We’ve all heard that Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek islands and one of the best tourist places in the whole world. But have you ever wondered – what is Mykonos famous for? What makes this part of the Cyclades so unique that the wealthiest and most famous people have been coming here for decades? If you plan on coming to Greece soon, keep reading to find out why Mykonos should be your top choice for a vacation.

What Is Mykonos Famous For? Here’s Why You Should Visit This Greek Island

Mykonos has been the perfect tourist destination for many decades now – since the 60s, jet setters and the rich have been flooding the island every summer. Many great names have visited it at least once, and coming here should be on the bucket list of every world traveler. This tiny part of Cyclades is located between Syros, Tinos, Paros, and Naxos and offers the best from Greece. Whatever you want for your vacation, this place will have it, so coming here will be an adventure of a lifetime.

How Mykonos Became So Popular – What’s the Story of This Greek Island?

The island wasn’t always a mecca for party lovers – in fact, until the 1930s, it was just one of the many simple, agricultural islands. The change came with discovering Delos’s archeological sites. Archeologists and artists were amongst the first tourists here, but people quickly realized that the nearby Mykonos has its charms. Since then, its popularity has constantly been on the rise. The proximity to Athens helped as well – it takes only a ferry ride to come here from Athens (the fastest one being about two and a half hours).

The houses on the coast of Mykonos

Everybody should travel to one of the most gorgeous islands in Greece at least once

World-Class Partying Is a Signature Trait of This Island

The party scene here is one of the strongest in the world. During the high season (July and August), there are countless beach bars and clubs where the music starts in the afternoon and ends in the morning, and nightclubs in Chora (the main town) will show you the partying of your life. Sure, these places are pricey compared to the rest of the Greek islands, but they are well worth it – you’ll see for yourself.

Mykonos has been known as one of the most queer-friendly places for a long time. Gay bars are basically part of the tradition here since the 70s – the first one, Pierro’s Bar, was opened in 1973, and it’s one of the top places for the queer community in the world. Today, you can find plenty of gay bars – Lola, Babylon, Jackie O’, and Porta, being some of the top-rated ones.

Mykonos at night, captured from the air

Nightlife here is beyond fantastic – every single party is a crazy experience

Mykonos Town, Chora, Is Breathtakingly Beautiful

The principal town, Chora, is located on the west coast. Chora means “town” in Greek, and even if you don’t have much time to explore the isle, be sure not to skip Chora. There are plenty of things to do here, from tasting traditional cuisine in an excellent restaurant to shopping for souvenirs (or designer items, if you prefer).

The streets are narrow and easy to get lost in, which is part of the charm and even considered one of Chora’s attractions. Chora also has over 60 Orthodox churches – the architecture is breathtaking, so be sure to visit at least one. You can go to Paraportiani or St. Vasileios Church to enjoy their breathtaking architecture, fresco paintings, or woden icons. The center is a pedestrian zone because of its archeological significance, so be sure to add wandering around Chora to your travel plan. You will get to seee many archaeological sites around the town.

Little Venice and Mykonos Windmills Are Some of the Best Places to See When You Visit The Island of the Winds

Once you’ve toured the streets of Chora, you must go and check out Little Venice. The beautiful houses on the coast, with characteristic Cycladic architecture, offer a lovely view, especially during the sunset. It’s one of the most romantic spots, and what’s even better is that you can stay in one of the picturesque houses – just imagine the view from your window!

Either way, be sure to visit Little Venice, and after that, hop on to see the Mykonos windmills. They are quite a photogenic spot, and the view is more than worth your time – again, this should definitely be one of the things on every travel plan.

The houses on the coast of Mykonos

Little Venice is one of the essential things to see in Chora – add this view to your travel plan

Some of the Best Beaches in Greece Can Be Found on Mykonos

Don’t forget about golden beaches that surround every part of the Mykonos coast – after all, this is Greece. If the country is known for anything, that would be a sandy beach and clear turquoise sea. Who can resist that? Sure, you’ll enjoy partying and maybe even take a boat ride to Delos (or a ferry to Athens, who knows?), but can you really say you’ve been to Hellas if you haven’t explored the beaches?

Beaches You Have to Check Out

You know you’re in for a real treat when you add beach clubs to the equation. If you prefer just relaxing on the sand and swimming in the Aegean Sea, worry not – there are calm beaches here as well. But why not check out as many as you can? Here are the most beautiful beaches you should see during your stay:

  • Paradise Beach,
  • Super Paradise,
  • Kalafatis,
  • Elia,
  • Psarou,
  • Ornos,
  • Paraga,
  • Platis Gialos.
A beach on Mykonos captured from the air

Every single beach looks like heaven itself – enjoy the Aegean Sea and hot sand

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