Most people planning on traveling to one of the most popular islands in Greece find flying the best option for transportation. Even though it may sound like a pricier option, it is not that hard to find a cheap flight to Mykonos. If you wish to vacation travel to this Greek gem this summer, here’s everything you need to know about flying on a budget.

Where Can You Find the Cheapest Tickets for Your Flight?

Flying is always a great option when planning a vacation on Mykonos and probably the best way to get to this island. However, most people want to know how to find cheaper tickets. The ticket price generally depends on the time of your booking, desired travel dates, airline companies, and other similar factors.

Also, the prices can go up depending on how many suitcases you plan to carry. If you want to travel on a budget, you will need to carefully consider your options and figure out where you can save some extra money.

Search for a Low-Cost Company That Can Fly You to The Island of the Winds

Multiple low-cost airline companies are flying to JMK airport every day. Volotea, Wizz Air, RyanAir, and Aegean, are only some of them. Depending on where you are situated and where the closest airport is, search for some low-cost airlines that have flights to Mykonos. However, you should always consider booking in advance to get the best deal.

A Flight With One or Two Stops Could Be Cheaper

If you are booking last minute, you might not be able to find some good deals on direct flights. However, layover flights are not such a bad option either. The most popular option is definitely the one with a stop in Athens. The Greek capital is well-connected with most European cities, and from it, there are several daily departures to Mykonos.

If you’re thinking about how long is the flight from London to Mykonos, Greece, and how expensive it is, you’re probably not in the mood for a layover. Still, since a Mykonos to Athens flight is a short and cheap one, it could pay off to have a quick stop in Athens. For example, Volotea is a low-cost company that flies to Mykonos from Athens, and vice versa, daily during the season.

JMK airport

Low-cost companies are always a good option for traveling on a budget

What Are the Usual Prices and Deals for a Flight to Mykonos?

When booking a plane ticket, you always have plenty of options. This is why you should consider comparing the prices to find the most affordable deal. However, you should know some general costs before booking to see whether or not you’re getting a good deal.

As we’ve mentioned above, prices depend on many factors, but when you’re booking early and flying from Europe or the Middle East, they are around 150-200 Euros. The prices do vary, so it’s best to book immediately once you see that a good deal is available. Here are some examples of usual prices for round-trip flights from different metropolitan cities:

  • Paris to Mykonos flight – about 120 Euros.
  • Rome to Mykonos flight – about 200 Euros.
  • Istanbul to Mykonos flight – around 300 Euros.
  • Milan to Mykonos flight – about 350 Euros.
  • Madrid to Mykonos flight – about 450 Euros.
  • London to Mykonos flight – about 600 Euros.

Always Compare Different Providers to Find the Best Price

Of course, these prices are not a general rule. Our tip is to carefully follow how the prices go up and down over the course of time, compare deals on several websites for booking, and set up price alerts for those dates you’re interested in. This way you can stay up to date with discounts and some special new offers.

Departing to Mykonos sign

Comparing prices from different companies will help you find the best option

When Is the Best Time to Fly to Mykonos?

If you want your tickets to be as affordable as possible, you might as well consider what is the best month to visit Mykonos. Most tourists start coming to this island at the beginning of the season in June. The crowds are massive during the middle of the summer, which is the most challenging period for booking cheaper tickets and finding Mykonos villas that are available.

But, this is also a fun period because tourism and nightlife are in full bloom during summer. So, when planning to visit this famous island, plan your entire trip itinerary months ahead, and start booking everything well in advance.

Some claim that the best time is in September when the weather conditions are still ideal, and most accommodations and Mykonos villas for rental are cheaper. This might be a good option for people traveling with family since there are no crowds at the end of the season. Whatever works for you and your preferences the best, choose that option.

No Matter When You’re Traveling, Book the Ticket to Mykonos Early to Catch the Best Deals

Most websites that do ticket selling and booking offer you the option to see which dates are the cheapest. When flying to Mykonos, there are no rules. If you’re a minimalist who can travel with a backpack, you can find a ticket for just around 20 euros per way with one of the low-cost airlines.

However, the trick is to book the ticket as early as possible if you wish to be there at the peak of the season and enjoy parties at some of the most extraordinary private villas in Mykonos. You should consider booking at least five weeks ahead or even more if you spot a good deal. Many people book even two or three cheap tickets with different dates if they are not sure when they’ll be able to travel. It could pay off since the prices in the season go up.

Timetable at the airport

The best time to purchase tickets is at least 5 weeks ahead

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