Want to spend your days on fabulous Paraga Beach on Mykonos but don’t know what to expect there? Dive into this convenient guide and learn all about this spectacular place and its unique beauty that can only be found on Mykonos. This beautiful beach attracts many visitors and offers various amenities suitable for all age groups, so it should definitely be on your itinerary.

What’s So Special About Paraga Beach?

Paraga (sometimes spelled “Paranga”) is one of Mykonos’ most popular beaches for various reasons: it’s next to the Paradise party beach, it’s easily accessible by bus, it’s flanked by a few of fine hotels (see below), and it boasts stylish beach clubs. And the island of Delos can be seen in the distance from here.

This beach isn’t very big in size, but it definitely represents the heart and soul of Mykonos island. It is often spelled Paranga, and it is one of the first beaches around here that’s been visited by numerous tourists. It was popularised back in the 70s by the hippies, and one of the coolest things about it was that clothing was completely optional around this beach, turning it into the first and most treasured nudist beach on the island.

In the beginning, it was pretty wild and authentic, with no real sunbeds and umbrellas, only trees throwing shades here and there, giving the whole place the impression of freedom and untouched beauty. The water here is shallow, clear, and calm, ideal for swimming and families traveling with little kids.

What’s There to Do on Paraga Beach Mykonos

Paraga is actually a combination of two smaller sandy beaches connected into one. The southern part of the beach is calmer, and it’s perfect for those looking for relaxation. The northern part of the beach, on the other hand, is fully organized when it comes to sunbeds and umbrellas. It also has plenty of lined taverns playing music.

During the busy summer months, this part of the beach can get loud and busy. Although it doesn’t offer much privacy, this beach allows sunbathing nude, so that’s relatively common on the right side. Behind the beach, you can also find two popular bars – SantAnna and Kalua.

Both of these places are extremely popular among visitors. However, nothing on this island can’t compare to Scorpios Mykonos, that’s spreading over the rocks on the right side of the beach. This is the spot that attracts many celebrities, and it got its major popularity thanks to its beautiful design, unique entertainment, and great energy it has offered for years.

Paraga beach

This unique place offers natural beauty combined with many amenities, including nice hotels and restaurants

How to Get to Paraga Beach?

Paraga is the island’s southernmost beach, and it’s only 15 minutes away from Mykonos Town via a frequent bus service (departing from the Fabrika terminal). This place is located about 6 km south of Mykonos town and visitors can easily reach it if they follow the main road leading south with their personal vehicle or if they catch a regular bus from Chora town – the bus station name is Fabrica. You can also get here on a motorbike or catch a water taxi that leaves from another popular beach – Platys Gialos, which is first in a line of southern beaches, such as Paradise Beach, Platys Gialos, and Agia Anna.

Bus rides during the summer season are frequent, and next to the bus stop at the beach entrance, you can find a mini-market that’s convenient for grabbing snacks, fresh water, or other essentials such as sunscreen and flip flops. You can also see the neighboring island of Delos from this point, a major archeological site, so make sure you visit it as well if you have time.

Paraga beach

Getting to this place is easy – there are multiple options when it comes to transportation

Zephyros Hotel and Soho Roc House Are Amazing Options for Those Who Want to Stay Near Paraga Beach Mykonos

The southern side of the island can be easily reached by public transportation in just 15 minutes. It offers a few suitable accommodation options, including private suites and studios at affordable places, so many people looking for a calm environment decide to stay here instead of in the main town. Two of the most popular hotels located here are Soho Roc House and Zephyros Mykonos.

Zephyros offers different types of rooms for accommodating guests – smaller rooms suitable for couples, and private suites and studios are recommended for larger groups and families. Soho Roc House is a hotel for members of the Soho Club and others who want to experience the exclusivity of this place, so many celebrities spend their summer days here. Don’t be surprised if you see some of them tanning on a sunbed right next to you.

A view of Mykonos from a Private villa

You can check out some great Mykonos villas for rental in this area and rent one for your stay if you want to be close to this amazing place

You Can Also Rent One of the Luxury Mykonos Villas in Proximity

If you want to stay in proximity to this fabulous beach and its popular bars, renting one of the private villas in Mykonos close to it can be a great choice. Just make sure you book your Mykonos villa in advance because the summer season can get really busy. If you want to explore other magical beaches, renting a yacht might be another interesting option. This exciting island is fun, and there is always some party going on, but if you need a break from all the partying, you can relax and chill at one of the most beautiful beaches – Paraga.