You probably heard of this well-known Myconian gem, one of the most treasured and photographed spots on the island. If you’re visiting it this summer, you might be wondering where is Little Venice in Mykonos, how to get there from other parts of the island, and what to do there. In this short travel guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this picturesque spot before you get to Greece.

Where Is Little Venice in Mykonos? Go on a Tour Around Chora, and You’ll Stumble Upon It

Little Venice is conveniently located in Chora, in its western part, and it stretches from the Old Port to the five windmills. It is one of the most visited Mykonos attractions, and for a good reason. It is charming, traditional, and enchanting. Just a quick stroll around these streets will make you start daydreaming about moving and living in one of those houses.

This lovely setup of traditional Myconian white-washed houses with colorful doors and windows is everyone’s favorite part of the town. Here you’ll find many beautiful restaurants, shops, historical monuments, and many things to do and see, so this is definitely a spot worth visiting during the summer holidays.

This Place Has a Very Interesting History and Architecture

Little Venice is a waterfront area that offers amazing views of the charming Aegean Sea and miraculous sunset. However, not many islands can say that they have their own version of Venice, so what’s the story behind that name? It is estimated that it was built in the period from the 13th to 18th century when the Venetians ruled the island. These houses were mostly owned by rich merchants, and now they’re home to chic bars and shops.

Little Venice during the sunset

You can easily discover all the charms of this neighborhood located in the western part of Chora, next to the windmills

How to Get Here From Other Parts of the Island?

Because Little Venice is located in the center of the main town, you might as well want to start your tour by reaching Chora. If you’re taking the bus, you should get to Fabrika station (most public buses that drive around the island will stop here, and the ride will cost you about 2 euros per person in one direction).

Just to make sure your driver will make a stop here, you can ask them before entering the bus and ensure they know where to leave you. Once you get to Fabrika central station, a five-minute walk will be enough to reach Little Venice. When you get off the bus, you’ll probably see the windmills, so just walk in that direction, and you can’t make a mistake.

You Can Easily Reach This Spot From Any Part of the Island

The most popular route to Little Venice starts from the famous windmills – you just have to take the coastal road that guides you directly to this area, which you can clearly see from the beginning of the road. The best thing about this spot is that you can’t miss it, even if you travel to Chora for a day – it is one of the first things that you’ll stumble upon if you visit the main town.

It is also very unique and recognizable, so taking a few photos at popular Instagram spots around here is a must. Because of the amazing colors and warm light shining through white buildings, all photos that you take here will look like real postcards.

Renting a Car Is Always a Good Option if You Travel to Greece

You can’t really reach Little Venice with a car – the closest you can get is to the parking lot near Fabrika station and windmills, so if you decide to rent a car and drive here, this is where you can park it. If you take a taxi from any part of the island, this is where it’s going to leave you as well.

The same goes for tourists staying in those luxury remote private villas in Mykonos and wanting to hire a private driver to get them here. A trustworthy and reliable chauffeur can leave you at this parking and come to pick you up at the required time. From there, you can reach any other popular spot on foot, so you shouldn’t worry about getting around.

Private driver

Private driver can take you to any destination in no time

There Are Many Charming Bars and Private Restaurants You Can Visit at Any Part of the Day

This part of the island is awake 24/7, so even if you’re staying in one of Mykonos villas for rental far away from here, this is where you should come when you want to experience the best of Greek nightlife. Some of the most famous bars and restaurants to visit are:

  • Semeli Bar,
  • Caprice Bar,
  • Bao’s Cocktail Bar,
  • Katerina’s Restaurant & Cocktail Bar.

If You’re up for Swimming at a Relaxing, Family-Friendly Beach, You Can Easily Get to Megali Ammos

Megali Ammos is one of Mykonos beaches closest to the main town. It is located within walking distance, just about 600 m in the south direction. It is right next to the main road, so it will be hard for you to miss it. This beach is not very organized due to the strong winds (there are no umbrellas).

This spot is great for relaxing or jogging along the shore. In this area, you can also find some nice private villas in Mykonos and well-known luxurious hotels. Check out this video and learn more about this beach.

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