If you plan to spend a memorable summer on one of the most iconic islands, you must be curious to find out how much will a Mykonos trip cost you. Although this place is known as an exclusive destination with a rather luxurious offer and higher prices than other places in Greece, there is still a way to visit it on a budget and enjoy its many beauties.

Is Mykonos Expensive to Visit? Accommodation Is One of the Most Important Factors That Affects the Mykonos Trip Cost

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about this popular destination? Luxurious hotels, exciting nightlife, beautiful beach clubs, famous restaurants, and probably a lot of celebrities that come to this place every year. It’s no wonder many believe that this place is outrageously expensive and way out of their budget. But actually – the truth lies somewhere in between.

Sure, here you can find one of the most expensive markets in the world when it comes to luxury private villas, extravagant hotels, and upscale restaurants, but there are still some budget-friendly options if you know where to look. All the glitz and glam shouldn’t scare you off – you can still find a way to enjoy the many benefits this place offers while not spending thousands on a daily level.

Mykonos at night

This place is well known for its luxurious lifestyle and expensive nightlife

How Much Is a Trip to Mykonos, Greece? Average Hotel Prices and Other Things to Consider

How much does a Greece trip cost if you plan on spending your vacation in Mykonos? In case you’re worried about spending your entire life savings here, just stop for a minute and relax. You can actually have a decent, week-long vacation here for about €850 per person, which is an average price for a week on the island (about €120 per day).

These calculations include local transportation, food, and drinks – obviously if you don’t drink a bottle of champagne on the beach every day or spend thousands of dollars on shopping in Mykonos. However, the final price of your vacation might depend on many different factors and personal preferences, so ensure you include all of them in your calculations.

Average Prices – How Much You’ll Be Spending on Food, Transportation, and Accommodation 

There are plenty of factors that might affect the final price of your vacay, and some of the most significant ones are transportation, accommodation, and the number of people you’re sharing it with, as well as food and partying. To get an idea of how much could this trip of a lifetime cost you, here are some basic information:

  • How are you getting here – Depending on your starting point, you can come here by plane or boat. If you’re flying to Athens from the USA, you’ll need about €800, plus around €100 from Athens to Mykonos, while flights from Europe can be a little more affordable, so ensure you check which low-cost airlines fly to Mykonos airport. The ticket for the ferry for one person from Athens can vary from €40 to €80, depending on the season and type of the ferry.
  • Hotels and Mykonos villas for rental – Accommodation is something you can spend a lot of money on in Mykonos. Depending on your preferences, you can find a room for €100 per night or rent a Mykonos villa for €10,000 a night.
  • Food and drinks – We all have to eat, so that is something that’s always included in your budget, but if you’re coming here to party, expect to spend a lot of money on drinks, especially if you are into cocktails – those are pricey, between €33 and €50 at some places.
  • Getting around the island – If you plan to explore many towns or travel to different beaches, renting a car might be a more convenient option than taking a taxi or bus. This is also highly recommended if you are going on vacation with friends so you can share financial and driving responsibilities. In the middle of the season, you’ll need about €50 per day to rent a car.
Taverna by the sea

You can choose between many different traditional Greek places to eat at an affordable price

Can You Do Mykonos on a Budget? Tips to Travel Low Cost

As we already mentioned earlier, there’s a chance to see this Mediterranean gem without spending a fortune – you only have to be smart with your spendings and plan everything in advance.

How to Travel to Mykonos Without Spending a Small Fortune

Here are a few easy tips you should follow if you want to avoid breaking the bank for a summer holiday:

  • Early booking will definitely help you save on hotel costs,
  • Plane, boat, and ferry tickets prices can vary, so make sure you choose the most economical combination of these,
  • You can use public transportation, rent a car or a taxi, or maybe even transport your own car with a ferry if you’re coming from Europe, that will ease the sightseeing around the island.
  • You can choose where to eat and save on food or drinks. Some places such as Nammos Mykonos or famous Scorpios Mykonos have higher prices, so you don’t need to eat here every day.
  • Enjoy your time at some of the best beaches without spending money. Agrari Beach and Little Venice, for example, have free entrance.
 Girl holding money

You can visit this extraordinary place and avoid overspending if you follow our tips

Now That You Know How to Plan Your Budget, the Only Thing Left Is to Book Your Flight and Start the Countdown

Now that you know all the convenient tips from our travel guide, you can finally visit this dreamy destination without any worry on your mind and enjoy delicious cocktails and breathtaking sunsets as much as you like. If you want to experience a unique and memorable adventure with your loved ones, a yacht rental is another thing you should try to squeeze into your budget. Sailing around this magnificent place at sunset will definitely ensure you have an unforgettable summer.