There is no better feeling than the one you’ll get when you arrive at the Mykonos cruise port. This will be your first stop if you choose a cruise boat or a ferry for your transportation method, and there is no doubt that you’ll instantly get a fantastic first impression. This impressive port will be your central station wherever you are headed, so ensure you know all about it.

Mykonos Cruise Port Is the Main Station for Those Coming to the Island of the Winds

The busy summer season brings thousands of tourists here, so the first thing you need to keep in mind is that this place might get very busy. This shouldn’t worry or stress you out, especially if you know all the necessary transportation information in advance. That is why you need to consider all the information from this short guide and avoid all the potential complications.

Tourists come here from various locations in Greece and Europe, but their starting point is usually Athens, Santorini, or some other Greek island. For some, Mykonos is a final destination, but for others, it is just another stop on their island hopping tour. That is why it is important to organize everything well in advance so you are prepared.

If you haven’t already bought the tickets online, you can do that in person at the port. However, in that case, it is recommended that you come to the port at least one hour before the scheduled time for departure. You can also pick up tickets you booked in advance, but make sure you have enough time to wait in line because they can sometimes be very long, and you’ll need to wait for around 20 minutes.

How to Book Tickets Online for Your Ride to Mykonos Island in Greece?

Booking tickets online can save you a lot of time and energy. For most cruises and ferries, you can easily find and buy tickets online on the websites of different companies that operate on this line. This is a great way to avoid waiting in long lines under the warm sun.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book them, because it is not unusual that the tickets get sold out quickly during the summer months. If you wait until the last minute, there is a chance that you’ll lose your seat on that ferry to Santorini.

Mykonos port

You can book your tickets online to avoid waiting in long lines

When Is The Best To Book?

The months of May and September are the busiest for cruising at the port. Mykonos Airport is about 4 kilometres (2,5 mi) southeast of town and services local and international flights all year (summer only). Tour boats and ferries are also available to get you to the island. Daily passenger shipping services are available between mainland Greece (Piraeus-Athens, Rafina, Thessaloniki, Kavala) and Crete (Piraeus-Athens, Rafina, Thessaloniki, Kavala) (Heraklion, Rethymno).

Where Is the New Port Located? Tips for Getting There

Mykonos cruise port is also known as the “new ferry port,” so don’t mix it up with the old one or think that there is a special one just for cruises. The old port is much smaller, and it’s located nearby, close to Little Venice, but it is small, and only little boats can be anchored here. The new port is located in Tourlos, which is about 2 km away from the center of the main town, Chora.

This is the only port that’s operating on the island at this point, so there is no risk you’ll end up somewhere else if you ask someone for directions. This is the first and last stop for all the cruises and ferries that operate in this area. It is possible to walk to the main town from here, but you’ll probably need about 30 minutes, which won’t be a very pleasant walk on a warm day. Although Mykonos is so windy and the summers are not extremely hot like on some other Greek islands, if you have a suitcase and you’re already tired from traveling, we recommend you skip walking.

You Can Catch the Sea Bus or a Taxi at Mykonos Cruise Port

If you want to safely and efficiently arrive at your accommodation or any other spot on the island, it is highly recommended that you catch the Sea Bus (water taxi) to get to Mykonos town. This ride will last only about 5 minutes, and the bus departs every 30 minutes. Another option is catching a taxi to take you wherever you want.

You can also book a private driver or even rent a car. The Ace Vip offers convenient concierge services, so if you contact us and give us the details such as the time of your arrival and the number of people traveling with you, we can arrange a vehicle that will wait for you and transfer you to the desired location.

Mykonos port

The old port is located in Little Venice, and you can easily get there from the new port

You Can Also Book a Private Mykonos Villa for Maximum Comfort

Cruises are fun and glamorous, but you won’t get a lot of space in a cruise cabin. If you want to ensure you have all the space and privacy as well as a luxurious interior and exterior, renting one of the private Mykonos villas might be the best decision. The Ace Vip can offer you various options when it comes to luxury villas in Mykonos, so you should definitely check out our offer and ensure you and your friends have the fun vacation you deserve. If you like cruising, you can also book a private yacht and sail around the most beautiful beaches to explore hidden Mediterranean gems.