Want to dine on the cliffs that are bathed by the waves of the Mediterranean sea? Spilia Mykonos is a magical, surreal seaside restaurant and bar in the beautiful Agia Anna Beach, perched on the cliffs over the sea. It is more than your regular restaurant and bar, it is an opportunity to experience some of the best Mediterranean cuisine with the smell of the sea hitting your nostrils directly from below and the peaceful sound of the waves hitting the cliffs. The restaurant on its own looks like a natural part of the cliffs, nestled in the creases.

Spilia Mykonos Is the Ultimate Romantic Experience

With so many restaurants that are conventional and resemble each other nowadays, it is really hard to be different and jump out of the mass. Spilia, however, is a unique place you’ll want to return to, any chance you get. If you’ve been wondering how to impress your significant other or celebrate some special occasion, this is a place to do it. Imagine the beautiful view of the sunset from here, with a summer breeze in your hair and the sound of waves caressing you while you enjoy some of the freshest oysters out there. The menu is comprised mostly of fresh fish and traditional Mykonian cuisine but in Spilia Mykonos, you’ll get that Je-ne-sais-que merely from the great ambiance surrounding you. Things you shouldn’t skip from the menu are fresh urchins, oysters and lobsters as well as some of the signature cocktails. The special twist for the whole experience- you can actually watch your seafood being fished out from the small natural sea pool in front of you, it doesn’t get any fresher than that.