Greece is perfect for travelers who want the ultimate Mediterranean experience. Its islands, especially Mykonos, are excellent places to relax and eat delicious traditional dishes. If you’re planning to have lunch soon, check out what to order in a Greek restaurant and eat like a god.

What to Order in a Greek Restaurant?

When creating your ultimate travel itinerary to Mykonos, put “what to order from Greek restaurant delicacies” as a task. No matter which of the best restaurants on Mykonos you choose, you’ll get it right, but it’s still good to learn what’s on the menu.

Greece’s famous delicacies include gyro, baklava, and moussaka. They’re served at most tavernas and are delicious and adequate representatives of this nation’s cuisine.

Today, you’ll learn more about grilled, fried, baked, warm and cold specialties. The guide to delicious food on Mykonos and all of Greece won’t disappoint, and you’ll know exactly what to order when you leave your private Mykonos villa.

What Kind of Restaurants Exist in Greece?

You’ll come by various types of eateries when you travel to Greece and Mykonos. Besides pet-friendly restaurants that accommodate everyone and unique vegan places on Mykonos, there are traditional places you shouldn’t skip.

Here are just some types of eateries you’ll come across:

  • Taverna – a classic and affordable restaurant with an extensive menu,
  • Psarotaverna – tavernas specializing in seafood and fish, here are the best seafood restaurants in Mykonos,
  • Estiatorio – a fancier, pricier type of taverna,
  • Magirio and Inomagirio – basic, affordable tavernas with traditional dishes and house wine selections,
  • Mezedopolio – places that mainly serve small and side dishes and emphasize drinking,
  • Souvlatzidiko or Psistaria – a souvlaki and gyro-only place.

Every Taverna Has a Salad Option

The unmissable delicacy in every taverna is a salad with generously drizzled olive oil, herbs, and spices. Various salads are available, from horta, boiled greens, and dakos, barley topped with feta and tomatoes, to plain lettuce or shredded cabbage and carrot mix.

Whichever salad you choose to go with, your main dish will be tasty. A lot depends on the flavors you like and the variety of the restaurant’s menu.

The Traditional Greek Salad Is a Popular Food

The traditional and popular salad choice is the classic Greek salad. Also known as hortiki, or “peasant’s salad,” this dish perfectly combines authentic ingredients and flavors.

It has tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, black olives, feta cheese, olive oil, and capers for garnish. Oregano and basil are often added to emphasize the flavors.

It’s usually eaten with fries and bread as a main course. You won’t make a mistake by ordering it as a side dish or a main course.

If You’re Allergic to Dairy, Know That It Could Be Hard to Find a Dish That Doesn’t Have It

You may have noticed that all the salads above contain feta cheese. You’ll hardly find meals without this staple ingredient while dining in Greece. Sadly, this isn’t good news for anyone sensitive to dairy.

You can ask the waiter to leave out the feta or just prepare a lot of medicine for your stomach ache after eating.

Traditional Greek salad, olive oil, and fries on a table overseeing Mykonos

You can eat the traditional salad with some fries on the side

Don’t Leave Greece Before Trying Dolma, Stuffed Vine Leaves

If you take a cooking class on Mykonos, you’ll probably learn how to make dolma. This dish is made of vine leaves, rice, and minced meat typically served as a starter.

You’ll get around three to five dolmas on your plate, and sharing them with someone at the table is OK. Sharing food is common in Greece’s eateries, as it’s considered to bring people together.

The vine leaves are stuffed with cooked rice and minced lamb, pork, or chicken. They’re often served with a slice of lemon and sour cream.

Many rolls of stuffed vine leaves on a wooden board

Dolma is one of the most interesting Greek specialties

Ordering Moussaka Means Enjoying Greece’s Best Food

You can go to the best international restaurants on Mykonos, but they likely won’t have one of the most delicious Greek foods – moussaka. This dish is served with grated cheese or bechamel sauce.

Moussaka consists of layers of fried potatoes, eggplant, minced meat, and various spices, and it’s baked and topped with cheese or bechamel. Some chefs do this while it cooks, and others add the topping once the baking is done.

This casserole-type dish is integral to this nation’s cuisine and worth a taste.

Which Casserole Is Better – Moussaka or Pastitsio?

Another type of casserole, besides moussaka, is the pastitsio. It’s similar to moussaka but with pasta, cheese, and meat only and is often referred to as Greek lasagna. Both are tasty and present the best Mediterranean food, so if you can’t decide which one sounds better – why not try both?

A large slice of moussaka on a brown plate

Moussaka is one of Greece’s most famous specialties

Gyro and Souvlaki Will Make Your Mouth Water

While on Mykonos, you’ll see several souvlatzidiko or psistaria locations. These serve and sell souvlaki, grilled skewered meat, and gyro. If you’re looking for a flavorful punch, the wrapped gyro is an excellent choice.

Wrapped gyro are meat carvings in pita bread, served with salad and sauce toppings of your choice. They often add a handful of fried potatoes in it for a complete meal wrapped into a soft, chewy package.

Choose Between Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Lamb

While numerous places serve various meat options, you’ll typically find souvlaki and gyro from pork and chicken. These are the most commonly used meats in quick and easy dishes like these. Fancier restaurants will likely have more souvlaki varieties.

Some skewers may also come with added veggies, like red peppers and onions, for a better and more flavorful taste.

A plate of souvlaki, fries, and salad

Souvlaki can be a healthier option in Greece’s hearty cuisine

To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, Baklava Is the Ideal Choice

Celebrate your birthday on Mykonos, but don’t get a cake – get baklava. This juicy dessert is mouth-wateringly good but could be too sweet for some. It’s made of layered pastry filled with chopped nuts, and honey or sugar syrup. When you get a slice of baklava, it will be drenched in sweet syrup and easy to eat with just a fork.

Nothing will satisfy your sugar cravings better, so ensure to try it after your meal. And don’t worry about the caloric intake – you’re on vacation, and enjoying delicious food is a beautiful experience. You’ll swim off the extra calories in one of the pools in our private villas in Mykonos.

Other Desserts That Will Make You Thank Your Waiter

Not many eateries serve desserts, but here are some that aren’t as sugar-dense and will satisfy your cravings:

  • Yogurt with honey and chopped nuts,
  • Fresh fruit salads,
  • Halva, dessert made of semolina,
  • Spoon sweets or fruit chunks in sugary syrup.

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