Do you want to vacay as celebrities do? If that the case, the spot for you is Lindsay Lohan Beach Club.

If you want to boast about all-inclusive service on the beach to your friends after you come back from summer vacation, then you must visit this spot, since not many places will offer you the service as they do.

Beautiful beach-check, an upscale restaurant-check, wellness corner-check, summer bar-check, designer-boutique-check, DJs and other fun events-check.

What more could you possibly want from a place on the beach? The ultimate spot to eat, swim, drink, party, shop and pamper yourself all in one, this is the spot that makes it all possible.

Welcome to Lindsay Lohan Beach Club

And let’s be real, a few people know how to party as well and with the class and sass as Lindsay Lohan does who owns this club, and who envisioned it as the place that could fulfill all the needs for the ultimate comfort.

cocktail served on the beach

Why is that so? Because she’s been far and wide and explored so many popular upscale places to know exactly what is in demand and what a person could possibly need to have a perfect day by the sea.

So let’s check out all the amenities of this club.


KaloLivadi, considered to be one of the most beautiful parts of the island by many, is the place where the Lohan Beach Club Mykonos is situated, and the beach is surreal.

The sand is white and powdery, the water is crystal clear and turquoise color and the surroundings are out of this world. As if that wasn’t enough already, the club offers you over 200 sunbeds with straw umbrellas to cover you from direct sunlight exposure and some cozy cabanas to drift off into the beautiful sunset.

You can swim, sunbathe, play beach volleyball or enjoy water sports, and when you exhaust yourself with the activities, the beach service will be there to treat you with some refreshments, a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. You don’t have to move from your cozy spot and you can arrange everything you need to be brought to you.

If you reserve one of the VIP areas, you’ll have all the comfort and the privacy you may need in the shade of the cozy cabana. If you reach this spot with your own vehicle, the valet service will take care of your car throughout your entire stay on the beach or in the club.

Lindsey Lohan Restaurant Mykonos

The Restaurant

This establishment deserves a special place in the tourist guides of the island. The kitchen is led and organized by the world-renowned Chef AlsiSInanaj who takes special care of creating the menu himself and sourcing out the fresh local products.

If you want to experience the Mediterranean cuisine with some upscale twists of the culinary genius the club is worth visiting just for that. The freshest ingredients and the artistic approach of the head chef influenced by many of the world’s staple cuisines will make the whole experience unforgettable and unique.

We suggest that you try the lobster pasta, fish of the day sashimi-style, Tomahawk steak, Orzo with shrimps and herbs or some of the vegan options.

If you decide to eat your meal on the beach you have a special beach menu to choose from many varieties of drinks and pressed seasonal fruit juices as well as some exquisite pizzas and sandwiches or burger options to quench your thirst and hunger.

If you want to keep it on the lighter side you have salads and light wraps available to order.

Wellness Corner

What a better way to relax on the beach than by enjoying some rejuvenating treatments or massages done by experts.

There are many services to choose from and make your perfect bunch to look and feel beautiful inside and out.

Not only that you can enjoy wellness treatments but you can also get your hair and nails done while you are preparing for a party night.

Lindsey Lohan Photo Shooting on the Beach


Ok, so you’ve had a whole day of sun and beach activities and you ate your perfect meal. It is time to get yourself done for the party and style that head-turning look for the evening.

After you get your head and nails done, stop at the boutique to choose an outfit that has been carefully selected from the world-renowned brands to embody the spirit of the classy Londonian style.

You can find everything you need, womenswear, menswear and accessories to accompany them. And just like that, you are ready for the main event of the evening.


The best and the biggest parties on this island happen right here, in the Lohan Beach Club Mykonos.

The club hosts some of the biggest names on the DJ scene around the world and some of the best performers.

The party here starts after the sun sets and lasts through the night. You haven’t experienced the party until you party here at least once in your life.