When you come to Mykonos, you expect to have the most luxurious experience of your life – and that’s how it should be. One of the excellent services that can enhance your vacation even more is hiring a private chef in Mykonos, Greece. Why not organize a fabulous meal for yourself or your guests, if you have them, and taste the best food in the world?

If You Want a Fabulous Dining Experience on Your Vacation, Book a Trustworthy Private Chef in Mykonos

Mykonos offers a wide variety of fantastic activities, and there are countless places where you can eat a dinner that would impress even royalty. However, the greatest place to have fantastic food is – believe it or not – your private villa on the coast of Mykonos. How can that be?

If you book a private chef service, you will get to taste the most delicious meals known to mankind. Your luxury villa has a fully-equipped kitchen – don’t let it go to waste. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to bother cooking on your own. After all, you are on vacation, and you deserve to relax and rest.

Undoubtedly, it would be better to hire a professional to handle the cooking and provide you with lovely meals that will make your days on Mykonos even better than you could’ve imagined. Contact one of our chefs for outstanding service – you won’t regret giving us your trust. We will make sure everything goes smoothly and without any issues.

An Excellent Mykonos Private Chef Can Provide You With a Gourmet Dinner for Your Event or Celebration

One of many great things about Mykonos villas for rental is that they are suitable for all sorts of extravagant parties and celebrations. Events such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries often take place in one of our stunning properties. If you want to have your own event on the coast of Mykonos, having professional chefs by your side is a must. Luckily, finding a team of excellent chefs won’t be a problem – The Ace Vip has your back, as always.

View of a gray, modern kitchen in Mykonos villa

Enjoy excellent meals prepared in the fully-equipped kitchen in your villa

The Ace Vip Offers Top-Rated Professional Chefs From All Around the World

No one can provide you with a better personal chef’s service than The Ace Vip. We have excellent professionals who know their craft like no one else. Whether you want your menu to have local Greek cuisine or you crave some international meals, our staff can take care of either and serve you the most amazing dinner you’ve ever had. Your taste buds will be thankful, we can promise you that.

Experience a Luxurious Meal in the Comfort of Your Accommodation – The Outdoor Area By the Pool Is the Perfect Choice

The food in front of you will perfectly fit into the atmosphere in your outdoor lounge area, where you can enjoy dinner with your guests and experience the fabulous views of the infinity pool and the sea in the distance. Can you imagine a better evening in Greece?

Of course, you can also choose to host the event in the dining area inside – there is more than enough room, but why miss out on the spectacular sunsets in Mykonos? They are even more lovely if you have a glass of wine in your hand.

Outdoor dining area with a white table and the sea in the distance

Taste the meals your personal chefs have prepared in the outdoor area with a view

Our Services Include the Option of Having Your Own Personalized Menu

The Ace Vip always takes care of its clients. We do everything we can to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our services, and that’s precisely why we offer you the option of creating your own personalized menu. Depending on the type of event or your preferences, the menu can be adapted to suit your taste and wishes.

These kinds of details make our services the best when it comes to hospitality and customer satisfaction. You will see that in no time when you come to the island – and we’re confident you will want to come back to us the following year. Hurry up and contact us to book the services you need for your trip.

Talk With Our Chef and Plan the Perfect Meal Together

Before your event, sit down and discuss the menu with our chef. You can rest assured that they will take all your notes and suggestions into account and give you precisely what you asked for. We take great pride in not having any complaints from our clients – and we intend to continue doing business that way. Our professionals are kind and friendly – it’s a true pleasure working with them. They are the embodiment of professionalism.

Decorated dining table with white plates and glasses

Contact us, and our professionals will handle all your cooking needs

Enjoy the Delicious Meals From the Comfort of Your Luxury Mykonos Villa With Stunning Sea Views – Contact Us to Book Your Stay

We are here to make sure you’re enjoying every second on Mykonos. Reach out to us, and we’ll offer you some of the most fabulous private villas in Mykonos. The Ace Vip has a fine selection of listings, and all top-level properties, and we are sure you can find the perfect one for you.

We have properties near every famous Mykonos beach, and if you want to stay in Mykonos town, we can arrange that as well. You can also come to us for car rentals, and we can help you get the most fabulous yacht rental on this island.