Vacation on Mykonos island can be quite dynamic with all the fun beach parties, incredible nightlife, and swimming all day in the crystal clear waters. At some point during your vacation, you’re going to want a day of relaxation. Unsurprisingly, Mykonos Spa centers are the perfect spots for relaxing and rejuvenating your body. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you some of the best wellness spots to treat yourself at.

Enjoy Serenity at the Six Senses Mykonos Spa Centers

Six Senses is a chain of luxurious spa centers that offer incredible programs and treatments for nourishing your body and mind. One of their spa facilities is even located in one of the best Mykonos hotels. At the Six Senses Spa, you can just relax and let skilled therapists take care of your body. They can provide you with a variety of treatments for the body, face, hair, and many other beauty and health procedures.

Try Out the 5-Day Yoga Detox Program When You Travel Mykonos

Six Senses Wellness center can take care of your body on the outside but also help you nourish it from the inside as well. If you’re looking for a wellness retreat, this is the perfect thing to try out. The Yogic Detox program is going to help you cleanse your body through effective practice. That’s also going to help your body mobility and mental clarity. Some of the most important benefits of this program are:

  • Improving circulation,
  • Increasing energy,
  • Improving the clarity of mind,
  • Resting the digestive system,
  • Stimulating the liver to filter toxins.

Experience Revitalization in the Ginkgo Spa

Ginkgo Spa in Mykonos, Greece, is a part of the luxurious Santa Maria hotel in Mykonos. Spending one day at this center can help you energize for the entire vacation in Mykonos. The treatments this spa offers to its clients feature natural skincare products, paraben-free, which help in providing healthy skin.

This spa offers massage, face and body treatments, signature rituals, as well as mani-pedi and hair treatments. You will be amazed by the spacious and well-designed interior of the spa, which makes you feel comfortable and welcomed.

Ginkgo Spa Offers the Traditional Hammam Experience

Hammam is one of the signature rituals Ginkgo spa has to offer. It’s a traditional treatment of deep skin cleanse with high-quality beauty products that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

You will also enjoy a full-body massage with a nourishing marine-mud body mask and many different nourishment treatments. The best part of this treatment is that it’s set in a gorgeous oriental interior that will provide an out-of-this-world feel.

Try Out the Incredibly Rich Spa Massage Menu at Ciel Spa

The Ciel Mykonos Spa provides its clients with a high-quality wellness experience. Their staff specializes in various holistic treatments and massage healing. Their spa menu has a wide range of renewing facials and massages, and you can choose the location that works best for you. They have centers in Ornos, Agios Sostis, and Mykonos Town as well.

Ciel Mobile Spa Can Visit You Anywhere on the Island

Ciel Spa in Mykonos has luxurious wellness facilities, but they also offer mobile spa services. This means you can book a team of therapists to come to the location where you want to try out these amazing treatments. They can come to your hotel suite or private Mykonos villa, and if you’re renting a yacht, they can also visit you there too!

Feel the Perfection of Althea Spa Retreat

Althea Spa Retreat is a part of the Mykonos Grand Resort, which is one of the most luxurious hotels on this island. This five-star beachfront hotel is definitely one of the best places to visit in Mykonos. Their spa facility has been named after Althea, the Greek goddess of healing.

The name is absolutely suiting, considering this resort offers an incredibly wide range of different renewing treatments for body and mind. All the body rituals this spa offers incorporate the latest trends in the beauty industry with all-natural ancient health traditions of Greece.

The Incredible Experience of Having an Outdoor Treatment

The spa overlooks the sacred island of Delos, which creates an incredible atmosphere in the resort. Even though the spa has private shaded courtyards, the outdoor spa is top-rated – because who wouldn’t want a spa treatment with a view over the Aegean sea? Definitely one of the best Mykonos Instagram spots.

Rejuvenate in the Famous Kensho Cave Spa

The award-winning Kensho boutique hotels & villas are well known for their incredible spa & leisure facilities. Kensho spa is a small universe made to fulfill all your wellness needs and wishes. They offer a wide range of treatments, and one of their most popular rituals is the awakening experience of the Cave spa.

The cave spa is set in an impressive design that makes you feel as if you’re in a real cave and provides a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. They also provide beds with color, sound, and heat therapy, which are made to give you all the benefits of peacefulness.


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