If you love to party and go clubbing, experiencing Mykonos nightlife is probably already on your bucket list. However, this island also hosts day parties – the party just never stops during the summer season. If you want to experience partying on another level, follow our Mykonos party guide to make sure you check out some of the most famous locations.

Mykonos Is Home to Some of the Best Clubs in the World

This famous Mediterranean island is famous not only for Cycladic architecture and beautiful beaches but also for its crazy nightlife and partying. It is what makes Mykonos stand out. If you’ve traveled around Greece, you know that many Greek islands are equally beautiful and charming. The thing that makes Mykonos so different is its legendary party scene, numerous clubs, and the number of celebrities it attracts.

Nammos Mykonos

Trendy beach bars should be your first stop if you travel here – many of them turn into nightclubs after the sunset

Mykonos Party Guide: Start Your Day at Some of the Famous Beach Bar Parties

Sure, day parties are great, but the ones here are on the next level, and when we say that, we mean that the whole of Hollywood wants to come here. That’s how great they are. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to find a celebrity, movie star, or professional sports player that hasn’t visited this place at least once.

Mykonos is home not only to trendy nightclubs but also to many beach bars with day-to-sunset parties. Check out this guide and learn everything about places you shouldn’t miss visiting if you get a chance to travel to this incredible island.

If You Travel to Mykonos, These Are the Beach Bars You Should Visit

You can’t experience the best of Mykonos if you don’t check out some of these legendary beach bars, including:

  • Scorpios – One of the most authentic spots with incredible architecture and unique entertainment. It is located at Paraga Beach, and everything about this place is different from everything else you can find around the island. People come here for outstanding live music performances, and the food and the service are to die for. It can get very crowded during the summer, so make sure you book yourself a table in advance.
  • Nammos – Another legendary destination you shouldn’t miss. This elite restaurant, where guests gather all day long for incredible food and spectacular entertainment, turns into a nightclub during the late afternoon. Lunch tables usually become party tables around 6 PM when the music starts, and the fun lasts until late hours. One of the most recognizable things about this place is that it is usual for guests to get up and start dancing on the tables.
  • Principote – Located on Panormos Beach, this well-known beach club is a true heaven for those who want to experience something luxurious and authentic. The beach is already beautiful enough, now imagine one of the most glamorous beach bars on top of that, combined with incredible service, including professional massage on the beach and fashionable boutiques selling designer pieces? Sounds like a true hedonistic paradise.

Continue Having Fun By Visiting Some of the Best Nightclubs, Such as Void – The Nightlife Here Is on Fire

Void is one of the nightclubs that has drawn a lot of attention over the last few years, and it is definitely worth visiting. Void has been a part of the Mykonos nightlife scene since 2017, and since that, it has earned a good reputation thanks to its sleek and stylish interior design with many attractive and luxurious details.

This is actually a club on three levels with two separate bars and trippy atmospheric lighting that really makes the whole experience unique and unforgettable. Parties in this club are often hosted by some of the best DJs in the world, so don’t miss out on one of their live performances during your stay – you can expect to hear a lot of deep house and techno mixes.

Void club

Void is one of the most popular nightclubs with unique entertainment – the best option for techno and deep house fans who travel here

Paradise Beach Club Hosts Day to Night Parties

This beach bar and nightclub are located on Paradise Beach – one of the most popular spots on the island. It is definitely one of the places you’ll hear about as soon as you come here. It offers an open-air experience, and it is open from noon until the early morning hours every day. Its interesting design with a large pool in the middle definitely draws a lot of attention. Paradise Club has three stages:

  • Main deck,
  • VIP area,
  • Swimming pool area.

Paradise Beach Is Close to Mykonos Town and Easy to Reach

It won’t be complicated to get there, because this beach is very close to the main town. It is not unusual that some of the most famous DJs come here to play a few summer hits, so ensure you check this place with your crew. You’ll definitely enjoy delicious cocktails and a great atmosphere.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is home to one of the most popular clubs that’s named after it

If You’re Still Standing – Throw an After Party at Your Private Villa Next to the Infinity Pool

If you still have the strength to stand on your feet after all these crazy parties, first of all, congratulations, second of all, you must be wondering where the after-party is? Don’t worry, this island never sleeps. Most party crews that tend to come here year by year host incredible after parties at their private villas in Mykonos with infinity pools – it is the perfect setting for watching the sunrise while chilling after a wild night and making plans for upcoming events. If you plan on renting a private Mykonos villa with your crew, hosting an after-party is a must.

Private villa

Plan an after-party at a beautiful private villa with an infinity pool

Rent Yourself a Private Villa and Ensure You Have a Memorable Stay

If you want to rent a private villa yourself, The Ace VIP can help you with that. In our outstanding offer, we include not only luxury Mykonos villas for rental but also incredible concierge services. You can also book a private driver who could drive you around popular partying spots and wait for you once the party is over or you’re up for a location switch. Another great idea for a memorable time around Mykonos, Greece, is renting a private yacht – a party on a yacht will put your experience on a whole other level.