As the temperature goes up, the atmosphere on Mykonos is heating up as well. The weather in Mykonos in July is overall warm and sunny, which is why this month is the most popular one and everyone wants to come here to party in July. If you want to experience the real Greek summer and enjoy the incredible party atmosphere every day, this is the right time to come here and enjoy the beautiful weather.

What’s the Weather Like in Mykonos During July? It Is so Good That Most Tourists Travel Here During This Month

Ever wondered what the best time to visit Mykonos is? It all depends on your preferences and expectations, but you can’t go wrong with traveling during the peak of the summer season. The whole island is crowded with tourists, and all the bars, restaurants, and clubs are open.

The temperatures are high, but there is still a pleasant breeze, while the chances of rain are very small. Overall, the weather won’t ruin any of your plans, so if you want to play it safe, this is the right time to travel and explore the island.

The Average Temperature in Mykonos in July

One of the biggest advantages of this place is that even during the hottest months, the average temperature remains quite pleasant at about 78.8°F (26°C). The average high is about 86°F (30°C), which is still pleasant thanks to the light breeze that brings relief. This is very convenient if you want to spend all day on various beach activities or walking around the streets of the old town without melting down due to heat. The average low temperatures are around 69.8°F (21°C.)

The Sea Temperature Is Still Growing

Thinking about swimming? Pack your bikini and dive into the azure blue waters of the Aegean Sea without any chances of getting cold. The sea temperature during this period is at its high – around pleasant 75.2°F (24°C), making it perfect for all kinds of activities and water sports.

Mykonos Weather in July – No Rain in Sight

The average rainfall during July is very low – just 18mm falling on one day. With this precipitation, the chances of experiencing rainy days during your summer holiday are almost non-existing. You shouldn’t expect many clouds either since there is a 97% chance of a sunny day. It is safe to say that you don’t have to pack an umbrella, but even if the rain surprises you, it will probably be a short rainfall that won’t disrupt your plans.

Map with a pin pointing at Greece

Feel free to add Mykonos to your travel itinerary for July, the weather will be perfect

Beware of the Wind on the Island – The Average Wind Speed Increases During July

Another thing you should consider before traveling here is the wind – its speed is actually rapidly increasing during this period from 13.3 miles per hour to 15.8 miles per hour over the course of the month. Just for reference, you can compare this to the windiest day in January when the average speed is 16.8 miles per hour or to the calmest day in May with a daily average wind speed of 10.5 miles per hour. They don’t call it The Island of the Winds for nothing, so some windy days can be expected and shouldn’t surprise you.

Sunrise and Twilight Hours

Summer days on Mykonos are long, and that means that you will get plenty of sunshine during each day of your vacation. With the sun rising around 6 a.m. and setting around 8:40 p.m., you get almost 15 hours of sunshine per day, which is amazing.

Mykonos windmills

Weather conditions  in Greece are pleasant year-round, but especially on the Cyclades

Climate Conditions During Summer Months Are Perfect for Various Activities

Warm weather in Mykonos, Greece, in July has many advantages. You can spend hours outside without being too hot. As we already mentioned, temperatures remain pleasant, while the cooling breeze protects you from overheating and experiencing a sunstroke. You can easily spend the whole afternoon at the beach sunbathing or doing some recreational activities.

Pleasant conditions will also help you explore the magical streets of Chora on foot without getting tired. Besides visiting the most beautiful beaches, things you shouldn’t skip visiting while on the island are:

  • Little Venice,
  • Windmills,
  • Armenistis Lighthouse.

The Season Is Also Perfect for Partying and Island Hopping

If you’re into clubbing and want to experience Mykonos nightlife to the fullest, make sure you check out:

  • VOID,
  • Astra Bar,
  • Scorpios

The weather in Mykonos, Greece, in July is also pleasant for going on various island hopping tours. You can use your time here to check out some of the most beautiful neighboring islands, such as Santorini or Delos. You can easily plan a day trip during this season because ferry rides are scheduled multiple times a day.

View of the beach on Mykonos

Rent a yacht and explore beaches at your own pace

Now That You Know Everything About Weather in Mykonos in July, You Can Rent One of the Best Private Villas in Mykonos

Now that you understand why most tourists decide to travel here during this month, it’s time for you to start planning your vacation. Keep in mind that everyone wants to be here during the peak of the season, so you might want to book your Mykonos villa on time. Hotels often get overcrowded and overpriced, so renting one of the luxury Mykonos villas might be an even better choice. For getting around Mykonos, you can rent a car and enjoy exploring the island without any worries.