Wonder what is there to do in Mykonos? Buckle up because you’re about to experience one of the most exciting vacations in your life. No matter what your age, nationality, or sexual orientation is, you’re going to love this place. This Cycladic island is globally known as a popular party destination and one of the most fabulous locations in Europe, let’s see why.

Whether You’re Interested in Clubs, Beaches, or Museums – Mykonos Has It All

No matter what your personal interests are, this place will fulfill your expectations. You can admire the rich Greek history and beautiful architecture, you can eat and shop at some of the most luxurious restaurants and boutiques, or you can party at prestigious clubs with an elite crowd. Our suggestion is to experience the best of both worlds – partying and vacationing, so follow our guide and find out what to do.

Chora at sunset

Mykonos – what to do there and where to begin? Chora can be your first stop

Visit the Archeological Museum and Popular Windmills

You can’t visit this place without spending at least an afternoon in Chora – the main town. It’s known for its picturesque streets with scenic white houses with blue windows and doors. One of the most popular stops in town among tourists is the Archeological Museum of Mykonos and Little Venice which is located near the shore.

Here you can have lunch at some of the best local taverns, shop for souvenirs, and admire the town’s beautiful architecture and atmosphere. Don’t skip checking out the famous five windmills – you’ll easily spot them on the foothills near the port.

Panagia Paraportiani Church Is a Significant Historical Monument and One of the Most Popular Sites

Another thing you shouldn’t miss when in Chora is the famous Panagia Paraportiani Church. It was built between the 15th and 17th century and today’s building actually consists of five small churches. The highest one of them is dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Panagia in Greek). Its unique, asymmetrical architecture makes it different from all the buildings on the island, and this is something that attracts many tourists to come to see it and admire its beauty.

Windmills in Chora

You can begin your sightseeing tour from one of the most iconic spots in Chora

Go on a Guided Tour in a Traditional Carriage

Already rented a car to explore all the major sightseeing points, but want to experience something a little bit different? Why not try a guided tour in a carriage? You’ll get an opportunity to get familiar with authentic Mykonian traditions and discover some hidden gems across the island.

Wandering through the farmstead will be memorable, and at the end of your adventure, you’ll be welcomed with some traditional Mykonian delicacies and refreshing drinks. You can stop at the most beautiful locations to admire the view and take incredible photos with your loved ones. This is a great romantic activity for couples, but kids will love it too.

Girl exploring the island

You should go on a tour of an island and share some incredible experiences with your loved ones

It Is Always a Good Idea to Go on a Mykonos Booze Cruise

If you want to have an active vacation and party from dusk till dawn with your crew, there is no better place in the world than this one. If you decide to go on a booze cruise, you’ll definitely have a memorable experience. Let’s face it, this is not something you can do on many islands. So when you’re already in the world’s party capital, why not go for the ultimate party experience?

Swimming in the clear, turquoise water, watching breathtaking sunsets while the DJ is playing the latest summer hits, sipping cocktails, and having fun – sounds good, doesn’t it? This is a great way to see the island from a different perspective, and if you like it, you can always decide to rent a private yacht with your friends, that’s always a good solution for a bachelor party.

A boat sailing in the Aegean Sea

Cruising around the most beautiful beaches is always a good idea – you’ll get the best view of some of the iconic locations

Pick a Favorite Beach or Explore Them All

If you get tired of all the parties and wild nightlife, you can always relax and recharge at some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Despite being one of the smallest Cycladic islands, this place offers plenty of amazing beaches which you can see all if you catch a bus in the town.

Kalafatis Beach Is a Favorite Among Watersports Lovers

This alluring sandy bay with crystal clear water is oriented to the east, so you can feel a pleasant breeze. It’s not unusual to see many yachts around the bay and windsurfers. This area is the center for watersports, so if you come to Mykonos for recreation, this is one of the places you must visit. You can check out wakeboarding, waterskiing, or jet-skiing.

Kalo Livadi Beach Is Good for Families With Children

Kalo Livadi Beach is located in the southeast part of Mykonos, and it is one of the most picturesque places around here. It is usually not so crowded, especially in the morning, which makes it perfect for relaxation. You can choose to lay on a towel on a free part of the beach, or you can rent a sunbed from one of the restaurants.

Visit Elia Beach – It Offers the Best Atmosphere

Elia Beach is one of the most popular picks among gay tourists. It offers the most vibrant and cosmopolitan experience since there are many tavernas, bars, and water sports facilities. With beautiful golden sand and low cliffs, it is also the longest beach on the island, so it never gets overcrowded.

 Girl on a beach

Swimming and sunbathing on a beach is one of the best things you can do while vacationing in Greece

Now You Know What Is There to Do in Mykonos, Greece, Ensure Yourself a Memorable Vacation and Book a Mykonos Villa Overlooking the Sea

As you can see, this little Aegean gem offers a lot of unique things you can do, so if it makes it on your travel bucket list, you won’t regret it. However, nothing will make your experience better than staying in one of the luxury private villas in Mykonos with your whole crew. We can offer you amazing Greek hospitality and many beautiful Mykonos villas that will definitely exceed all your expectations. The only thing left is to pick a perfect date and leave everything else to us.