If you’ve been planning a Greek vacation, Mykonos must’ve crossed your mind – it’s one of the most popular places in Greece. This island is like no other, and no one doesn’t love it immediately. Still, the question you might ask is – who visits Mykonos? How to know if this is the right place for you? Worry not – just keep reading, and you will find the answer.

Should This Island Be on Your Travel List – Who Visits Mykonos, Greece?

Let us say this at the very beginning – everyone should visit Mykonos at some point in their life. It’s just one of those places you must check out if you want to call yourself a world traveler. Mykonos is a mecca for hedonists, A-listers, and anyone who enjoys a bit of luxury.

The great thing about Mykonos is that everyone can find something to love here, so even if you’re not a fan of well-known beach clubs, where every party lasts all day long, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel here – there’s a lot more to experience than high-end nightlife.

There’s No Doubt You Will Enjoy Your Time in Greece if You Come Here

Although there are many beautiful Greek islands, this one stands out. No matter your age or where you’re from, the second you step on the Mykonos soil, you will be enchanted by its natural beauties and the uniqueness of the principal town, Chora.

The visit to this Greek island guarantees the best summer vacation ever – from sandy beaches and crystal clear the Aegean Sea to the shopping spree in Chora, each day here will be amazing. The list of things to do during your time here will be endless, and you will definitely want to travel here once more for another wonderful summer vacation.

Boats on the coast of Mykonos, and the town in the distance

There aren’t many islands that have as much to offer – come here to see for yourself

Mykonos Is a Place Known All Around the World, and for a Good Reason – It Offers Something for a Wide Variety of People

Of course, everyone knows that a party in Mykonos is the best one in the world, and that’s the number one reason to visit this Greek island – so, if you’re a fan of partying, this is the place for you. Mykonos nightlife is just amazing and will make your summer memorable.

Mykonos has always been the place to go for many A-list celebrities, business moguls, tycoons, oligarchs, sheiks, royal-blue blood, and even entrepreneurs. The chances are that you’ll run into a celebrity or two – all Hollywood stars and A-listers love Mykonos, some so much that they have their own clubs here (Lindsay Lohan Beach Club, for example).

Mykonos Is Famous for Being Queer-Friendly

For many decades now, Mykonos has been known as a place with many LGBT clubs, including some of the most famous ones in the world. If you’re a queer person, you can rest assured you’ll be more than welcome here – and you’ll have an amazing time. The list of gay-friendly places includes Jackie O’ Bar, Lola, Babylon, and Montparnasse.

Chora – Beautiful Place With Plenty of Amenities for Those Who Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation

It will take you more than one day to visit everything in the main town. Known for its unique Cycladic architecture and narrow streets with tiny, lovely houses, Chora can be a beautiful experience even if you just walk around all day – it’s easy to lose track of time in this gorgeous place. Naturally, we suggest you make a stop at one of many fantastic restaurants in town, but also Little Venice, the windmills, and Panagia Paraportiani Orthodox church.

The view of Little Venice and windmills in Mykonos town

The amenities of Chora are something you must add to your travel itinerary

Whether You Want a Relaxing Beach Vacation or Extravagant Parties, Mykonos Will Exceed Your Expectations

Like we’ve mentioned before, there’s something for everybody in this place. Still, the trick is to know when to travel here to get the most out of your vacation and have the best experience possible.

The right time to come depends on what you want to do here – party or have a more low-key travel experience. Also, your plans might vary depending on how long you can stay here, but don’t worry – even 5 days in Mykonos can be enough if you have an excellent travel plan.

What Is the Best Part of the Year to Visit Mykonos?

If you’re a party enthusiast, we suggest visiting during the high season – the second half of June and the whole of July and August (like for most popular islands in Greece). For those who want to relax on the beach and listen to the waves, it might be better to avoid the high season.

Consider booking a trip for May, the first half of June, or even early September – these are months when the weather is warm but not extremely hot, which is the best time to go to Greece for recreation. Another excellent idea for your trip that we can suggest is Greek island-hopping – get the accommodation on Mykonos, but see more islands during one trip. Be sure to include Delos and Santorini on the list of islands to check out!

An empty beach in Mykonos

Should you come here during the high season? It depends on what you want to experience during your trip

Luxury Villas Are a Part of Mykonos Brand – Let Us Help You Find the Listing That Will Reflect That

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