This is one of the most popular tourist destinations for summer vacation. So, many people from all over the world planning to visit this vivid place by plane often wonder, “how many airports in Mykonos, Greece are there?” Since many find flying the easiest way to reach this island, we’ll be breaking down all the essential information you need to know before booking the ticket for your memorable vacation.

How Many Airports in Mykonos Are There? Not Many, in Fact, Only One

Because of the size of Mykonos, this island only has one airport, which is located close to Chora and is situated in the central part of the island. The airport is served by various domestic and international airlines from the beginning of the season and throughout the summer months. In winter, it only functions for domestic flights operated by Aegean and Olympic airlines.

Despite its small size and the fact that it has only one terminal, JMK airport welcomes a significant number of international passengers each summer. This has placed it on the list of busiest airports in Greece, with around one million passengers each year.

Various Airlines Fly to JMK From Greece and Other European Cities

Because this place is famous for memorable summer vacations, plenty of international tourists come to this island every year. JMK welcomes flights from plenty of European cities, so getting here is pretty easy. You can easily book a ticket for a direct flight to this island, or some other airport in Greece, from pretty much every European capital.

JMK airport on Mykonos

The only airport on this island is the JMK

How to Get From JMK to Town Center?

Whether you’re arriving on your vacation or leaving, the route to Chora is very easy. The terminal is located near the city center and the Old Port, where most of the Mykonos villas are situated, and it’s quite accessible. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a few options:

  • The cheapest option is the public bus, and there is a direct connection between JMK and Chora, as well as some other destinations but only during the summer. The bus station is right in front of the terminal building, and you will be able to buy the ticket from the driver.
  • Taxi service is available in front of the terminal building 24/7. The drive to Chora lasts around 10 mins and usually costs about 15 euros.
  • If you wish to be more independent with your transportation, you can always choose to rent a car, which could be waiting for you near the terminal building.

Private Transfer Waiting for You at the JMK Airport Is the Best Idea

If you want to have comfortable transportation from the terminal to your Mykonos villa or any other accommodation, a private transfer is the best option. This way, you can easily schedule the time and place for your transfer according to your plans.

You will also be able to choose the type of vehicle you wish to be sent to you. This way, there’s no stress about waiting for the bus or catching a cab. The private chauffeur will be at your disposal for the arrival, departure, or during the entire stay.

Couple booking a ride at the JMK

Easily book a private airport transfer for a comfortable ride to your accommodation

Passengers Waiting for Their Flights Can Enjoy Many Amenities at the Airport

Although the only current terminal is small, it does offer lots of services and has plenty of amenities. You can get food and drinks and indulge in shopping at the Hellenic duty-free shop. It also offers a business lounge where you can commodiously enjoy your pre-flight time.

A private flight lounge will be available for those who choose to rent a private jet. In case you’re planning a vacation with family, there are plenty of facilities for children, where your little ones will have the opportunity to play. The customer service at the airport is super hospitable and friendly and will be able to solve any kind of problem that occurs.

Woman shopping in Mykonos

While waiting for your flight, you can go on a shopping spree

Which Airports Are Located Near?

Even though this island has only one airport, there are plenty of nearby ones. Plenty of people choose to get to Mykonos from Athens airport since the one in the capital of Greece is much bigger and has several daily departures to Mykonos. The flight from Athens to Mykonos lasts around one hour and is a very popular route. However, you can also choose to fly from some other nearby airports and then hop on a ferry to Mykonos:

  • Santorini JTR is an airport also located in the Cyclades. It’s situated near the coastal village of Kamari. JTR also operates plenty of international flights. You can easily get from Santorini to Mykonos by ferry or a private jet.
  • Paros National Airport welcomes only domestic flights. The route from Paros to the party island is quite short, and if you take the ferry, the ride can last from 30 minutes to a bit more than an hour, depending on the company you opt for.
  • Naxos Apollon, also known as the JNX, is located near Agios Prokopios, 3 kilometers from Naxos City. If you fly here first, you can reach by ferry, and the ride can last anywhere between 35 minutes and 2 hours.

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