There is no better way to immerse yourself in the Mykonian spirit than by indulging in beach sports in Mykonos. Whether it’s volleyball on Paradise Beach or jet skiing on Platys Gialos, there are numerous ways to enrich the whole experience of the island while vacationing in Greece. After a day packed with different activities, rest in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos. Our guide will help you with tips on what to participate in.

Participate in Beach Sports in Mykonos, Such as Volleyball, Handball, and Sand Soccer

Beachside sports offer a blend of competitive spirit and leisurely fun while vacationing in Mykonos. The soft, golden sand of the shore creates a perfect spot for games like handball, volleyball, and sand soccer. Since the sand slows down the game a bit, tourists can enjoy every minute of the experience and create cherished memories.

These are easy to organize and there is no need for extra equipment. Most beaches have nets, so the visitors only need to bring a ball that can be bought in most souvenir shops in the charming Mykonos Town. It’s noteworthy to mention that there is no need to come with a team – most beachgoers would love to join in.

People holding a hand on a ball
Instead of lounging in one of the private villas in Mykonos, compete with friends in the sand

What Are the Best Beaches For These Activities?

Playing handball and soccer can be organized on almost all beaches except some secluded coastlines surrounded by rocks. For volleyball, there should be a net, but even this can be improvised on the spot. After all, some beaches have a vibrant atmosphere and playing these games is easier to pull off. Such Mykonian beaches are:

  • Super Paradise Beach – This spot has ample space for soccer and handball. There are many bars and clubs, too, so finding teammates won’t be a problem.
  • Paradise Beach – Apart from handball and soccer, playing volleyball in an expansive sandy area is possible on Paradise Beach. Energetic matches can be seen often during the entire summer.
  • Platys Gialos – It’s a wide shore that is mainly family-oriented. Here, the whole family can indulge in beachside games, and the favorite ones are still handball, volleyball, and soccer.

Try Out Rugby to Test Out Your Strength While on Vacation

A fantastic way to test out your agility is to play rugby. It’s known that this is one of the toughest sports, but playing it on the sand is much different. You’ll quickly notice how the soft sand adds a bit of safety and ease to the game.

Getting tackled on the sand is different from getting tackled on the grass. A vigorous sport like this can be played on any beach – all that is needed is a rugby ball and improvised goals, such as five rectangles drawn in the sand, signifying out and in goals.

A rugby ball on the beach
Rugby is for beachgoers who want to put their endurance to the test

What About Sports on Water? Those Seeking an Adrenaline Rush Should Get Appropriate Equipment and Go Jet Skiing

Sometimes beachside games can all look the same, so it’s good to use the opportunity to enjoy watersports while spending a whole day on the shore. Equip yourself with the right gear and try to ride the waves.

Skimming across translucent waters and feeling the wind in your hair is an unmatched experience. So, after a few sets of volleyball, try jet skiing. In case your teammates want to come along, it’s advisable to enjoy water tubes instead. This is simply more fun when there are more people.

Seek a Jet Ski on Super Paradise Beach in the South of Mykonos

Wondering where to find a jet ski? The Super Paradise Beach is the place to start. This is a hub for all water and beachside sports enthusiasts. Renting anything from a flyboard or boat to a paddleboard is possible right on the most popular beach on the island. When it comes to jet skiing, here you will be provided with a life jacket and a jet ski that is either 180 or 110 hp. While planning this activity, take into account that the tour lasts 10 minutes.

Man driving a jet ski
Super Paradise is not only known for its parties but for watersports as well

Wakeboarding Is a True Refreshment During Hot Days on Mykonian Beaches

Wakeboarding is one of the go-to activities for tourists to seek refreshment during the summer heat and a dose of excitement. Some individuals seek to take the fun out to the Aegean Sea, and the best way to do that is to go wakeboarding.

As you glide across cool waters, it’s possible to draw some onlookers who will admire your agility and skill. In case you are interested in competing with your friends or family members, make a game out of surfing the waves. The winner can be the one who can splash and perform stunts the best.

Contact the Companies That Specialize in Watersports Activities and Book a Session

Several reputable companies on the island specialize in watersports, offering not only equipment but training sessions and guidance. Reach out to the experts and book a tailored session.

For beginners, estimated costs are between 150€ and 300€, while for advanced participants, the costs are approximately 60€. So, secure your session as soon as you arrive in one of the Greek villas in Mykonos, or ask the Mykonos concierge to book it for you.

A woman sitting and working
Make sure that the session is booked in advance

Ultimate Frisbee Is for Those That Want to Have Fun While Relaxing on the Shore

Back to the shore again! After all the exhilarating and, for the most part, exhausting activities, it’s time for something more relaxing. Instead of going back and resting in one of the Mykonos villas for rent, opt for tossing frisbees as a way to unwind. In case this is too boring for some, playing Ultimate Frisbee can elevate the whole experience. Find a group of eight individuals and set a perimeter with improvised goal lines. Compete against each other. The losing team can be the one who throws the disc towards the water.

A person catching a frisbee on the beach
Tossing frisbees isn’t dull, so don’t go straight to one of the Mykonos luxury villas

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