Spending part of your summer on Mykonos is a dream for many people. If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to experience this island in its full glory, it’s important to know – when does the Mykonos season end? Worry not – our guide on when to visit before the summer ends is here to help you decide when to book your trip.

When Does It Get Too Cold for Tourists – When Does the Mykonos Season End?

Tourists start coming around Orthodox Easter in April, and the crowds grow during the whole summer. The weather is characteristic for a Greek island – hot and sunny, with an addition of a wind. That’s why Mykonos is often called The Island of the Winds. If you want to come here while the weather is still warm and sunny, you should come before the end of October – after that, the weather becomes rainy and cloudy.

Why Is Mykonos, Greece, One of the Best Places for a Summer Trip?

Greece has many islands, but this one stands out between them as a cosmopolitan place, popular with A-listers and the wealthiest. It’s a Mediterranean paradise with gorgeous sandy beaches and a clear sea where you can enjoy extravagant Mykonos nightlife and experience traditional Greek culture and history.

There are so many things to do here, from exploring Chora (the principal town) to having a yacht party or just hanging on the beach – there is something for everybody, and there’s no chance you won’t enjoy your stay.

A street in Chora, and a tree on the left

If you plan to visit Mykonos, our guide on what is the best time to come here will help

The Best Time to Visit Mykonos Depends on Your Travel Plans and Budget – What Do You Want to Do During Your Stay?

The time of your visit mostly depends on what you want to do on the island. Also, your budget can slightly affect the time of your vacation because Mykonos is known for its prices – it’s one of the most expensive islands in Greece. Obviously, the most popular luxury Mykonos villas won’t cost the same in July and October, which is something to consider when making a vacation plan.

Travel Plan for a Party Vacation

The party lifestyle here is extravagant, luxurious, and everybody loves it. You can’t have a bad time here – it’s just not possible. The parties start around the middle of June and reach their peak in July and August – that’s when the most hardcore party lovers should come to this Greek heaven.

Beach clubs start with music around the afternoon, and the excitement doesn’t end until the morning. Imagine the sunrise at a beach in Mykonos after a party! There are also many great clubs in town and more than a few gay bars – Mykonos is known to be one of the most queer-friendly places in the world.

Spending Time in Mykonos on a Relaxing Vacation

Don’t think that this is just one of those party islands. There’s an excellent potential for a slow, family vacation, but you just have to choose the right moment for that. The best time for a recreational holiday is before the parties begin – May and early June. If you have nothing against swimming in a bit colder water, you should also consider a trip in April. The prices will be lower, and there won’t be many tourists.

Another amazing and very popular idea is Greek island hopping – cruise around the nearby islands and see more of what Greece offers. The best islands that are close are Naxos, Paros, and Santorini. They are all beautiful and worth a ferry ride.

Woman in a blue dress, holding a glass of wine, and standing next to the pool with a view

You can experience it all here – parties, relaxing vacation and cruising other islands

When Does the Weather Stop Being Hot in Mykonos?

Once August ends, days become less hot – it’s still warm enough to enjoy the beaches during the daytime, but it’s a bit chilly at night. If you decide to come in late September and you wonder what to wear, the short answer would be this – it’s best to add a light sweater to your suitcase because you will need it when you go out for dinner in Chora.

The same goes for coming here in October, and once that month ends, the weather becomes really cold (at least cold for Greece), and rarely do tourists come here until the new season begins in April – there are only locals here, most of them residing in the town.

View of the windmills from Little Venice

When does it start to be a bit colder here? Check out what we say in this travel guide

Is There Anything to Do in Mykonos During the Winter?

Every travel guide will tell you that you shouldn’t come here during the winter. If you have no other option but to go then, know that you won’t get the entire Mykonos experience, but you will have a pleasant stay. This island is beautiful even when it rains, and it’s cold, so sightseeing is definitely an option – and there sure is a lot to see here, especially in town.

However, you probably won’t be able to enjoy beaches much, except for walks and watching the sunset. Keep in mind that most restaurants, hotels, and Mykonos luxury villas aren’t open during the winter, but there are enough to host an occasional visitor.

The view of Little Venice in Mykonos

Can you come here during the winter – is it a good idea?

Renting One of the Great Private Villas in Mykonos Is Necessary for a Perfect Vacation, No Matter When You Come to This Greek Island

Whoever comes to Greece, and Mykonos especially, falls in love with the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean climate, and so will you. The only thing that can ruin your stay is uncomfortable accommodation, so make sure you avoid this issue. How can you do that? It’s simple – reach out to us, and we’ll provide you with a luxury Mykonos villa or a yacht for rent you deserve. If you need a vehicle to get around the island, we can help with that as well – we also offer a car rental service. Book your stay as soon as possible, and know that you’re in for a vacation you’ll never forget.