Mykonos cruise port

Begin your tour in a mykonos cruise port to take you on memorable spots of Mykonos, where you can commemorate your time with your loved ones.

Discover the hidden beaches and enjoy the safety of a cruise without hassle.

There are two docks in which are the island’s known ports: Tourlos & Ornos.


Tourlos Port by docking

Tourlos Port, also known as the New Port, is equipped with a marina where clients can embark on a yacht and start their voyage to the other side of Mykonos or even to the Mediterranean Sea.

The dock is located about 1 mile north to the Mykonos town, and it is located in vicinity to the Agios Stefanos Beach.

Additionally we offer a shuttle bus service to transport you from any point on the island to the dock where your yacht rental is located.

Further we can transport you from the Port to Mykonos Town. Guests are encouraged to explore the town as soon as they leave the Tourlos Port.


Mykonos Town by Tenders

A traveler can be taken to a Mykonos beach cruise, where it can visit the beaches located in proximity to the ports, which include:

  • Paraga
  • Platis Gialos Beach
  • Psarou Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • Super Paradise Beach


Mykonos to Santorini Cruises

Private yacht transfers from Mykonos to Santorini allow the guests to join in on an expedition to visit the seashores of Santorini without depending on any other mode of transportation.

You can cozy up in your private yacht and allow the captain to take you to Santorini to fulfill your Greek dream.

Spend a desirable amount of time in the heart of the Santorini Island to your heart’s content; make memories of a lifetime, and even stay overnight in Santorini to commemorate your time with your friends and family.

You can leave Santorini at dawn, and enjoy the view of the sun reaching its maximum point in the sky on your way to another Greek Island.


Delos island cruise

A boat escapade to the neighboring island of Delos. The cruise explores the island’s archaeological ruins and haunted ancient history dating back thousands of years.

This archaeological masterpiece is considered the mythological birthplace of Artemis and Apollo.

Tourists are fascinated at the level of culture and development the Delos ruins shows.

Containing an amphitheater, diverse markets and even religious temples, Delos was unarguably once a major city.

This city is considered the most sacred city in ancient Greece as it offers a great deal of information about the religious propagation at that time.

The special request Mykonos service takes clients to Delos via boats, ribs or yachts as they explore the wealth of the region. Do feel free to experience the pearl of Greece with us.

Currently, the island is almost entirely uninhabited. For a speedy journey, we will be using our speedboat ribs which can seat 8 persons + 1 driver + 1 tour guide.

For larger groups, we recommend several speedboats, ribs or a yacht.


Day cruises and boat transfers to Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Syros & Tinos

The Ace VIP can take you on a Weekend Getaway Adventure of exploring any of Greece’s 220 islands and its culture.

Our primary recommendation for you is Daily Yacht Charters or Private Boat Transfers to Santorini, Paros, Naxos, Syros or Tinos.