Consider yourself lucky – you get to spend a whole day in this paradise. The only thing left is to find out how to see Mykonos in a day, use every minute here in the best way possible, and enjoy some priceless moments. We’ll guide you through all the nicest places you should check out, and the best part is that you can actually manage to visit all these attractions in a day.

Can You See Mykonos in a Day?

This might sound like a mission impossible since you will probably have less than 24 hours (and you’ll definitely want to spend more time here), but this is a small island, so you can manage to see some of its finest parts in a few hours. The most important thing is to have a good travel itinerary and make a schedule of activities to follow – this way, you won’t miss anything important that you could regret later.

Just follow our travel guide and try to fit all of our recommendations in your schedule for the most incredible experience. You can also add some of your favorites, but try to keep your expectations realistic. Visiting Delos can be tricky if you’re coming here for less than 24 hours. Whatever plan of getting around Mykonos island you come up with, we’re sure you’ll have a fantastic time.

Seize the Day

If you are on a cruise trip or island-hopping around the Cyclades, you will probably have a time limit. So, it’s important to keep that in mind and head to the cruise port as the time of your departure gets closer. The truth is, it is possible that you could get seduced by the town’s atmosphere and forget about leaving it.

If you’re flying in from Europe or some other parts of Greece, you can find many flights throughout the day, so it can even be managed to come here in the morning and leave in the evening. If you plan on doing this, just try not to get carried away at some party and miss your flight. Although Mykonos airport is not far, you’ll need to be there at least an hour before the flight.

Mykonos town

You can manage to see some of the most popular attractions around the isle – just ensure you stick to the plan

There Are Many Things You Can Do, But Your Adventure Should Begin With Visiting Mykonos Town – Chora

With many things to do around here and interesting walking tours you can take, it might be hard to choose where to begin, but visiting Chora is something you mustn’t skip. This is one of the most iconic parts of the island and a true gem, so we recommend you start from there.

Stroll around a labyrinth of picturesque streets with whitewashed houses with blue doors and windows, where you can even spot a donkey wandering around. Find a small cafe to drink your first coffee of the day or try a Greek freddo cappuccino. Here you can also visit some museums or Rarity Art Gallery and check out some cool contemporary art pieces.

Explore Little Venice and Famous Windmills While You’re in Mykonos Town

Little Venice and Windmills are the most recognizable spots on the island, so you should definitely check them out. Here you can find many little shops and waterfront restaurants. Along the shore, you’ll easily spot the iconic windmills – one of the perfect spots for pictures.

Mykonos windmills

Visit the famous windmills – one of the most popular attractions in the town

Have a Lunch at a Greek Taverna and Buy Some Local Souvenirs to Remind You of the Trip

There are many different restaurants in Mykonos, Greece, so even the pickiest eaters can find something that will satisfy their cravings after a walking tour around the town. Our strong suggestion is to visit classic Greek tavernas with traditional food and seafood specialties – you’ll definitely find something you like, and the prices are affordable.

You Can Buy Some Souvenirs at Local Shops

Shopping in Mykonos is another thing that might surprise you – from luxurious designer boutiques to local shops with fancy beachwear and extravagant hats, you can find something for everyone’s taste. At the famous Matogianni street, you can buy some nice souvenirs and treat yourself to something sweet, such as a traditional Greek dessert galaktoboureko.

Little Venice tavernas

Picturesque local tavernas are the perfect spot for a little lunch break

Spend the Afternoon at One of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

Even if you’re coming here just for a day, better pack your swimwear because you can’t skip dipping your toes into that turquoise water and sunbathing for a few afternoon hours. Since you don’t have much time, don’t wander around and go straight to the most beautiful place here – Paradise Beach. It is located close to the town, and you can easily get there if you catch a local bus.

Enjoy Watching the Sunset From Paradise Beach Club

Beach clubs are something this place is highly proud of – how wouldn’t they be when these attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. To experience the real atmosphere, you have to check out at least some of these clubs. The convenient thing is that one of the best ones is located right on Paradise Beach, so you can easily add that experience to your one day in paradise checklist.

Beach view

Enjoy your afternoon at one of the most popular beaches in Greece

Now You Know How to See Mykonos in a Day – It Will Be Enough to Convince You to Come Back and Stay Longer

Once you experience all of the charms of this magnificent island, you’ll probably feel sad about leaving Greece so soon. You can come back any time or decide to extend your stay. If you liked it so much after just a few hours, imagine how nice it would be to stay in one of the luxury Mykonos villas with your loved ones or rent a yacht to cruise around the island. It’s all up to you, and we’re here to ensure you have the best stay ever. In case you want to book one of the private villas in Mykonos, don’t hesitate to contact us.