Are you wondering – what does a concierge do? Let us help you with the answer. Tourists are used to having a concierge at hotels. They sit at desks in the hotel lobby and inform guests about their stay or answer any dilemma or question. However, now almost every business offering private accommodation offers concierge services because guests frequently make special requests, and they need someone who will get everything done immediately.

What Does a Concierge Do in a Hotel? – Here’s Their Job Description

What does a hotel concierge do? Concierges are at guests’ disposal for any type of request or assistance. Most commonly, they provide personal assistance such as giving guests their room keys, booking flights, organizing transportation, reserving restaurant tables, organizing different activities, managing the accommodation, and scheduling appointments with trainers or doctors.

When it comes to VIP guests such as celebrities, CEOs, and well-off individuals, concierges can even be their lifestyle managers. This service is needed for the sole purpose of saving the client energy, effort, and time.

Woman dressed in business attire

Tourists can relax in their favorite hotels and let the concierges take care of everything

Enjoy a Perfect Summer in Mykonos – Here’s How Concierge VIP Services in Mykonos Can Help With That

Do you want to dine at the finest Greek restaurants or perhaps book a private jet and visit other Cyclades while you are vacationing in Mykonos? There’s no need to arrange for everything by yourself, concierges have the expertise and knowledge to organize a perfect vacation for you and your friends. Here’s what else you can request from them.

Help You Choose the Ideal Mykonos Villa Rental

Just like concierges in hotels know all about their hotel rooms, The Ace VIP concierges know the ins and outs of all Mykonos luxury villas. They know what they look like, what kind of view of the Aegean Sea they have, whether they have an infinity pool, how many bedrooms and bathrooms they have, and where they are located. Therefore, if you are struggling to find a Mykonos villa rental, you can always ask them to help you. They can make a recommendation according to your needs and preferences.

Mykonos villa with a pool

Choose one of the best private villas in Mykonos with concierge assistance

They Can Make Sure You Arrive Safely at Your Accommodation

If you are traveling to Mykonos for the first time, don’t be anxious about finding the location of your Mykonos housing and whether you will know how to get there. If you are unsure about your trip, use the concierge service to get advice and directions. They are locals who know all about this small Greek island and how the transportation works. Also, if you don’t want to have someone drive you from the JMK airport to one of the luxury villas in Mykonos, simply request a private driver.

You Can Request Table Reservations or Tickets for a Show

Constantly worrying whether there will be available tables at your favorite Greek restaurant or whether you’ll make a reservation on time is a mood killer during any relaxing vacation. You can avoid that by simply delegating the task to the Mykonos concierge. Additionally, if there is an event on the island or a show or event you want to attend and you need tickets, they can get them for you.

A woman dancing at a festival

You are free to request tickets for Mykonian events and table reservations

Create New Awesome Memories by Organizing a Party in Your Villa

Do you want to have a wedding in one of the Mykonos villas for rental? Or do you want to organize a birthday party instead? If you want to enjoy yourself on Mykonos and make lasting memories by organizing a special event at your villa, make sure that you use the concierge service. They are experts at making any special request a reality in a short period of time. Tell them about your plans and everything will be arranged.

They Will Deal With Issues or Fix Problems

Is there a problem with your villa? Is something missing that you specifically asked for? For any issue or problem that might arise, a concierge is at your disposal. You can lean on them to get the problem resolved as fast as possible. If you are unwell or need someone who can speak Greek to solve an issue, they are the ones to rely on.

Woman using a phone

Contact concierge service if you have any issues

What Doesn’t Fall Into the Concierge’s Duties List?

We’ve explained all the ways the tourists benefit from the concierge on Mykonos. However, we must mention that there are some things that concierges don’t do. Here is a list of things that their work doesn’t entail:

  • Immoral activities,
  • Babysitting,
  • Lending you money,
  • Selling products on your behalf,
  • Revealing confidential information about other guests.

Take Into Account That They Can’t Get You a Ticket for a Sold Out Show

We’ve mentioned that you can use the concierge service to get tickets for events and shows. However, you can’t expect a concierge to get a ticket for you if the concert or an event has been sold out. They might have some contacts that would help, but if there isn’t anything that can be done, you will not receive one. Therefore, check in advance where you’d like to go so they can book your ticket on time.

A person recording a performance

Getting tickets to a sold-out show is not in the concierge’s  job description

Now You Just Need to Contact The Ace VIP and Book Your Accommodation

Now that you know the answer to the question – what does a concierge do in hotel and villa rentals, it’s high time to book your accommodation for the following summer. The best Mykonos villas are waiting to be picked, and if you manage to do everything in time, you will get to select the top ones. Also, don’t forget to get more information about our private jets, Mykonos yacht rental services, as well as car rental services. You won’t have to worry about anything since you will be in the capable hands of our concierge.