Sailing along the beautiful Aegean Sea on a private charter, admiring the views, and taking in the fresh air sounds like a dream come true. But did you know that human errors cause most accidents out in the open sea? So, here’s a detailed boat safety guide for your Mykonos yacht charter to help you stay safe and secure this summer season.

Our Luxurious Yachts Come Fully Equipped with the Most Professional Crew That Will Make Sure You’re Secure

There is no better feeling than gathering your friends and family and sailing out into the open sea in Greece. Cruising on a luxurious yacht rental in Mykonos, admiring the beauty of the Greek islands, and enjoying the bliss of the water and the waves while the most gorgeous sunset you’ve ever seen takes place sounds like a dream come true.

However, sailing is not an activity to be taken lightly. A fun yacht party or a chill boat trip are wonderful ways to spend your day, but don’t forget that you’re still going on an open motorized vehicle out into the vastness of the sea.

While you are fundamentally safe, you need to remember that human errors are the top cause of all sea accidents, so you need to respect the water and behave accordingly. Having a good and experienced cabin crew on your charter is vital, even if you’re an experienced sailor. They’re the ones that are meant to guide you through the good and the bad, and Greek laws set a minimum number of crew members needed at all times, so you will be happy to know that our yachts come fully staffed, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Always Listen to the Cabin Crew if You’re Sailing along the Cyclades – They Will Give You a Safety on Mykonos Yacht Briefing or a Brochure

The number one rule you should always follow if you’re going sailing is that you have to listen to the cabin crew. They are experts in their field, and their job is to keep you safe and happy. Once you get on board, the crew will give you all the safety information you need, and it’s especially important that you listen to them in case of an emergency.

The Most Important Thing to Remember About Mykonos Yacht Safety Is That the Number of Allowed Passengers Must Never Be Exceeded

All boats have a specific number of people that are allowed to board. As you’re getting on board, one of the first things the cabin crew will do is check whether the number of passengers is appropriate. You may think that’s not important, but the yacht will not sail off until there is a correct number of passengers aboard. So, when planning your fun boat day, don’t take the number of passengers as a suggestion, but as a very strict rule. You won’t be able to add more people abroad than the number you’ve submitted to the crew before taking off.

Yacht Beluga sailing
Having a good cabin crew is crucial

Before You Go Sailing Along the Open Sea in Greece, Here Is a Detailed Boat Safety Guide for Your Mykonos Yacht Charter

If you’re planning on going on a yacht cruise this summer season, you will need to be aware of a few precautions. Your boat crew will give you a detailed safety guide before sailing off, but here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Have Your Life Jacket Within Reach at All Times During Your Cruise Between the Islands

When it comes to life jackets, let’s be realistic – even though you should, you won’t be wearing one throughout the entire trip on the boat, especially if you’re in the middle of a party or a fun day with your closest ones. However, it’s very important to know where your life jacket is located at all times so you can easily access it in case you need to use it. Before starting your fun day on one of the luxury yachts, make sure the life west fits you appropriately.

Every Boat Comes With Safety Equipment

In order for the yachts or any other kind of boats to sail off on Greek territory, they’re required by law to have appropriate equipment on board. This equipment guarantees secure cruising, and it’s invaluable in case of emergency. Here are some items that are mandatory to have on board at all times:

  • Life vests,
  • Life rafts and flotation devices,
  • First aid kits,
  • Torches,
  • Binoculars,
  • Fire extinguishers,
  • A VHF radio,
  • Flares.

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