that can evoke the inner piece just by their interior and resounding atmosphere. One of the places like that is Buddha Beach Bar.

This place is famous for its exotic looks and smooth vibes. It is the go-to place if you want to experience something different from the city lights and all the hype surrounding you. When you need to just chill, sit back and relax, maybe do some soul searching, this is our top pick.

However, this is the place that takes a total turn when the sun sets. It becomes a party scene with some smooth DJ sounds, and although it is crowded and lively it doesn’t go far from its transcending vibes.

This party is a different kind of party and an experience that you should definitely try when you are fed up with all those others that look alike to one another.

What to Enjoy in Buddha Beach Bar?

You can start with a view. The restaurant is perfectly positioned to give you the best view of the Aegean sea and the Ornos bay. Wide, open terrace gives a sense of being one with the surroundings while in the comfort of your cushy table or a lounge.

The predominant cuisine is seafood and Asian, and the meals are carefully prepared to add up to the whole experience. While you are waiting for your meal to be prepared, or just chilling, don’t forget to order some cocktails, we promise that you won’t regret it.