Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Greek islands, and as such, it would be a shame not to bring your pet with you to see it. The important part of preparations for coming here with an animal is finding a few pet-friendly restaurants in Mykonos where you can bring your furry baby with you without any worries. We’ve found a few places where animals are welcome, so be sure to check them out during your stay on this fabulous island.

Finding Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Mykonos and Other Places That Welcome Pets as Guests

Mykonos is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, and it guarantees a fabulous travel experience in a luxurious environment and lovely nature. If you’re coming here this summer, you will have a great time, and so will your pet if you decide to bring them with you. Still, the question is – should you bother your animal with a long trip to Greece? Are there enough pet-friendly places such as restaurants on this island? Keep reading to find out.

Is It a Good Idea to Bring a Dog or Any Other Pet to Mykonos? Is the Island Pet-Friendly?

When you come to Mykonos, the chances are that you will spend most of your time outside – on the beach or in Mykonos town. So, naturally, animals will enjoy running around. Getting around the island will be easy if you have a comfortable car rental, so you don’t have to worry about that as well.

But what about restaurants? You undoubtedly want to have a few delicious meals during your stay in Mykonos, right? Although most places here don’t specifically mention whether they welcome animals or not, it’s safe to assume that family-friendly restaurants near calmer beaches won’t have anything against you bringing a dog.

The same goes for traditional Greek taverns – locals are known to be excellent hosts, and they certainly wouldn’t mind a well-behaved animal in their outdoor sitting area. When it comes to fancy restaurants in Mykonos town, we would advise you to check their pet policy when making a reservation – or you can let our professional concierge do that for you.

Cat and dog sitting outside a white house in Mykonos

Will pets like Mykonos, or should you leave them home?

Fokos Taverna on Fokos Beach Is an Excellent Choice for Those Who Bring Pets to Mykonos

Fokos Beach is a great place to bring pets, and a meal in this lovely traditional taverna will be the crown of a fantastic beach day. Fokos is located on the northern coast of the island – it’s a remote site with plenty of untamed natural beauties. Don’t expect many crowds here as you would on party beaches, but be sure that the view (and food) you’ll find here will be as good or even better than there.

Fokos Taverna serves traditional Mediterranean and Myconian cuisine, with dishes prepared from fresh ingredients. Here you can taste some of the best grilled fish or meat on the island and enjoy fantastic Greek wines. Don’t forget to order a dessert – like most traditional places, Fokos Taverna will serve you outstanding sweets.


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Nikos Gallop in Platis Gialos Provides Top-Level Service

Nikos Gallop provides one of the best dining experiences on the island. If you come here, you will get to try exceptional Greek cuisine – more specifically, Cretan and Myconian traditional dishes. They serve fabulous fish and seafood specialties, and pasta and risottos are worth a try as well. A fine selection of wine also awaits visitors.

With outstanding and pleasant service, reasonable prices, and fabulous food, this place is definitely worth visiting. Plus, Platis Gialos and Psarou are only moments away from here – pets will have a great beach day on both of these beaches.

Kiki’s Taverna Near Agios Sostis Is a Gastronomic Heaven

Kiki’s is a one-of-a-kind, legendary taverna that doesn’t even need social media presence to bring in tourists. That’s how good their food is – and it’s prepared without electricity on a charcoal grill. This is a family-run business hidden under the grapevines on the north coast, near Agios Sostis beach. There’s no better place for a traditional Greek meal in Mykonos.

There Are Always Lines in Front of This Fabulous Place in Agios Sostis

There are no reservations at Kiki’s. The restaurant opens at 12:30 PM, but we suggest you arrive at least an hour before that – that’s when the lines start forming, with numerous tourists patiently waiting for seating in this fantastic place. While you wait, you can enjoy complimentary wine and a breathtaking sea view.

View of Agios Sostis beach in Mykonos from air

Kiki’s is located just near Agios Sostis beach – you have to visit this legendary place

Enjoy Your Own Pet-Friendly Gastronomic Heaven in a Private Villa – Fabulous Meals Prepared By a Private Chef

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Professional chef decorating a plate

Plan the menu with our skilled chef, and enjoy the meal in the privacy of your Mykonos villa

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