Everything You Should Know About Mykonos Airport (JMK)

If you have decided to spend your summer vacation on a Greek party island this year and rushed to search “nearest international airport to Mykonos, Greece” – you have come to the right place. We have all the information on Mykonos airport, JMK, you should know before you land there. Keep reading to find out all about JMK international airport.

Everything You Need to Know About JMK Airport in Mykonos, Greece

When planning a trip to this Greek island, you must be wondering – how many airports are in Mykonos, and is there an international airport in Mykonos, Greece? Yes, there is one – JMK has countless international flights coming in every day during the tourist season, plus many more coming from Athens. Although international airlines don’t fly here during winter, there is always a flight from Athens all year round.

The Basic Information on JMK

JMK was opened in 1971. It is located in the Drafaki area, 4 km southeast of Chora, Mykonos town. It has one terminal so far – the news says there are certain plans for expanding and remodeling the airport, presented by Fraport Greece, who have privatized JMK in 2015. Around 30 airlines operate at this airport. For both departures and arrivals, there are things to do to spend time and useful services to help passengers find their way. If you were wondering what time does Mykonos airport open – JMK is open 24/7.

Mykonos, Greece – Airport That Welcomes Many Tourists Every Summer

How busy is Mykonos airport? JMK is a pretty small airport, but it has enough capacity to welcome many passengers who fly in from all over Europe – only European cities have direct flights to Mykonos – and Greece. It is the 10th busiest airport in the country, with about one million passengers per year (according to data from 2021).

Wing of an airplane above Mykonos coast
There are many arrivals and departures that connect Mykonos with international destinations every day during the season

Which Amenities Can You Enjoy at Mykonos Airport to Pass Time?

Will you be bored waiting for your flight out of JMK or waiting for your ride to take you to the accommodation on the island? That’s highly unlikely – there’s a lot to do to pass the time here. Of course, you should start by having a cup of coffee – there’s a Starbucks at the arrivals. If you end up being hungry, don’t worry. A fine selection of interesting restaurants with delicious food is available – Bistro dei Cavalieri, Khora, El Pelicano, Herbs & Olives, and Tashba will be at your disposal.

Shopping in Mykonos is always a good idea. All shopaholics will be happy to hear that there is also a Hellenic Duty-Free Shop that will allow you to shop in a comfortable and pleasant environment. They have a fine selection of the world’s most famous brands of perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, accessories, and makeup, among many other things. Be sure not to miss out on excellent prices for tobacco, spirits, and sweets as well.

Useful Services Available at JMK

Naturally, there are information services if you have any dilemmas regarding air travel, but you can find all the information on the JMK’s website before the trip. There is an ATM in the terminal building and currency exchange at the arrivals.

You will also find baby changing facilities and standard facilities for the disabled (ramps and toilets). There is a business area available, but no conference facilities. Free internet is available within the terminal. Lastly, there is parking within the JMK, with spaces for both short and long-term use.

Greek food on the table
Passengers can take a break and spend time in one of the restaurants at JMK

How to Get From JMK to Chora, Mykonos Town?

It’s a good thing that JMK is so close to Chora – you can get to the center of town in 10 minutes by bus or taxi. There is an excellent public transportation network on the island, so you shouldn’t hesitate to take a bus. Here’s some important information – a taxi is not such a great option, as there aren’t many vehicles on the island, and you could be waiting a while for an available one. If you do manage to catch it, expect the cost of a ride to Chora to be around 30 euros.

If You Want to Skip Public Transport, Book a Car Rental to Get to Your Villa

Although efficient, public transport definitely isn’t the best way to get around the island or to some more remote private villas in Mykonos. To save your precious time, we recommend using a car rental service. This way, you can be sure you won’t waste time at JMK after you land – instead, you’ll quickly hop in the car and get to your accommodation effortlessly.

A few car rental companies on the island can provide you with decent vehicles, but if you want the luxurious experience (as you should – it’s Mykonos we’re talking about), you should contact The Ace Vip. We can offer you the best four-wheelers on the island.

The road on Mykonos
After you land at JMK, get in your rental vehicle and drive to the luxury villa

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