Are you looking for gay clubs in Mykonos? Then you’re on the right island because this one is one of the most popular gay-friendly destinations in the world, plus it is one of the most famous party places. When you mix these two together, you get numerous gay-friendly clubs with a great atmosphere, and here are some of them we strongly recommend.

This Is One of the Most Welcoming LGBTQ+ Destinations, and Finding Gay Clubs Won’t Be an Issue With Our Guide

Mykonos is known worldwide as one of the most legendary gay and party destinations, so it’s no wonder this place is home to some of the most iconic gay clubs. It won’t be hard to find them – they are all around the island. Truth be told, almost every club here is considered gay-friendly because there is not a spot on Mykonos that is homophobic.

Also, there is no need to worry if you are straight and want to visit some of these places as well – you can meet plenty of open-minded straight or bisexual people around these spots as well. Take a quick look at our top list and if this will be your first time on Mykonos, try to check them all out and find your favorite spot.

 People at a bar, having a toast with their drinks

Mykonos is home to many bars that attract the LGBTQ+ population

#1 Jackie O’ Beach Club and Restaurant Is One of the Most Iconic Gay Clubs in Mykonos

This place is sort of its own universe – it is very different from anything else you’ve ever seen. Starting with a unique ambiance to extravagant drag shows and famous guests, this is the place where you come to see and be seen.

It offers a large restaurant with 150 seating places, a large pool and open bar, a jacuzzi area, and private lounges, and it even has its own church for ceremonies. Plan to get married while in Mykonos? This can be the IT spot for gay weddings in 2022. The highest quality service, friendly staff, and incredible views will definitely make you feel special if you decide to spend your most important day here.

You Can Also Visit Jackie O’ in Mykonos Old Town – This Is a Trending Gay Bar With an Amazing View

Located close to the beautiful Paraportiani church, this is one of the best bars in Mykonos and the right spot for those who are looking for a delicious cocktail and hedonistic experience. The motto of this place is – “From sunset to sunrise in style.”

No wonder this place is so popular – besides the delicious cocktails, it also provides an incredibly vivid atmosphere powered by the latest music hits. Here you can also get the chance to enjoy exciting drag shows and many other interesting events.

Girls dancing in a club

Jackie O’ has its own unique entertainment and recognizable ambiance

#2 If You’re Looking for Mykonos Gay Dance Clubs, Babylon a Place to Go

If you want to stay close to the old town to explore its picturesque streets during the day while exploring the best of Mykonos nightlife when the sun goes down, Babylon is another interesting place worth visiting. It is located right next to Jackie O’, right in the heart of the gay cruising area. This is also a dance club, so don’t be shy to come here and show off some of your best moves.

No matter what music style you prefer, you can find it all here, in one of the best clubs on Mykonos. Music genres here range from techno and house to jazz and progressive music. This place hosts some legendary summer parties, so make sure you visit it at least once.

People dancing

You can listen to various music genres at Babylon

#3 LOLA Bar Should Be on Your Party Itinerary

Located right in the heart of old town Mykonos, the popular LOLA bar is everything you hope to find here and more. Stylish ambiance, great atmosphere, positive and welcoming staff, and guests in a good mood are the right recipe for a great night.

It is cute, it is chic, and it has tasseled pink lampshades, what is there not to love about it? Grab a cocktail and enjoy the friendly and relaxed atmosphere at LOLA. It is a perfect place to come to at the beginning of your night out before you move on to a club.

People at bar

Come to LOLA to get the night started

#4 Montparnasse / The Piano Bar – One of the Oldest Gay Bars in Mykonos

Originally named Sempre Viva, this bar was reopened in April 1983, serving breakfast from morning to afternoon and reopening later as a sunset cocktail bar that is home to some incredible live music performances. Later in the spring of 1994, the lease expired, but the owners of this legendary place decided to stay in Mykonos.

They reopened the bar in Little Venice at the place of an old bar called Montparnasse, which was opened during the 60′ as an art gallery but quickly became a bar as well. A bar that is known as the oldest bar on the island. Today, this iconic place is the Montparnasse / The Piano Bar, where people come to taste delicious cocktails and enjoy live cabaret shows.

Table with empty glasses

If you love a place with a good story, Montparnasse is the one to visit

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