If you plan to visit the most famous island in the Aegean Sea this summer, you’re probably wondering where to stay during your holiday. Even though this place is full of fabulous hotels, when in Mykonos, Greece, villas for rent are the best possible accommodation. There are numerous resorts to choose from, and there’s no doubt you will do the one that will fit your needs best. Here are some of our favorite choices.

Discover Villa Firth – The Perfect Spot for a Romantic Getaway

If you want a honeymoon getaway this summer, we have a lovely romantic house just for you. Villa Firth, one of the best villas on Mykonos, is located in the southern part of the island and is becoming a favorite spot for many couples visiting the island.

This fabulous Mykonos villa has an incredible interior and is furnished with style and luxury in mind. It can accommodate up to three guests in its open plan bedroom with a King size bed and a sofa bed. The house has plenty of great facilities for a convenient stay and to make you feel like royalty.

This home also comes with a private patio, including an outdoor jacuzzi. Here you and your partner can enjoy the pergola-shaded lounging area, which is perfect for sharing some remarkable romantic moments while looking over the most beautiful Greek sunset.

Luxurious room in Villa Firth

This home is perfect if you’re searching for a romantic spot

Willing to Stay in an Exclusive Luxury Home This Summer?  Villa Benicio Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

This brand new property has recently been built on the southern part of the island, in one of the best areas. Overlooking the golden beach with crystal clear waters, Villa Benicio is considered one of the best houses on the Mykonian coast, offering unique and magnificent views.

Those staying in this luxurious property can choose between walking to the closest beach or swimming in the villa’s infinity pool. This place’s modern and serene aura will provide you with a tranquil holiday in a truly indulgent atmosphere.

This Luxurious Mykonos Villa Has Enough Suites to Accommodate Eleven People Comfortably

The architecture of this home is so incredible that it can accommodate up to eleven guests without compromising anyone’s privacy. This Cycladic style, white-washed property expands on three magnificent levels and features six gorgeously designed bedrooms, seven spacious bathrooms, and three private terraces.

The resort has indoor and outdoor lounging areas where you and your companions can spend your days relaxing in the sun. The house is equipped with all the essential amenities, such as:

  • A/C,
  • Private parking,
  • Satellite TV,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Alarm.

If you choose this house for your summer vacation, know that you will experience some of the most memorable moments of waking up to the most spectacular view or enjoying dinner by the magnificent sunset. It is perfect for people traveling with a family since it could be a great bonding experience, and everyone will surely be happy.

Pool in the Villa Benicio

Benicio is one of the most luxurious estates on the Mediterranean coast

Staying at Villa Dafoe, a Real Myconian Windmill, Will Be an Unforgettable Experience

Windmills are one of the island’s biggest attractions and something it is most famous for. These charming windmill houses are a part of the islands’ legacy and rich history, so staying in one of them is quite a rare opportunity and exciting experience. With its rounded interior, Dafoe gives its guests a unique feeling of a fairytale house.

It is located close to Little Venice, a charming area and one of the most popular Instagram spots. The large terrace will offer an incredible view of Chora and the beautiful beaches.

It has all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay, such as A/C, Wi-Fi, cable TV, and private parking. If you wish for a more active holiday, you can quickly request services such as yacht rental for cruising around the Aegean Sea.

Villa Dafoe in a windmill

This gorgeous accommodation is situated in an old Mykonian windmill

Choose the Dates and Book Villa Hardy – The Most Stylish Destination on the Island

Villa Hardy is one of those houses designed in an old-school Mykonian style. It is situated on a high cliff overlooking Ornos Beach. Its charming interior is one of its best characteristics and the reason why most visitors choose it. It has a large floor area with four gorgeous bedrooms and three large, luxurious bathrooms.

The house can accommodate six people, and everyone can conveniently enjoy its design and luxury. The large outdoor area offers a glamorous infinity pool and a panoramic view of Baos and Chora.

Private Villas in Mykonos Like Hardy Offer Services Better Than Any Hotel on the Island

These exclusive houses offer plenty of stunning amenities for a convenient stay. In rentals like Hardy, you can get any kind of service from a professional team of assistants to make your vacation royal-like. Whether you need butlers, private chefs, maids, or even private drivers – it can all be easily arranged. The unparalleled services are why most people stay at these fabulous estates rather than some of the best hotels.

Pool in the Villa Hardy

Hardy is one of the most stylish and exclusive estates on the entire coast

Need Mykonos, Greece, Villas for Rent? The Ace VIP Has Plenty of Exclusive Properties to Offer

Today we’ve introduced you to some of our current favorite houses in Greece, but there are plenty more of them to see. The Ace VIP team specializes in creating luxurious vacation packages and has tons of gorgeous resorts on offer for people willing to travel to this fabulous destination.

Booking one of these private Mykonos villas for rental will be the best choice you could make for your summer vacation. Our team can also help you rent an exclusive yacht if you’re interested in cruising over the Aegean Sea, and concierge services will be at your disposal whenever you wish.

Planning a vacation with our team of professionals will be the best choice for you, and you will experience this exclusive destination like a true hedonist. Contact us today, and we can start planning your dream holiday immediately.