You want to be close to all the action and wonder where to stay in Mykonos for partying? Luckily this is a small island, so everything is close, but still, some locations are just a bit better than the others, and we know exactly where they are. Get ready to pack your bags and have one memorable vacay on the best island for partying in Greece (and the entire world).

Mykonos – Where to Stay if You Came to Party?

Let’s face it, nightclubs and bars are all over Mykonos, so it won’t be hard to find accommodation close to them. However, whether this is your first time visiting this place or you’re a party veteran, there are some things you need to consider when choosing where to stay. For example:

  • Who are you staying with – how many people will travel with you, what is their age and preferences and most importantly expectations of this vacation (maybe some of them want to visit beaches and old town, not only parties),
  • What is your budget and how much can you spend on accommodation,
  • How are you planning to get around Mykonos – are you going to rent a car, use a taxi, a bus, or some other means of transportation?
  • When are you going to travel, and how long are you staying (hotels can be extremely expensive during the summer season, especially if you’re planning a longer stay).

Even if You Came to Mykonos, Greece, Just to Party, There Are Some Other Things You Should See

This is one of the most beautiful places in Greece with rich history, great architecture, and monuments, so it would be a shame not to experience at least some of it. If you’re not staying near Chora town, consider visiting it at least once. You can do all the sightseeing in one day, so don’t skip visiting Little Venice, Chora, Paraportiani church, and the Windmills.

Mykonos windmills

This Greek island is one of the best destinations for clubbers in the world

You Should Consider Renting a Private Villa With Your Party Crew

When planning a trip, many can’t decide between classic hotels and renting one of the private villas in Mykonos. The length of your stay and the number of people are important factors in this case, but the comfort of Mykonos luxury villas is something that nothing compares to. And if you get one with a nice view, and in Greek style, you will have the ultimate experience.

Let’s face it, there are not many places in the world where you can get such a nice luxury Mykonos villa with a view, while hotels are more or less the same wherever you go. If your budget allows it, you should rent a private yacht. That can take your vacation to a whole different level – and the best part is that you can host your own parties at the yacht, which makes it great for all sorts of celebrations.

Staying in a Hotel Might Not Be the Best Solution for a Party Group

If you have a large group of friends and you’re all traveling together, exploring clubs till early morning hours, and partying, it’s probably best that you rent a villa together. It will be more comfortable for you all, and no one will come knocking on your door to complain about loud music. Villas give you more privacy and freedom. Hence, they might be a better solution for this type of vacation.

Hotels Are Pricey During the Summer Season

Renting a private villa can also be a more affordable solution for those planning a longer stay. Let’s say 10 of you travel together – you’ll probably need at least four or five separate hotel rooms, and during the summer season, those can cost a small fortune. For less money, you can get your own luxury villa with a private pool and magnificent view of the island. Just ensure you have a shop nearby if you need some supplies for cocktails before you go out. This is much more affordable than pregaming at the hotel bar, plus you’ll probably have more fun making them on your own.

Villa with a pool

Staying in a private villa with a pool can be much more comfortable than a hotel

Staying Close to Chora and Paradise  Beach Might be the Best Solution

When choosing an ideal location to be close to all the great parties, it might be good that you stay close to the main town Chora and Paradise Beach – actually, anywhere between these two is ideal, or anything that’s close to them. The most popular clubs are right there – on the shore of Paradise Beach and in Chora. Of course, there are more of them across the island, but this is where you should begin. If you are situated here, you can even walk to some of the clubs.

Paradise Beach Is One of the Best Beaches on Mykonos

If you find accommodation next to Paradise Beach, you’re lucky because that is one of the most idyllic positions on the island and one of the most beautiful beaches. If you’re an early bird and wake up before your friends, you can sunbathe, relax on a comfy beach bed or go to a beach bar and start partying from the early afternoon hours.

Mykonos beach

Don’t miss out on beautiful beaches, some of the best ones in Greece can be found here

Now That You Know Where to Stay in Mykonos for Partying, You Dream Summer Can Finally Begin

Hopefully, we helped you solve some of your dilemmas. Accommodation is always one of the most important things to be taken care of, so once you book your luxury villa, feel free to start packing your bags, we will take care of everything else. Our luxury Mykonos villas offer much more comfort, privacy, and freedom, especially for a group of friends traveling together. You’ll have plenty of time to party, but while you’re here, don’t forget to check out some popular restaurants as well, taste delicious Greek specialties and soak in the Mediterranean sun.