The faster you get to Greece’s most popular tourist destination, the sooner you will get to enjoy the stunning sandy Mykonian beaches and private luxury yachts. You can find affordable direct flights to Mykonos and avoid the hassle of flying to Athens and traveling to the island by train, bus, or ferry. We’ll provide you with a list of cities that have direct transportation to the island so you have more time for packing and planning your vacation.

How to Begin Your Search for Cheap Direct Flights to Mykonos Airport (JMK)?

Before tourists get to lounge in private villas in Mykonos and enjoy water sports activities on numerous beaches, they should first search for available transportation options online.

If you’re flexible with your travel dates, check out the calendar overview of the whole month, so you can find the most affordable flights to the island. Bear in mind that information can change frequently, so check the site and with your airline whether you have the correct details before the date of the trip.

How Easy Will It Be to Search and Find a Flight to Mykonos Airport (JMK) at a Lower Price?

Travelers shouldn’t be worried about finding a cheap ticket during the high season since many low-cost airlines fly to JMK airport. The island’s airport is international and medium in size. There are as many as 35 airports located in 31 cities all over the world that take passengers directly to the island. However, this number changes from season to season.

Tourists traveling from London Gatwick (LGW) and Athens (ATH) are in luck since these airports offer planes that go to the island most frequently. What is more, they are responsible for 50% of arrivals to the JMK airport. You can be sure that you will easily find a plane and get to experience incredible Mykonian attractions as well as beautiful beaches.

Woman booking a plane ticket

Purchasing a ticket and flying to the best island in Greece won’t be an issue

Flying Directly to the Party Island Is Possible From These Cities in Western Europe With Several Different Airlines

There are numerous cities in Western Europe with direct connections to the party island during the high season. Consult our list and choose an airline based on the destination you are traveling from.

  • Vienna, Austria – Tourists have an opportunity to travel directly from Vienna with airlines such as Ryanair and Austrian (Star Alliance).
  • Brussels, Belgium – Travel by a TUI Fly airplane and quickly get to the breathtaking Mykonian towns.
  • Paris, France – Fly with either Air France (Sky Team) or Transavia. Also, one can travel from two airports in Paris.
  • Cologne-Bonn, Germany – You will be able to travel with Eurowings.
  • Düsseldorf, Germany – You can choose between Eurowings and Condor companies.
  • Frankfurt, Germany – Lufthansa (Star Alliance) frequently flies to the Greek party hub.
  • Hamburg, Germany – A route is available during the summer months. Travelers are offered to travel with Eurowings.
  • Munich, Germany – Decide to travel with either Condor or Lufthansa (Star Alliance).
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands – There is just one airline in Amsterdam that offers transportation to the island, and that is Transavia.
  • Geneva, Switzerland – Tourists can travel directly to the island with easyJet and Swiss (Star Alliance).
  • Barcelona, Spain – The only city in Spain from which one can book a flight to Mykonos airport is Barcelona, and the only company you can travel with is Vueling. But the services are available from June to the end of September.

Where Can Tourists From the UK Catch a Flight?

Tourists that are looking forward to spending their summer holiday in Mykonos luxury villas with private pools will have a chance to get a ticket at seven airports. Here is a list of cities and airports one can travel from the UK:

  • Manchester, UK – Tourists are offered to travel non-stop with Jet2 and easyJet airlines.
  • London, UK – There are several airports one can choose from. The first one is London Gatwick, where you can book with easyJet, but if you decide to go to London City and London Heathrow, you will be flying with British Airways (Oneworld) while at London Luton, you can board an easyJet plane again.

The best thing about airports in the UK is the fact that they generally have non-stop flights that travel on a regular basis to the island. Only in Southampton can one catch an airplane during the summertime. They offer this service from May to the end of September.

View of Mykonos from the air

If you live in the UK, traveling to the island won’t be an issue

Can You Catch a Flight From Some Eastern European Cities?

Unfortunately, there are not many airports in Eastern Europe that have airplanes flying directly to The Island of the Winds. Iasi, Cluj, and Bucharest are among the rare cities in Eastern Europe that have a direct connection to Mykonos. Airlines operating these routes are Blue Air and WizzAir.

Therefore, if you want to travel from Eastern Europe and you can’t book a plane easily, you can travel to Romania first and then board a plane in one of those three cities. One thing is for sure, you’ll be dining in exquisite international restaurants or perhaps jet skiing in no time.

View from a window of a plane

Apart from Iasi, Cluj, and Bucharest, not many cities can provide you with a direct flight

From Which Cities in Greece Can You Get to Mykonos Easily?

Flights without any additional stops are available in many airports in Greece. Here is a list of where you can take a plane and find yourself in the finest Mykonian club on the same day.

  • Santorini – You will be spoilt for choice if you want to travel from Santorini. You can choose between private jets and helicopters to ferries from Santorini, and the same goes for other popular Cycladic islands.
  • Athens – Tourists that would like to get as fast as possible to their Mykonos villas for rental should be flying with Sky Express, Aegean, Olympic, and Volotea from Athens.

Are You Interested in Private Flights? With The Ace VIP, You Can Fly to the Island in a Charter Jet

In case you are not flying directly from your city, and you have to first travel to Athens and then reach the island, we can recommend avoiding the hassle of going by ferries, buses, trains, or other connecting planes. The Ace VIP clients have the luxury of requesting a private plane via concierge VIP services on Mykonos. The only thing one has to do is contact your Mykonos concierge and arrange the time. A private jet will be on your way.

This is not the only perk of being The Ace VIP client. Apart from private jets, we also offer Mykonos yacht rental. We want all tourists to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the Aegean up close and the surrounding islands. Request your private yacht and have the best time of your life in Greece.

A jet flying in the air

Concierge Mykonos can arrange private planes and yachts to take you everywhere

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