Complete Mykonos PARTY Guide

Travelling to Mykonos? You should certainly read our Mykonos Party guide and attend the glamorous parties and nightlife!

It would make your stay in the island even more memorable.

The lifestyle of Mykonos screams glitz and glam, and it is an open invitation to anyone to dance their night away with their friends or partners.


Mykonos nightlife

A number of people travel to Greece, especially Mykonos, to participate in one of the most sizzling and glamorous parties that they could attend in Europe.

This is something that you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

If you are staying in Mykonos for your summer vacation then you can spend your days in the sun on the beach of the Aegean Sea in the Mediterranean.

Later you will experience the wildest and most vivacious parties in Mykonos during the night.

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The beaches in Greece are known for their serenity and sophistication, and they feature a multitude of scenic views, which makes them a ‘must-visit’.

It is safe to say that Mykonos is Greece’s Number 1 party island so you should definitely give it a try when you travel to wild and exotic Greece.

The following guide covers everything that you need to know for partying in Mykonos.

The guide comprises of the best places to party in Mykonos and how to get access to the glamorous private parties in Mykonos that will help you preserve your youth on time.


Places to party in Mykonos
Places to party in Mykonos

Mykonos is the land of exuberance and fascination, and its nightlife parties speak high volume of the fact.

Your life will never be the same after rejoicing yourself with the thrilling, wild parties that could change your life.

The ambiance of the parties is superb, exotic and sexy, and it makes a splendid spot for the broken hearts and lost souls to find their place in their lives.

Mykonos features over-the-top extravagant bars and clubs, which makes partying in Mykonos a top choice for party animals.

The nights in Mykonos make their visitors as young as its exuberant atmosphere.


The best beach clubs for Mykonos parties:


If you want to attend a mega party site to experience one of the most authentic Greek parties then it cannot get any better than visiting Scorpios Mykonos.

Located on Paraga Beach, the club is a timeless hub to the wildest parties that one could attend ever in their lives.


Scorpios Club Party
Scorpios Club Party

The ambiance of the club speaks measure of the Bohemian nightlife, and it is an excellent spot for someone to drink and party the night away.

A lot of wild things go down in Scorpios, and it will stay there for an eternity. It certainly makes an excellent spot for some of the best parties in Mykonos.

Scorpios’ closing party in 2018 hosted Fatboy Slim while several weeks prior it held its biggest party ever with Black Coffee.

Sunbeds, Restaurant reservations for lunch and dinner as well as Club Tables & Bottle Service are surely and securely reserved through The Ace VIP.

Sunbeds need to be picked up by noon (12PM). The best nights to go to Scorpios are Sunday, Thursday and Tuesday.



The biggest and most exclusive club in Mykonos town is called Void.

Void Club Party
Void Club Party

It is one of the few places that regularly hosts the biggest DJ names in the electronic music scene including names like:

Black Coffee, Guy Gerber, Hot Since 82, Âme, Damian Lazarus, Adriatique, Jamie Jones and others!

Void is characterized by its beautiful and original interior design and architectural design, encompassing a new interior style of minimal combined with the classical Mykonian white walls.

Club Tables & Bottle Service is surely and securely reserved through The Ace VIP.



Known as the most elite restaurant-club in Mykonos, Nammos has a long and successful history of making the best parties in Mykonos throughout the summer.

Nammos Club Party
Nammos Club Party

Guests need to pick up their sunbeds by noon (12PM) and their lunch tables no later than 3PM.

Those same lunch tables are also the ‘party tables’ so when the music starts blasting between 5PM and 6PM, everyone starts drinking and dancing on the tables until around 8:30PM.

When the music stops with the famous New York, New York song by Frank Sinatra, the club has officially closed.

Sunbeds and Restaurant reservations for lunch in the main area are surely and securely reserved through The Ace VIP.

All days are perfect to go to Nammos.



Tourists visiting Mykonos often look for spots to visit to witness the glamour life of Mykonos in complete vicinity.

Kalua on Paraga Beach definitely makes one of those spots that you should visit on your trip to Mykonos; otherwise your trip will feel rather incomplete.

Kalua Club Party
Kalua Club Party

We do not mean to exaggerate but, it is what it is!

Kalua is open to young singles and wild couples, and it certainly makes a wonderful spot for anyone who wants to party their hearts to the fullest.

If you are feeling low then, the ambiance of the beach club would make you feel alive instantly.

Also, the restaurant is one of the best and most delicious on the island. Sunbeds need to be picked up by noon around 12PM.

The parties start at around 5PM and last till around 8PM or 9PM.



A fairly new venue in Mykonos, it is the largest sea-water pool in Europe. All around the pool are many sunbeds, cabanas and party tables.

Santanna Club Party
Santanna Club Party

Also a great place to smoke shisha (hookah). In the middle of the pool, one will find the infamous SantAnna Islands which are also tables but with a special twist.

Each island has a small apartment beneath it in which you will find a bed, a shower, toilet and towels.

To further add to the twist, the rooms are equipped with glass windows looking into the pool.

SantAnna has some of the best RnB/Hip Hop parties in Mykonos, bringing out names like Jason DeRulo, Tyga and others.

Also it has great electronic parties with names like Luciano, Miss Kittin and others. Sunbeds need to be picked up by noon (12PM).

Sunbeds, Restaurant reservations for lunch and dinner as well as Club Tables & Bottle Service are surely and securely reserved through The Ace VIP.



Another famous Bohemian club in Mykonos located on the North side of the island, on the Ftelia Beach, Alemagou has certainly made a strong household name for itself on Mykonos over the last 2-3 years.

Alemagou Club Party
Alemagou Club Party

Hosting some of the biggest names in techno including Guy Gerber, Tale of Us, Martinez Brothers and others, the beach club regularly attracts a large crowd.

Sunbeds need to be picked up by noon (12PM) and lunch table reservations need to be picked up by 3PM.

The parties start between 5PM and 6PM and last until 1AM after midnight.

Sunbeds, Restaurant reservations for lunch and dinner as well as Party Tables & Bottle Service are surely and securely reserved through The Ace VIP.


Super Paradise Beach

If you cannot get enough of the wildlife and nightlife glamour of Mykonos then, Super Paradise Beach is next must-visit spot for you.

Super Paradise Party
Super Paradise Party

The beach club is admired for its extravagant parties, and it also features various ventures to make it a memorable party place for you.

Super Paradise Beach isn’t just limited to its ubiquitous party life but, it also features a lively atmosphere, which makes it an excellent spot for the extroverts and introverts.

You will find a couple restaurants, cafes, and water spots to supplement your experience of a lifetime at Mykonos.

Super Paradise Beach is definitely an embodiment of “anything goes”, and you will walk back to your residence with a gleaming smile on your face.


Astra, Bonbonniere & Queen of Mykonos

Astra, Bonbonniere and Queen of Mykonos are some of the most original and unique local clubs in Mykonos.

These three clubs are very fun and sexy all next to each other, forming a triangle.

The music in the three venues starts between 11:30PM and 00:30AM.

  • Astra – Electronic music
  • Bonbonniere – Hip-Hop/Rnb
  • Queen – Various

Party Tables & Bottle Service are surely and securely reserved through The Ace VIP.



Another important gem in the clubbing industry of Mykonos is Guzel. The Club opens at midnight but starts filling up at around 3AM.

The party lasts until 7AM or 8AM so it is the last party for the ‘last-man standing’. It plays commercial music, pop and hip hop hits.

Party Tables & Bottle Service are surely and securely reserved through The Ace VIP.


Host Private Parties in Mykonos

Looking to throw the biggest party ever? If you are a bachelor then you should arrange a top-notch bachelor party with The Ace VIP in Mykonos.

Coordinate and organize your own private villa parties with famous DJs in Mykonos.

The Ace VIP will make sure it will be nothing less than the wildest parties that happen at the clubs and beach clubs in Mykonos.


Private Parties Mykonos
Private Parties Mykonos

Hire us to coordinate your party and to make arrangements at your villa.

We will take care of everything according to your needs, and you can celebrate your birthday, bachelor or private party with your best friends.

You can request for party supplies, snacks, beverages, cameramen, DJs, and everything else in between to host your private party in Mykonos.

To ensure the safety of your guests and residence, it is necessary to hire Mykonos security services so that the party is prolonged without stress.

The security will patrol and safeguard your party venue, and it would give you a peace of mind to party until the sun is up.


Chauffeur transportation services
Chauffeur transportation services

Professional chauffeur transportation services

Are you willing to take your private party up a notch?

You can gather with your best friends in a luxury vehicle, and you would be taken around the island city.

Hiring a professional chauffeur for your transportation needs in Mykonos will further give you the peace of mind.

Relax and make sure you are being transported from party to party safely.


Attending glamour private parties Mykonos

Just imagine it—you are in Mykonos with your partner or best friends, the light oceanic breeze is blowing into your face and hair, the atmosphere is serene, and life is good.

You want to make your stay in Mykonos more memorable, so you ransack through the endless party invitations to visit during your stay in Mykonos.

You cannot help but, anticipate the wilderness and frenzy of such parties — only to find out how they surpass your expectations when you step into the party venue. Life is now too good!

When attending one of the glamorous private parties in Mykonos — you are expected to make sure that everything is in place, so you could have the time of your life without any interruptions:

  1. Don’t forget to bring someone with you to the party
    While attending such parties’ calls for getting lost in the crowd; however, it is much better when you bring company with you to keep an eye on you.
    Ask a friend to accompany you into the night of splendor, extravagance, and exuberance.
  2. When hosting private parties, make sure to hire our security services to patrol the venue
    You wouldn’t want any unwanted strangers to invade your private party, and the security guards will make sure that you continue partying without any unwanted interferences.
  3. Keep spare money in your wallet, so you can pay for the drinks, entrance, and snacks at the party
    You should refrain from using credit cards, as the cards tend to get mixed up at the bar, and it could be confusing to find your tab with your credit card.
  4. Don’t forget to have fun! The nights in Mykonos are forever young, and they would make you as young and wild as their vivacity
    Get lost into the splendid parties and nightlife of Mykonos and the memories will stay with you for the rest of your life.