Ever dreamt of celebrating your party or event with all your friends in a wondrous place? Mykonos Bachelor Party service is designed so you can have the most fun and organize a bashing party.

The island of Mykonos is like a paradise on earth and with its breathtaking sceneries, you will be impressed how much a good place can add color to your party.

Many things can go wrong when planning a party or a special event.

The Ace VIP is here to organize the most spectacular event for you that will become the talk of town in no time.

We have extensive experience in party planning and our party planners Mykonos have the right skills to present you with precise decorations.

Attention to detail is what makes the set-up look good and our professional party decorators will not only ensure beauty but will make the experience unforgettable for your visitors.

Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, holiday party, engagement party, bachelor party or friends get to gather, you will not have to worry about anything and leave everything to us.

Your private event will be decorated exactly as you wish for it to be.

Mykonos Bachelor Party

Mykonos Greece is known to have the most spectacular beaches in Europe that are known to be home for party lovers.

For bachelor parties many services are available for a fun night with your mates that will ensure a memorable entertaining nightlife in Mykonos.

These bachelor parties can be arranged all night long or over the weekend with many services including photography, videography, entertainers, famous DJ’s, sound system, yacht service and much more!

Take your bachelor party to our luxurious, grand villas that are equipped with feasibility and comfort that are attached with huge pools, barbecue stands and numerous bedrooms and bar areas.

These villas are perfect for pool parties or bachelor parties.

bachelorette party

All Day Bachelor party offer

A fun night full of celebrations starting at 22:00 with insider access to the hidden gems and party perks of Mykonos.

This package runs under the direction of our entertainment experts and is suitable for all group sizes, preferably best friends. Cars with chauffeurs are included in this package.

Bachelorette party offer

The day starts at 13:00 with the girls getting picked up to go to the beach followed by a lunch.

Then at 17:00 they will be taken to a beach party (reservations included) and later they will receive a spa treatment (nails, hair, skin, facials and massages) in their accommodation.

Between 21:00 and 23:00 they will rest and get ready.

At around 23:00 they will be taken to one of the finest restaurants for dinner in Mykonos, which is when the night begins!

We promise you that will have a fun night, full of celebrations with access to the hidden gems and perks of Mykonos.

This package runs under the direction of our entertainment experts who will also be alongside the girls as their personal security.

The All Day Bachelor Package is suitable for groups of all sizes, preferably best friends.

Cars with chauffeurs are included in the package. Featured themes are available.

birthday party mykonos

Birthday party

Are you planning to make your birthday party grand? Or are you planning to surprise your friends with one?

Birthday party decoration is our specialty and we take careful notes to arrange the best party your friends have ever seen.

Throw a massively entertaining birthday party in one of our extravagant villas and we will decorate every inch with different attractions.

Pools and bars are also one of our additions that can be added for further Mykonos entertainment.

Order a customized cake that will be prepared and decorated by our expert cake makers.

Design the cake as well as the party according to your desired theme and trust us with the end results.

You can plan the party decorations yourself and we will decorate them exactly as you require.

Yacht service is also available as you can enjoy your party on the sea and make it more enjoyable.

Further, entertainers and famous DJs or musicians can be arranged as a source of entertainment.

Entertainment events

Mykonos is where people come to take a break and enjoy taking their stress out in partying.

Mark your calendars with the most famous events that take place in Mykonos every year and are the most awaited all over the world for VIP people.

Special events and parties that are to be arranged in Mykonos this summer by famous artists and musicians include:

  • Tyga
  • Diplo
  • Alesso
  • Jamie Jones
  • Duke Dumont
  • French Montana
  • Rick Ross
  • Royksopp & Junior Pappa
  • Guy Gerber
  • F*** Me I’m Famous
  • Pachanga Boys
  • Sneaky Sundays
  • Felix Da Housecat
  • Tanja La Croix
  • Tsilihristos
  • Jackie O’ Birthday Party
  • Martinez Brothers
  • AntonisRemos & Amr Diab
  • Gardens of Babylon
  • Âme

Contact us and make your reservations today.

You can ask about events and dates and keep track of them by never missing out.

wedding party mykonos

Wedding party

Every person dreams of a wedding party close to a fairy tale like experience.

Wedding parties are supposed to be a person’s most important occasion and due to that everything needs to be perfect, be it food, decorations or music.

Weddings at Mykonos can be a perfect experience for such a beautiful and romantic event.

The island in itself is like a dream place and with our precisely organized wedding plans your wedding will be remembered by anyone who visited it.

Make your vows and traditions under a clear starry night or on a peaceful sandy beach near the turquoise ocean.

Or you can choose one of our luxurious villas for the perfect wedding experience. Trust The Ace VIP with your wedding preparations and sit back and relax.

Dinner party

Do you have a dinner party to arrange? Is it difficult for you to manage the number of guests? Or are you still searching for quality caterers?

Worry no more as The Ace VIP has everything you require that needs to be included in your next dinner.

Mykonos party guide has everything you need including food, decorations, space or entertainment.

For the area, a number of luxury villas are available with large rooms as much as 17 and a garden and pavement large enough to fit all your honorable guests.

Whether it’s a family dinner or business affair, Mykonos has the most beautiful areas to host and arrange a dinner party.

The beachfront restaurants can prove to be a lavish experience for your guests and a memorable experience as well.

We can arrange your party with Mykonos VIP party service as required for a celebrity, politician or foreign guest and arrange as accordingly.

Excellent quality of food, wine and music are part of our fine taste in selection, they will be according to the theme and menu you choose for your guests.

A splendid bartender and waiter service is a must for any dinner party and your guests will be impressed with the professionalism and accuracy they are trained in.


The famous Mykonos Island is a romantic spot to spend your evening and celebrate an important date of your life with your loved one.

Make the evening special with candlelight dinner in a luxurious villa or on the beach.

Enjoy your time on a yacht or ride through the city in a VIP luxurious car with a chauffeur at your service.

The villas are amazing places for a honeymoon or anniversary night and will cater to all your needs including quality food, wine and bath.

Our services will make you feel like royalty and you will not miss out on any luxury Make your significant other feel special and let them know how much you care for them.

The landscapes of Mykonos are ideal and will make you feel like living in heaven as the experience will be breath taking, refreshing and highly peaceful.

Trust us with an amazing experience and book your visit today for availing the best opportunity and location in Mykonos Greece.

friends reunion

Friends’ reunion party

Are you planning to meet old college friends? If you are thinking so then the party must be a grand one.

Our arranged events will impress your fellow mates as everything will be full of quality including food, decorations and entertainment.

A bartender will tend to your service of all drinks and a famous DJ or musician will keep your party lively and full of enthusiasm.

The extravagant villa will be very convenient for a large number of people and the waiters will manage everything, from food to providing drinks or cocktails.

The pool at the villas will be a source of massive fun and will catch most of the attention at the party.

We can also arrange the party at one of Mykonos’ famous beaches or hotels.

A yacht service will keep all your guests entertained and it will be a memorable experience for you and your friends.

Food and catering for parties

We have the most professional and expert cuisine masters in the field of food and cooking.

They are hired on the base of perfection and providing quality, scrumptious food for our clients.

All food at parties will be arranged by us with any type of meal from around the world including traditional Greek cuisines.

For any birthday party or wedding anniversary the cake can be customized and created with flavorful tastes.

Presentation matters a lot, so our chef’s plating techniques and beautification of the meal will make the dish look more appealing and presentable as ordered from a five star restaurant.

All table cutlery and dishes are expensive looking china or earthenware which is according to your formal guests.

Every taste and aroma of the dish will be as delightful as the setting of the event and will blend accordingly with all decorations.

Security services

The Ace VIP ensures a strict security for all services it provides.

Trained and professional guards will keep a constant security on all visitors and will make sure no intruder disturbs the course of the event.

Our policies are very strict which makes all our workers professional and serious in their work.

We ensure all private information of our VIP guests would never be disclosed to unauthorized agencies.

We understand that celebrity life is a very sensitive matter and so we take special care of keeping their routines as discreet as possible.

All our workers and employees know their place and never disclose any information.

Political meetings are also taken care of with full security and bodyguards for each.