Have you never been to one of the prettiest islands in the world? It is time for you to find out how to get to Mykonos. This place offers everything, from parties to beautiful beaches, and if that sounds like the definition of a perfect summer vacation to you, you just have to figure out how to get here. Use our guide to learn everything about getting to Mykonos, and we’re sure you will want to book the tickets immediately.

Hopping on a Plane Is the Best Way to Get to Greek Islands

No matter what your starting point is, one of the best ways to get to this island is to take a plane. If you plan to travel here during the summer months, it is best to book your tickets well in advance to get a better price and find suitable options. You can choose between direct and connecting flights, again, depending on your starting location.

Direct Flights to Mykonos, Greece, Are Always the Best Option

If you travel from Europe, you can probably find direct flights to Mykonos airport from many European capitals. Some of the cities that offer direct flights from Europe are:

  • Amsterdam,
  • Paris,
  • Munich,
  • Vienna,
  • Barcelona,
  • Rome.

Catching a Connecting Flight in Athens Is Recommended if You’re Flying From the United States

If you’re traveling from the US, you can choose any of these options for connecting flights, or you can fly to Athens international airport and continue your travel adventure on a ferry or a plane. There is more than one direct flight per day, especially during the summer season when hundreds of tourists come to visit this Mediterranean gem, even just for a day.

If you plan to visit more than one Greek island, this is manageable as well. Athens is a good starting point from where you can reach almost every island in Greece. A flight from Athens to Mykonos usually won’t cost you more than 100 euros unless you book a ticket at the very last moment.

Plane flying over Mykonos

You can find various options for flights, no matter where you are coming from

Catching a Ferry From Athens Is Also a Good Option

Apart from traveling by plane, your second best option is catching a ferry. This is actually a very cheap and quick way to travel to any Greek island. The usual starting point for ferries in Piraeus – a major port on the Athens riviera, which is actually a separate port city. Since Piraeus is a very large port with many cargo ships and cruises, if you’re going there, make sure you find the right place to catch a ferry to Mykonos cruise port.

Prices and Ride Durations Might Vary

Ticket prices might vary depending on the type of ferry you choose. For example, a ticket with a speed boat can cost you up to $120, while tickets for a regular ferry are slightly cheaper. Just to compare the ride duration, a trip with a speed boat from Piraeus to Mykonos lasts no more than 2.5 hours, but with a regular ferry, it can last even 6 hours. It is also required to book tickets for your trip in advance, especially if you want to have some good seats.

Hoping on a Ferry From Santorini Is a Great Option for Those Who Are Already on the Cyclades

If you find yourself on Santorini, you can also catch a ferry to Mykonos from there. This might be a suitable option for a daily tour. During the summer season, you can find more than one ferry ride per day. It is highly recommended that you take the earliest one in the morning so you’ll have enough time to see some of the best amenities and explore Mykonos all day long. Since day trips can be exhausting, many decide to stay at least five days and usually rent one of the private villas in Mykonos to get the full experience.

Ferry at the port

You can easily travel to Mykonos, Greece, with some of the ferries leaving from Piraeus port

Ferries Are a Great Solution for Island Hopping

Traveling by ferries is one of the most popular options for island hopping in Greece. Mykonos is just one of the Cyclades – a group of Mediterranean islands that are well-known for their unique beauty. If you’re lucky to find yourself here, you should use that as an opportunity to see the most of them and explore some of the most beautiful beaches in this area. Renting a private yacht might be ideal for cruising around as well and having a memorable vacation.

Ferry sailing

Ferries are popular for traveling around Greek islands – they are a cheap and efficient transportation method so you can easily plan a one-day trip to Santorini or somewhere else

Learning How to Get to Mykonos Is Only the Beginning of Your Unforgettable Summer

Getting here is only the beginning of your memorable summer vacation. This place will definitely amaze you in every way, so make sure you prepare yourself to experience something fabulous. No matter if you’re here to party or chill, Mykonos has it all, and it is definitely one of the best options for everything. Renting a car might be a great idea if you want to comfortably drive around the island and explore everything it has to offer but for the ultimate experience, we recommend renting one of Mykonos villas. The Ace VIP can help you find the right Mykonos villa for your Greek summer, so don’t hesitate to reach out.