For all those interested in a fancy vacation full of Insta-worthy spots, Mykonos is a dream come true. So, how to plan a Mykonos vacation like an Instagram celebrity? While there aren’t exact steps you must take to accomplish this goal, there is some advice that can help you – we’ve talked about this topic in the text below, so be sure to keep reading.

Looking for Ideas on How to Plan a Mykonos Vacation Like an Instagram Celebrity?

So, you plan to stay in Mykonos this summer, but you want to make every day of this trip extra special – an Insta celebrity kind of vacation. Worry not, this is a simple task when your travel destination is Mykonos island. Apart from having the best beaches in the world, this place has a certain amount of glam that no other Greek island can top.

Wherever you go, there is an amazing view and a perfect location for filming a new reel or taking a stunning photo that will bring value to your feed. Still, there are a few things you can do to ensure your vacation is the best one yet – let’s take a look at some travel tips that will get you those likes!

View of the old port in Mykonos town

Travel to Greece as if you were an influencer – it’s easy when the island is so luxurious

First Up, You’ll Need a Luxury Mykonos Villa Near the Beach

Private villas in Mykonos near beaches are a sure way to get yourself the level of luxury you deserve. Think about swimming in a private pool with a view of the Aegean Sea – especially at sunset time! Isn’t that exactly what an influencer would want to do on a luxury vacation in Greece? We think so!

When in Mykonos, Skip Staying in a Hotel and Choose a Luxury Villa – They Will Make for an Authentic Vacation

Of course, there’s no denying that this is home to countless beautiful beach hotels with sea views where you can have a great time. Still, there’s a little catch – even the best hotels can’t provide you with the authentic experience that you will get from staying in one of the Mykonos villas for rental. It’s an entirely different thing.

View of Villa Megan in Mykonos

No matter how big your travel crew is, there is a villa to fit you all – start the search!

Set Aside a Whole Day for a Photoshoot in Mykonos Town – This Place Is Nothing if Not Instagrammable

Mykonos town, Chora, is one of the most recognizable places here – this little town is known for its unique Cycladic architecture and fabulous clubs, best restaurants, and bars where you can get a taste of the atmosphere that makes Mykonos so attractive for so many people around the world.

Additionally, this town doesn’t lack interesting places where you can make reels with informative content and travel tips for first-timers on Greek islands. Of course, fabulous locations for a photoshoot can be found on virtually any street – and don’t forget to include Mykonos windmills and Little Venice on your list of Instagrammable places in this town. We’re sure you’ll get awesome content here!

Narrow street in Mykonos town

These narrow streets would make for a perfect background, don’t you think?

You’re on the Best Party Island in the World – Can Content Get Any Better Than That?

As far as party islands go, Mykonos is definitely among the top ones. This little island is home to the most amazing parties you will ever attend – and this is exactly where celebs would go during their Greek vacation as well. In fact, most of them do – in addition to having a great time, you are also likely to run into someone famous if you visit those well-known beach clubs. If this isn’t the basis for some stunning Insta photos, we don’t know what is!

Consider Renting a Yacht and Throwing a Party of the Year

An idea that not everyone will think of when planning a travel itinerary for Greek islands is renting a luxury yacht. Sailing is the ultimate luxurious vacation, and when you add views of the Myconian coast from a spacious yacht, the stories are writing themselves – or filming themselves, if we’re talking about Instagram, right?

A yacht rental in Mykonos is usually a location for a crazy party with plenty of friends – these are the memories that you’ll remember forever, and not just because they will live on in the form of reels.

View from a deck of a yacht near Mykonos

Forget the beaches – sailing in Greece is the celeb way to experience the sea

Mykonos Is Known for Great Restaurants – Treat Yourself to Fine Dining Experiences Like Celebs Would

We’re sure that you’ll want to experience the top-notch Mykonos food once you get here, right? The options are endless, considering that this is one of those places where you can find essentially any cuisine. Of course, you should visit as many restaurants as you can, with an accent on those spots that are known to attract celebrities.

Those are the most luxurious, extravagant ones, and you will surely have an unforgettable experience there. We’re talking about spots such as Nammos and Scorpios or numerous restaurants in Chora.

Lastly, let us give you a travel tip for making your stay here extra fancy – when you find yourself in a great villa near the beach, be sure to ask your Mykonos concierge if they can arrange for a private chef to cook you an epic feast – not only will your taste buds be grateful to you, but your Insta feed will be on fire!

Variety of fresh seafood with herbs and lime

When you’re here, great food is unavoidable – and it adds to the place’s charm

If You’re Headed to Greece This Summer, Reach Out to The Ace VIP for Help Finding Accommodation

We’re so happy you decided to visit Greece this summer and enjoy its breathtaking beaches, sea, and the amenities that Mykonos can provide you with. Still, remember that a celebrity-worthy vacation requires excellent accommodation, and hurry to choose among the many lovely Mykonos luxury villas that The Ace VIP can offer you. We can show you why luxury villas in Mykonos are the number one necessity for an unforgettable travel experience on this Greek island. Are you ready for a memorable stay? We’re looking forward to your visit – contact us to get started!