Mykonos got its significant global popularity thanks to exclusive parties and divine offers for luxurious hotels and restaurants. The thing that makes it even more remarkable is its untouched natural beauty, so renting one of the best Mykonos yachts can be an incredible idea for discovering these charms. This can pull up your vacation to a whole other level of glamor and extravagance.

Discover One of the Most Luxurious Islands in the World From a Whole Another Perspective

If you’re lucky enough to have a chance to visit the land of gods and thrilling mythology this summer, you might as well discover one of its most precious gems – the legendary Mykonos island. This place is considered a paradise on earth for a good reason. Its supreme architecture, beautiful landscapes, and dreamy sandy beaches make this place truly majestic. It is located in the Mediterranean ocean in the Cyclades group among popular places such as Santorini and Naxos. If you have never visited Mykonos before, you’ll need to put it on your travel bucket list.

Mykonos Is Full of Hidden Gems and Natural Beauties

Mykonos is recognizable for its unique whitewashed luminous buildings and houses, standing tall with a beautiful white sky and sparkling Aegean sea – every sight is worth a stare and looks like a painting. Spread across the nature-filled heals, you can also find many beautiful rustic private Mykonos villas with infinity pools, many of which are available for rent. Mykonos also offers significant historical amenities such as museums and churches built hundreds of years ago in traditional Myconian style and painted in a recognizable blue and white combination of colors.

Mykonos view

Mykonos is the most popular tourist destination because of many popular amenities, luxury hotels, beach bars, restaurants, and exciting nightlife

Learn All About Mykonos Luxury Yachts, Charter Boat Tours, and Trips

Think of picturesque beaches, inky blue seas, and quaint villages. Among these, imagine having a cruise boat that is all yours, showing you the magnificent beauty Greece has to offer. If you are looking to travel in luxury, Mykonos private boats and trips are the best thing to consider for your vacation.

Mykonos Luxury Yachts bring together the best of travel. You will see scenic beaches on which you can spend days in peace and quiet and be greeted with a vibrant nightlife that is unparalleled in its colors and entertainment. All of this takes place in the midst of a rich historical undertone, with ancient sites and historically significant landmarks that are surrounding you as you make the best of the present moment.

We’ll Take Care of Everything – You Only Need to Choose Your Destinations and Enjoy Many Different Possibilities Every Day

Cruising through a scene like this, you will want to make sure that nothing is distracting you from living in the moment. For this reason, you can leave your travel plans to be arranged by us for your comfort. We’ll make sure that you travel in style and serenity with our crewed yacht charters in Mykonos. The only thing you should set your mind to is yourself and the people around you. We ensure an experience that leaves no room for worry, and you will only remember bliss from your trip and the incredible memories you make with your loved ones.

Girl at the beach

Get access to the most charming private beaches hidden around the Cyclades

How to Book a Yacht? Rental Options and Requirements

Looking for yachts in Mykonos now? Ace Vip offers a yacht fleet of various series, lengths, motor types, and sizes, meaning you can pick a perfect option depending on the number of guests and your personal preferences. They also offer different aesthetics, allowing you to choose an option that pleases your eyes and heart. On our website, you can have an exclusive look into the interior of every yacht and make a perfect choice. Once you make up your mind, you need to follow these steps:

  • Contact us through email at or by Phone/Whatsapp at +306943195090,
  • Once you contact us, make a request with exact details about models you’re interested in, number of guests, dates and special requirements,
  • Once we get back to you with the rate for selected yachts, you can choose the one you like the most, and we will reserve it by placing a 3-day hold (This is when we’ll send you the charter agreement and payment options.)
  • Once we receive your payment and signed agreement, your trip is fully confirmed.

We’ll Also Need All Passengers’ Documents for Formal Registration at the Port Authority

While you’re signing your agreement, we’ll only request the passport of the signee. However, a few days prior to your embarkation, we’ll request that you send us all passengers’ passports in order to formally register every guest at the Port Authority.

Person giving their passport

Personal documents are required for yacht rental

Explore the Cyclades Around Mykonos on a Superyacht

When you think of Greek isles, chances are you think of whitewashed houses sitting on a cliff, looking over at a beautiful blue bay. After all, everyone is familiar with the picture-perfect scene of asymmetric white cuboid houses splashed with a hint of blue that complements the sea they overlook. You may even recall a blue church dome or a windmill dotting the cliff. These are only some of the many things you can expect to discover while cruising around the Cyclades surrounding Mykonos.

If you are visiting Greece, we encourage you to commit to an adventure that involves a picturesque view in front of your very own eyes every moment you get. Some of the islands around Mykonos you should consider visiting include:

  • Delos and Rhenia,
  • Santorini,
  • Paros and Antiparos,
  • Kea,
  • Kynthos,
  • Syros,
  • Andros,
  • Tinos,
  • Northern and Southern Sifnos,
  • Naxos,
  • Milos,
  • Kimolos,
  • Folegandros,
  • Ios,
  • Amorgos.

Each Island Is Unique and Beautiful, so There Is No Doubt Your Yacht Trip Will Be Unforgettable

Each Greek island brings its very own landscape to the mix. You will be able to explore each one of them and discover their unique beauty and entertainment with luxury yacht charters in Mykonos. With a unique blend of history and natural landscape, every island has its own story to tell. There are woods, tropical beaches, breathtaking scenery, and wild parties – all left for you to discover and admire.

There is vitality on each island, making them hot spots in their own different ways. If you are visiting Greece, these islands are within an arm’s reach, so make sure you don’t miss any of them if you have enough time to spend in this Mediteran paradise. The Cyclades are essential places for you to add to your island hopping list, as bathing around each one of them can be a different but always charming experience.

Mykonos and Santorini Are the Most Popular Destinations, While Sikinos Is More Private

By renting a yacht from AceVip you can explore the less-visited and secluded islands such as Sikinos, where you can get the most privacy, as well as the beloved island of Mykonos, Santorini, and Ios, which are the main event for many people visiting Greece. This is the main reason these places are always crowded with tourists, but if you are on your private yacht, you’ll get all the space you need to enjoy the picturesque view and crystal blue waters without worrying about other tourists.

Kea Is Recognizable for Its Oak Forests and Kynthos for Hot Springs

No matter what your interests and hopes are, you’ll find everything you’re looking for around here. There are islands that give you sandy beaches, the best of Greek cuisine, scenic villages, and a breeze of island air to whisk you off your feet. For every island you visit with Mykonos yacht chartering, you will be greeted with a different story. Greek islands have everything to offer you, from oak forests in Kea to hot springs in Kynthos. These are the quieter options where you can expect to unwind away from the humdrum of the city.

Amorgos and Anafi Spectacular Cruises Became Popular From Movie Screens

The variety continues. Each island boasts its own homage to the culture. Tinos has its pilgrimage sites, while Anafi is blissfully remote and keeps its authentic character. Anafi is connected to Greek mythology as the place that emerged from the sea bottom in order to provide shelter to famous Argonauts.

Serifos is awash in harmony and known as one of the most unspoiled Greek isles, ideal for couples and families looking for a place to relax and enjoy beautiful beaches. Top it all off with a famous Amorgos, whose waters are so spectacular that they were made popular in Luc Besson’s movie The Big Blue. We’re sure you’ll have a memorable time here, no matter if you’re planning a romantic honeymoon trip, a party holiday with your friends, or an unforgettable family vacation.

Santorini view

Picturesque Santorini is the most popular neighboring island, so make sure you don’t miss this one out

Save the Dates for Best Mykonos Yachts and Enjoy the Most Memorable and Outstanding Experience

There is no doubt that summers here are unforgettable, but staying on a private yacht and cruising around some of the most beautiful Mediterranean islands will make your whole experience even more special and unique. Choose your favorite The Ace Vip yacht for rental and save the dates on time, and we’ll ensure everything stays perfect as you always imagined. We can also help you with combing through the best private villas in Mykonos to find the one that will be your perfect Mykonos villa for the upcoming summer.