If your next travel destination in Greece is Mykonos, you must be intrigued to find out as much as you can about this place. What’s Mykonos famous for? What’s its history and culture like? A part of that answer is a beautiful Mykonos mythology, an exciting story that includes some of the most famous characters from Greek myths like Zeus, Hercules, and Apollo. Sounds interesting? If you think so, check out our text on this subject.

Mykonos Is Known to Be a Place Rich in Culture Like Most Greek Islands Are

When someone mentions Greece, one of the first associations is undoubtedly amazing history and marvelous ancient ruins that can be found almost anywhere in the country. Those who want their travel plans to include sightseeing of the archeological sites will be happy to hear that Mykonos has a lot of amazing things to offer its tourists.

Mythical Stories That Tell the Tale of Mykonos

Ancient Greeks were often very creative, and they have made up countless famous stories that have stood the test of time. Some of the most interesting ones take place on this beautiful island. So, what is this part of the Cyclades famous for in terms of history and culture? Let’s find out the stories behind the ruins on Mykonos and its neighboring island, Delos.

Ruins on Delos

There are plenty of gorgeous ancient ruins in this part of the Cyclades

Mykonos Mythology – A Fascinating Story of How The Island of the Winds Came to Be

The story of how the island was materialized goes back to the part of Greek mythology called Gigantomachy – the war between Olympian gods and the Giants. The legend says that, during their fight on who would rule the universe, Hercules, the son of Zeus, came to the god’s rescue. Hercules was a half-god, and he was considered to be of enormous strength.

That’s why he was able to lure the Giants out of the secured part of Mount Olympus and bring them to the place where Mykonos will come to be. Even though the Giants were supposed to be invincible, Hercules managed to defeat them in the battle and bury them on Mykonos – the rocks scattered all over Mykonos are supposed to be petrified corpses of defeated Giants.

Huge rocks on the coast of Mykonos separated by sea, and a boat

Massive rocks that can be found on Mykonos are considered to be corpses of Giants

How Was This Part of Cyclades Named – Who Was Mykons in Greek Mythology?

What is the meaning of Mykonos? Legends say that the place was named after Mykons, one of the local heroes who was the son or grandson of Apollo, the god of the sun (and many other things such as archery, music, truth, and dance). Mykons was, apparently, the first ruler of Mykonos.

As for the story revolving around the name of Cycladic islands, the term comes from the word “kyklos”, which in ancient Greek means circle, or cycle – in the old time, it was thought that this place in the Aegean waters was the center of the world. Islands are scattered around Delos, forming a circle around it. Also, strong winds around Mykonos often forced sailors to change their routes and sail around the islands in circles.

Ruins on Delos

There are so many beautiful ruins to see in this part of the Aegean waters

Delos, Tiny Island in the Aegean Sea in Greece – The Birthplace of Apollo

A massive part of the history and ancient ruins are located on one of the smaller islands in Cyclades – Delos. This tiny part of the land surrounded by the Aegean Sea is very close to Mykonos, and it only takes 20-30 minutes to get there by boat. The legend of this place is an exciting one, telling us about Leto, the daughter of Titans Koios and Phoebe.

She was a beautiful Titan goddess of the “unseen”, which didn’t stop Zeus from noticing her beauty and pursuing her. Leto soon became pregnant with twins, which sparked rage and jealousy from Hera, Zeus’s wife. Even though Hera was the goddess of women, family, and childbirth, she (ironically) decided to sabotage Leto’s delivery. She made the land disappear under Leto’s feet, so she couldn’t find a safe place to give birth.

Leto was lucky enough to stay on Rinia (another of the small islands in the Aegean Sea) long enough to give birth to one twin, daughter Artemis (the goddess of hunt and wild animals). But then her sister, Asteria, came to help her – Asteria was also pursued by Zeus and had to run away. She jumped into the sea and became a rock, forming Delos near Rinia.

With the help of her newborn, Artemis, Leto crossed over to Delos and there, after nine days and nights, gave birth to the second twin, named Apollo. It is said that Zeus was moved after witnessing the delivery, so he asked his brother Poseidon to root the island in that exact place. It became visible, brought to light, obvious – that’s what Delos means.

Statues on Delos

The story of Delos is one of the crown jewels of Greek mythology

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