Everybody knows that if you want to experience the best party in the world, you should come to Mykonos. This fabulous Greek island is a heaven for party enthusiasts, and you can find countless great evening events in Mykonos islands that will fulfill your every need for extravagant and exciting nightlife. In this text, we’ve gathered the essential information on the Mykonos nightlife experience you must check out while here on vacation.

Evening Events in Mykonos Islands, Greece, to Check Out During Your Stay – What Is There to Do in Mykonos at Night?

Mykonos nightlife is one of the trademarks of this Greek island – there are so many amazing things to do here in the evening that you’ll have a hard time choosing where to go. Whether you want to party on the beach like there’s no tomorrow or enjoy a relaxing evening with cocktails and a sea view, Mykonos won’t disappoint you. There’s something for everybody, and we’ve mentioned the best and most popular places below – just keep reading.

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Aerial view of Psarou beach at night and yachts near the coast

There isn’t any shortage of great places to party on this Greek island, trust us

Enjoy the Best Clubs of Mykonos, Greece – Tropicana, Cavo Paradiso, Paradise Club, at54, and So Many Others

Naturally, clubs are the essence of the Mykonos travel experience. Some beaches are more party-friendly than others, which is where you should head out first – places like Paradise, Super Paradise, and Paraga are among the best spots in the world for dancing until the sun rises. Let’s say you decided to check out Paradise first – Tropicana Club, Paradise Club, and Cavo Paradiso are the three most famous spots you can’t miss. Here you will find some of the world’s greatest DJs that rule the top lists and enjoy the beats till the morning – or even longer.

Located just minutes from Paradise Beach, there is another party gem – Super Paradise Club on the beach of the same name. Similar to Paradise, this place is for those who love big crowds, popular music, and fabulous drinks. You can’t go wrong with this place, and we’re sure the parties you’ll visit here will be memorable.

Head to Mykonos Town and Visit Amazing Clubs Here

Not all the fun is around the beaches – Mykonos town also has an outstanding party scene, and there’s not one club here you won’t like. For first-time Mykonos visitors, we suggest checking out a place that everybody likes – at54. It’s a fantastic all-welcome gay club overlooking the port. This unique venue is a gym during the day, and it transforms into a stunning dance club at night where the party vibe is overwhelming – you can’t help but dance to the tunes. Additionally, here are a few other popular spots that deserve your attention:

  • Void,
  • Moni,
  • Addiction,
  • Toy Room,
  • Scandinavian Disco.

Check Out the Beach Bar Experience – Scorpios, Nammos, and Kalua Are Among the Best Ones

If there’s something that you have to do when you travel to Mykonos, it’s come to the beach bars. There is a beach bar at practically every corner of Mykonos, so you have a wide range of possibilities. Still, some places are more famous than others – we’re sure you’ve heard of Scorpios Mykonos on Paraga or Nammos beach bar on Psarou, right? These are two spots you absolutely have to see if you want the genuine impression of Mykonos – excellent view and delicious, refreshing drinks. When on Paraga, don’t miss out on Kalua bar as well.

View of Scorpios in Mykonos for great evening events in Mykonos islands

Scorpios is one of many great bars by the sea – be sure to check it out in the evening

There Are Many Bars in Mykonos Town, Chora – Scarpa, Caprice, Queen of Mykonos, Kastro’s, and Lola Are Top-Rated

Chora offers more than extravagant partying in clubs – you can also find countless amazing bars here. Be sure to visit Little Venice in the evening. It’s not only beautiful in the sunset but also has some fancy spots such as Caprice bar – this is where you want to catch Mykonos sunset with a drink in your hand. The same goes for Kastro’s and Scarpa, both in Little Venice. The center of Chora is full of lovely spots as well, and we would recommend you check out some of the following:

  • Lola,
  • Queen of Mykonos,
  • Alley,
  • Cosi.

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