When you think about hot and steamy Mykonian summer, with all the dance and cocktails available, the first thing that should come in mind is Tropicana Club in Mykonos.

This is the place where the party lives and embodies the perfect synchronicity of relaxation and fun. Located on Paradise beach it is an easily reachable and convenient location for tourists. This is the place where you can enjoy your whole day and even the whole night if you want.

The perfect sandy beach and crystal clear sea are to die for, and many amenities that this club has to offer will make it possible for you to never leave the place, and yet have everything you may need on the spot. If you get hungry, the restaurant will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. When you get thirsty you have a wide range of cocktails to choose from, and the coffee you can get here is one of the best on the island.

After 4 pm the club becomes a party scene. Even though DJs play some sexy beats the whole day, as the evening approaches the party gets looser and the people get in tune with the atmosphere. It is the best clubbing scene out on the open in Mykonos.

Umbrellas, lounge chairs, and other amenities are available at Tropicana Beach Bar so that visitors can enjoy Mykonos’ crystal-clear waters. Your moments of relaxation on the beach are complemented by cool drinks, revitalizing juices, creative cocktails, and a wide variety of coffees.

Tropicana Club Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

Although this spot is considered to be primarily a clubbing place, the restaurant can boast about its food. The ingredients are fresh, the menu is hearty and you can choose from breakfast, snacks and lunch options.

As for the cocktails, they are creative and unique, with many signature and house specials. Here you won’t lack anything, and the party will get you started from the early morning up to late-night hours.