Nammos, a name synonymous with opulent beach clubs and exquisite gastronomy, has established restaurants in both the vibrant Dubai and picturesque Mykonos. Before you browse through Mykonos villas for rental, we want to embark on a food review journey – Nammos Dubai vs. Nammos Mykonos. Both restaurants offer epicurean dishes that blend local dishes with international flair in order to create a superb dining experience. Let’s prepare you for urban elegance.

Nammos Dubai vs. Nammos Mykonos – Enjoy Signature Dishes at Both Beach Clubs

We have to begin with something that is absolutely superb in both restaurants since the artfully created dishes are prepared to transcend borders. Whether you are enjoying the idyllic charm of Mykonos or the glamor of Dubai, the chefs invite you to savor the signature dishes.

The specialties are prime examples of the uniting flavors of Mediterranean cooking. Explore the extraordinary fusion of traditional foods with luxury and delicate ingredients. It’s apparent that with every bite the boundaries blur, and both restaurants seem to have just what it takes to make your vacationing experience ideal.

At Any Location, Order Some of the Most Exquisite Specialties as a True Gourmand

The menus at both restaurants have the same signature dishes. When it comes to quality, they don’t pale in comparison to one another. Whatever you decide to eat on your vacation, it will be sublime in this beach club. Here are some of the most exquisite specialties:

  • Baked spicy crab maki,
  • Spicy tuna on spider roll & soft-shell crab,
  • Kobe & Foie Gras maki,
  • Salmon teriyaki on shrimp tempura roll,
  • Wagyu beef maki citrus soy dressing,
  • Nigiri Kobe caviar & gold leaf.

At Nammos Mykonos Beach Restaurant, You Can Try the World Best Seafood and Sushi

The Mykonos restaurant has a reputation for offering the finest seafood, and upon trying most of the dishes, you’ll find that the masterfully prepared fresh fish and sushi are truly the finest in the world. The points for this category of gastronomy go to the Island of the Winds. As you lounge on Psarou Beach, sushi rolls that taste heavenly and platters of succulent lobsters, as well as briny oysters, would be the perfect order you will love.

During Your Next Vacation, Order Maki Rolls and Nigiri That Are Always in Demand

A world of culinary delights awaits in the form of popular nigiri creations and maki rolls. These specialties are so good that it won’t be surprising if you find yourself calling the Mykonos concierge of your Mykonos villa and requesting an order of 10 maki rolls at this location.

The available nigiri and sashimi are toro, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, Greek white fish, shrimp, and chutoro, which is new on the menu. Maki rolls that are delicious are spicy shrimp & king crab as well as crunchy spicy tuna.

Sushi on a plate
Each sushi roll draws inspiration from special Mykonian flavors to create something new

Beef Cuts From Nammos Special Farm At the Dubai Restaurant Are Beyond Delicious

At Four Seasons Resort at Jumeirah Beach, guests have the opportunity to have a taste of the mouthwatering beef cuts. The main part of the cuisine at this chain of restaurants is the fine beef cuts, and the Dubai’s restaurant wins in this category.

The silky taste enhanced with traditional spices will leave you wanting more. From the first sizzle on the grill to the moment it graces your plate, every slice embodies the richness of flavor and tenderness.

The meat is sourced from the restaurant’s special farm. The meat from this part of the menu includes tenderloin, ribeye, and striploin from Kobe Beef and Ozaki Miyazaki Beef. Striploin from Constantino Moro Beef, which is only grain and grass-fed, is also available.

If Your Next Destination Is Dubai, Explore the Dishes at Nammos That Feature Meat From the USA and Australia

Apart from the special restaurant farms, there are also different farms around the world that deliver the meat to the Dubai and Mykonos restaurants, especially in the USA and Australia. Don’t miss the opportunity to try Dubai, tenderloin, and tomahawk from the Premium Farms Black Angus in the USA and the striploin and ribeye from the Premium Farm Wagyu in Australia.

sliced steak on plate
Renting one of the Greek villas in Mykonos? Still, don’t miss the opportunity to try beef cuts.

The Caviar Menu in Dubai Is Better Compared to That in Mykonos

If you want to enjoy sophistication and opulence, ordering fine-tasting caviar is the ultimate step. Offering a selection that surpasses the Mykonian restaurant, Dubai’s establishment presents an array of the world’s finest caviar. The most sought-after varieties include the Almas and Kaluga Caviar. Savor the briny richness and unparalleled smoothness.

black caviar and cheese on crackers
At Dubai’s Four Seasons resort, you can savor the world’s finest caviar

However, the Mykonian Nammos Serves Marvelous Desserts

A surprising twist at the end of the debate about which establishment prepares better food. The Mykonian restaurant will blow you away with the tasty cheesecake with figs, almond pie, and chocolate mousse. The dessert offering at this iconic Mykonos beach club is nothing short of marvelous.

If you are going to visit the Island of the Winds this time and rent one of the private villas in Mykonos, try to make a reservation at Nammos with the help of the concierge in Mykonos and order a great dessert such as baklava or Caprese cake.

a cake on a plate
Staying in one of the Mykonos luxury villas? Book a table at the best beach club!

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