Looking for some unique Mykonos Instagram spots that will impress all of your followers and bring you some new ones? Nothing is easier when you’re in a place like this. This iconic island is not just a party mecca but a popular destination among Instagrammers. They visit it every year to get new trendy summer pics because it’s one of the most photogenic places in the whole world, and we are here to reveal all of their favorite spots.

#1 Little Venice Is One of the Most Popular Mykonos Instagram Spots

First location – Little Venice. The most popular tourist attraction on the whole island, but there’s one catch. Since it is so popular, it’s often crowded, so you should get there early before cruises and ferries with a bunch of day tourists arrive at the main port.

You’ll need your space and time to snap some good photos, so ensure you get here before 10 a.m. This is also good because the sun won’t be too high as at noon, so the lighting will be better. If you want to snap a photo during the sunset, make sure you get there on time to occupy the best spot.

While You’re in Little Venice, Go to the Nearby Mykonos Windmills

Little Venice offers nice picturesque streets with local boutiques and traditional Greek tavernas, but it is close to one of the famous landmarks – the windmills. You can’t travel to Mykonos without taking a photo here – this is almost one of the rules of the Instagram community. You just need to be careful if you’re wearing some fancy hat because the wind blows strong here, and you might lose it.

Restaurant at Little Venice

Little Venice is one of the Mykonos best Instagram spots – and you’ll love the mix of colors and beautiful buildings around here

#2 Every Street and Restaurant in Chora Is Photogenic, and You’ll Be Amazed by the Lighting

One of the biggest advantages of this amazing place is that almost every corner looks unbelievably good in pictures. The main reason for this is the good lighting – and how wouldn’t it be when all the buildings and streets around this island are white.

And not only that – this is one of the sunniest parts of Greece, with many sunny days during the year. For example, the average number of sunshine hours per day is 14 in July. So even if you come here only for 5 days, you’ll have enough time for a few photo sessions. The best part – there are many white walls, so this is a true Instagrammers’ paradise.

Find a Local Store With Traditional Greek Products

If you’re into street-style photography and “spontaneous” shots, then take a few pics while exploring the local shops in Chora. Whether they sell leather goods, colorful souvenirs, or natural cosmetics, they can serve as a nice background and something different.

Local stores are mainly decorated with many interesting details, while luxury brand boutiques are in classic whitewashed style with a simple brand logo and are a nice setting for a quick photo after a successful shopping spree.

A street with pink flowers

Amazing lighting and white walls will make every photo so much better

#3 Any Street With Pink Bougainvillea Trees Is Instagrammable

Most houses have blue doors and window frames, which is already a nice setting, but if you add beautiful bougainvillea trees and their bright pink flowers, there is no way that a picture can turn out wrong. Bougainvillea grows in hot and dry areas with mild winters and blooms twice a year, and on Mykonos, you can see its pink flowers already in May.

With this beautiful combination of colors, every photo instantly becomes ten times better than a regular one, it’s not even important what you’re wearing. But if you do wonder what to wear to make your photos even chicer, you can just wear casual white summer dresses and flip flops.

Bougainvillea over the restaurant

Around every corner, you can find beautiful bougainvillea trees

#4 Paraportiani Orthodox Church Is Beautiful and Looks Amazing on Pictures

Almost every building around the streets of  Chora old-town is beautiful, but one of the true gems lies in the upper part of Chora, near the town entrance. Paraportiani Church is one of the prettiest buildings on the island and also the one with the biggest historical meaning.

The Location of the Church Guarantees Some Amazing Photos

Since the church is conveniently located on the town hill edge, the view behind it is breathtaking and picture-perfect. You’ll combine a beautiful white building with blue skies and sea. This is, without a doubt, one of the pics that must get into your photo gallery if you travel here. Wear something in bright colors, like a pink or yellow dress – we’re sure your followers will love it.

Paraportiani Church, Mykonos

Paraportiani Church is one of the most beautiful places on the whole island

#5 Nothing Is Better for Perfect Instagram Content From Greece Than Renting a Luxury Mykonos Villa or a Private Yacht

Now that you know all about places around the island, there is one more thing to think through, and it is also very important for your Instagram content. This island in Greece is known for luxury Mykonos villas with infinity pools and views to die for, so why not use this as an opportunity to make some incredible content? You can stay together with all of your friends and capture many fun and enjoyable moments from one of the private villas in Mykonos we have on our offer. Renting a yacht is also a good option, and we all know that a photo from a yacht can’t look bad.