Mykonos yacht party definitive guide

Have you ever heard that Mykonos is one of the greatest party sights?

Known for cosmopolitan nightlife, Mykonos is often mentioned as “the Greek Ibiza”.

And while there are numerous night clubs, beach bars, and exclusive restaurants, if you are a real adventure junkie you won’t miss memorable yacht parties.

But what is so exclusive about having a party out in the open sea?

Keep reading as we are sharing with you all the information you need about yacht parties on Mykonos:


Why do you need to have or attend yacht parties?

Imagine yourself and your friends enjoying the refreshing sea breeze from sunset to sunrise, raising glasses of the most expensive champagne and delicious cocktails to celebrate unrepeatable summer.

We guarantee that there is nothing that can beat the feeling and the amazing time you have on a yacht party – day and night.

A yacht party is something grand and luxurious that takes all the participants hopping in on an unforgettable sail of a lifetime.

party in mykonos
Party on a boat in Mykonos

Spectacular sunsets and deep crystal clear Mediterranean waters inspire you to explore the famous island over and over again from the angle it is meant to be seen – the sea.

The feeling of the salty sea breeze in your hair and sunkissed skin on an exclusive yacht porch, the beat by worldwide famous DJs and day-and-night party on a mega yacht in the Mediterranean is what inspires those seeking for the unforgettable taste of freedom.

From getting best dressed to wearing the best perfume, from sporting the right style to dealing with the oldies and new friends, yacht parties are genuinely a splendid and mesmerizing experience one can never forget. The extravaganza is astonishing, and you should be sure to get your tickets early.

Throw wild yacht parties from sunrise to sunset either with your own private cruise or rent a cruise Mykonos.

Mykonos yacht parties are exactly what you need to do this summer with your friends and family.

There will be a full food buffet, a spectacular view of skyline, music, photo booth, champagne toast, desserts and so much more you’ll definitely cherish.

Mykonos cruises are a different kind of exclusivity. They are for the one craving for adventure. For the explorers searching for an unrivaled experience. Enriching and luxurious journey. Mykonos yacht rental is for legends only.


How to organize the perfect yacht party on Mykonos?

Yacht parties are this summer’s trend, and we will give you all the needed information for you to have the time of your life. Choose from smaller, more intimate yachts to superb, premiere selection of some of the most luxurious yachts in the world – Mykonos has it all.

Experienced fleets, impeccable service, and the stunning view will make you wish the party never ends.

The hottest island to party in the Cyclades attracts anyone who is craving for some fun. When it comes to hosting yacht parties, basically in Mykonos you have only one job – to charter a yacht

Mykonos yacht rental will for sure suit your taste since you can choose from a variety of exclusive types of vessels and models. The options of custom made and designed mega yachts are endless.

Once you’ve decided your budget and number of guests, book a yacht that provides ample deck space if you want to have a real blast with your guests.

Mykonos Party Boat Rental
Rent a party boat in Mykonos

Party boat rentals include fleet, perfect catering prepared by professional private chefs and a large number of luxurious amenities – jacuzzi, pools, spa, etc. Yours is only to show up with your crowd and have the best private party ever!

Choose from beautifully styled spaces, elegant interiors and live your dream while mega yachting on the Aegean sea. It doesn’t matter whether it is day or night, relax and enjoy the spectacular atmosphere and feel the magic of Mykonos.

Yacht rental can be perfect for numerous occasions – to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, organize a wedding, to impress your business partners, or simply to have lots of fun.

The theme of the party can be selected with the right lighting and music, deciding the dress codes and of course, the decorations for creating a perfect ambiance that will make an unforgettable yacht party.

Having a party on a boat is a unique pleasure, guaranteeing an amazing experience. One thing is for sure – you will create a lot of one-of-a-kind memories.

Some of the world’s best concierge service providers are placed in Mykonos, so you are up for ultra-luxury holiday experience.

When it comes to Mykonos yacht rental, you can find elite hand-selected yachts, some of the world’s finest, giving you a chance to sail into the sunset.


Mykonos yacht rental and party boat rentals

Depending upon which destinations you like to visit and how many guests you want to entertain in your journey, different yacht charters offer various Mykonos yacht rentals as well as party boat rentals.

There are yachts, party boats and cruises in Mykonos that offer coast sailing tour with exceptional services starting as low as $60 per person

Cruise in style by renting a boat or yacht in Mykonos in economic vessels or luxury high-speed ones to explore the beauties of the Mykonos island from the sea that is preferable for you.

You can also benefit yourself by keeping an eye on the on-going deals and discounts different charters might offer.


The exclusive services provided on Mykonos yacht rental

Mykonos yacht rental is for people of all ages and preferences. And while you can think of wild yacht party that lasts all night long, yacht parties can be of a smaller volume, or during the day, and with consistency in professionalism and quality of service

Mykonos Yacht Rental
Rent a Yacht in Mykonos

When you decide to organize a yacht party or visit one, there are a couple of things you can count on:

  • Exclusive private chef preparing delicatessen,
  • The experienced and professional fleet at your service all the time,
  • An impeccable organization without you worrying about any part of it.


There are no yacht parties with an empty belly!

Well, one thing is certain: when having a yacht party on Mykonos you shouldn’t worry about catering!

Simply choose your favorite cuisine, from traditional Greek to famous Italian, and a private chef will fulfill all yours and your guest’s wishes.

Yacht Exclusive Catering
Yacht Exclusive Catering

Superyachts can host numerous events, from utterly romantic ones to wild parties. And among the most important elements of every great event is decorative and delicious food.

Your private chef can prepare any menu or create a perfect combination of food for your guests. Add refreshing cocktails to that and you are ready to start!


Impeccable organization – could it be?

Mykonian concierge service providers exist for many years on Mykonos.

We are talking about locally trusted partners like The Ace VIP is. Unrivaled concierge service guarantees yacht parties that will change the idea of a perfectly organized event you have right now.

An important part of a yacht party is the fleet and the staff – all provided by the concierge service agency.

Members of fleet and staff are always extreme professionals, with a lot of experience in working on a mega yacht.

They will make sure for you to feel comfortable and to get everything you need in order to have the most enriching and luxurious journey.

It is very important to know where your yacht is going to dock as it will allow you for good management. If it’s a large party and your yacht is anchored, it has to be easily accessible.

If your yacht is anchored at sea for a smaller party, ensure that your yacht is equipped with zero speed stabilizers or else you can make your party turn into a nausea contest in literally no time.


What can you enjoy on Mykonos party boats and yachts?

You can encounter the cosmopolitan beaches of Greece and Mykonos as you celebrate under the sun with some amazing experiences.

As you dance away the day with your friends and family while enjoying lunch and drinks on board, you will embark on the new port of Mykonos while sailing straight to the crazy and mesmerizing South beaches

You can see the famous places such as Super Paradise, Psarou beach, Platys Gyalos, Elia, Ornos beach while you swim into the crystal clear waters.

Whilst relaxing on board, you just have to enjoy the sun and have a good time with your loved ones. All you need to bring along is a big smile and a pretty swimsuit.


Once in a lifetime experience

Sailing and cruising with your loved ones on the island of Mykonos in Greek summer is a once in a lifetime experience that has a value for money, time and is totally worth it.

Whether you want to explore the island’s history and tradition or an entertainment junkie out for real good time, Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations.

Without a shadow of a doubt, you will return from your mega yacht or merely a nice party boat, yacht utterly relaxed and contemplating.

Mykonos is an island for everyone to enjoy and oozes splendor and charm with its awe-striking views.

To enjoy the true essence of this island, it’s essential to book a yacht or a party boat just to have a look around this heavenly space while partying with your loved ones.

The party options are endless in Mykonos nightlife including beach parties, jumping on a sunset cruise, hitting some of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean or simply snorkeling the nearby places around Mykonos.


To conclude

Renting a yacht in Mykonos adds another color to your already incredible vacation. Sailing on crystal clear water is a chance to see much more of Cyclades.

Drinking craft cocktails and enjoying gourmet cuisine, watching sunsets while having a perfect yacht party – all this is easy when you are visiting the island of luxury and freedom.

For legends only.