Since it is known as one of the most trendy beaches, Ornos Beach Mykonos has to be on your list of places to visit on the island this summer. Thanks to its unique beauty and interesting amenities, it attracts tourists of all ages. It is also close to Chora, so getting there won’t be too complicated. Find out everything you need to know about his Greek gem in our convenient guide.

How to Get to Ornos Beach From Mykonos Town?

Ornos Beach gained its major popularity thanks to the fact that it is one of the most attractive beaches near the main town. This makes it easily accessible even for those who don’t rent a vehicle – you can get there if you catch a Mykonos taxi or public transportation.

Located in the southwest part of this magical Greek island, Ornos is, without any doubt, one of the most amazing and popular beaches around the Cyclades. Ornos is just about 3 km south of the main town, so you can get there in 10 minutes. Public buses frequently depart from the station called Fabrika, and the bus ticket won’t cost you more than 2 euros.

Ornos Beach

It’s easy to get to Ornos from Mykonos town – proximity to town is one of the reasons this place is so popular

This Is One of the Most Popular Beaches on the Island

This beach is positioned right in front of a small fishing village and is also on the windy side of the island. However, that has its positive sides – it won’t be too hot so spending the whole day at the beach is an option and you can participate in fun water sports, for example. If you’re visiting Kapari or Agios Ioannis, know that you can easily walk to Ornos from both of these beaches.

It is well organized and often crowded with tourists, so you should definitely get there early if you want to ensure you get sunbeds right next to the water. The prices of sunbeds and parasols depend on the beach bar you choose. For example, at Kuzina, you’ll spend €30 while at Pasaji, the price is €50. At Aperto Galazio, a set of two sunbeds in the front row costs €30, while those in the back are €20.

Ornos Beach Mykonos Offers Various Interesting Amenities

Travelers visiting this extraordinary place can enjoy numerous amenities this area has to offer, starting with:

  • The beautiful beach fronting restaurants,
  • Local tavernas,
  • Bars and cafes,
  • Organized sunbeds with parasols,
  • Organized water sports.

There are plenty of places where you can get a break sunbathing all day long with a cold cocktail or regain your strength after swimming at some of the popular restaurants. Apart from that, you can also find a mini-market, a pharmacy, and a bakery in the area, as well as interesting souvenir shops.

If you consider renting a place in this area, you should know that there are some pretty nice hotels and apartments around here as well. You can rent a studio near the beach for an affordable price and still be close to the main town in case you want to visit it frequently.

The Water Here Is Warm and Shallow, Very Family-Friendly

Ornos beach is quite spacious. The southern part is perfect for families with children because the water there is shallow, and the bottom is completely sandy and soft, so getting in the water is easy. You might have trouble making your children get out of it, but there is no need to worry.

The weather in Mykonos during July and August is very pleasant, and the sea temperature over the season gets up to 25° C, so you and your children can enjoy swimming in pleasant conditions. If you want to have a different and original experience renting a private yacht is also an interesting option. The Bay around Ornos Beach is very beautiful, so you can explore it on a yacht and swim in the gorgeous blue sea away from the crowd.

You Can Find Plenty of Nice Hotels Nearby

If you want to stay somewhere near the beach but also close to the main town, this area might be perfect. There are plenty of great Mykonos hotels right next to Ornos Beach. This area is peaceful at night, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you can have a good night of sleep.

If you want to check out some popular attractions, you can even walk to the main town by the seaside or get there by car in less than 10 minutes. Mykonos town is extremely popular among tourists, so if you wish to have a nice dinner at some of the local tavernas, consider booking yourself a table in advance. The Ace Vip can offer you good concierge services and table booking options for all the best restaurants around the island.

Yachts in the sea

Ornos Beach is one of the best places to visit with a private yacht

You Can Rent a Private Villa and Ensure You and Your Guests Have a Memorable Summer

If you want to ensure you’ll have a glamorous and unforgettable holiday, renting a private villa in Mykonos is one of the best options. The Ace Vip can offer you dreamy Mykonos villas for rental with infinity pools and amazing views. All you have to do is choose the one that fits your needs, and a private chef can make sure you have an unforgettable dinner in the privacy of your Mykonos villa. You can also use this summer as an opportunity to celebrate some big life events such as an engagement, a wedding, or a birthday. Whatever you have in mind, The Ave Vip can help you turn it into reality, so don’t hesitate to contact us.